Two Essential Oil Mosquito Repellents You Need ASAP

Bye-bye, bloodsuckers.

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Let’s face it — summer nights are all about hanging with friends, relaxing outdoors and sipping on a nice, cold beverage. So, when a thirsty swarm of mosquitoes decides your precious deck time is also the perfect time to enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet, we have a problem. Of course, you could resort to spritzing yourself down with a bottle of mystery chemicals, but we have a better idea. It also happens to smell amazing. Check it out:

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Keep bugs away with these two simple ideas for homemade repellents.

I truly wish you could take in the fresh, citrusy goodness of this all-natural mosquito repellent. If you can believe it, it smells even better than it looks (at least for us humans). For mosquitoes? Let’s just say it’ll clear a room (or deck as the case may be).

Photo by: Rae Sturm

Rae Sturm

The benefit of using a slow cooker to blend your ingredients is that it stays warm for as long as it’s plugged in, constantly permeating that heavenly blend of herbs, citrus fruit and citronella oil. For our scentsational mix, we combined rosemary, lavender, basil, lemongrass and mint with colorful slices of orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit. Add in a few drops of citronella essential oil, and you’ll be all set for a mosquito-free evening.

Photo by: Rae Sturm

Rae Sturm

Alternatively, if you don’t have an outdoor outlet, we’ve got another idea for you. Fill a glass jar with the same fragrant ingredients (or whatever mix of these herbs and fruits you have on hand) and cover with hot water. Top with a floating candle, and you’re done! This option doesn’t produce as strong of a smell, so you’ll likely need several jars to keep mosquitoes at bay. And if you still feel like you need more protection, you can still kick the chemicals with one (or all) of these three all-natural bug repellent ideas

Photo by: Rae Sturm

Rae Sturm

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