Magic Jelly Beans + 30 Other Adorable Easter Crafts

Get in the Easter spirit with these fun, festive crafts and activities.

Have you all heard of magic jelly beans? Apparently, they're a lifelong Easter tradition for many people, but, somehow, I'm just now hearing about them. If you're completely clueless like I was, here's the idea, as explained by Instagram and me.

Step 1: Gather your favorite kids and some jelly beans.

Kendra Henderson of Hen & Co. created this adorable free packaging you can download and print to make the activity all the more "magic" and festive.

Step 2: Tell the little ones to plant the jelly beans as if they were seeds.

You can take this as far as you want — soil or crinkle paper, an indoor planter or out in the yard. If you plant them in soil, you can water them for a little extra fun.

Step 3: While the kids are asleep, remove the jelly beans and put lollipops in their place.

Then, the kids wake up to a garden of magic lollipops! So fun, right? I think this totally has potential to become Easter's Elf on the Shelf.

While you’re in crafty activity mode, check out more adorable Easter crafts. I've rounded up our very best, so you can make the most of the remaining Easter season.


Dip-Dyed Marshmallows

Photo by: Jason Kisner

Jason Kisner

Eat your eggs, and dye marshmallow instead this year. Gold leaf adds a glamorous, trendy touch.

Cactus Easter Eggs

Create a trendy Easter tablescape by crafting these fun, unique paper mache and wooden egg cacti.

Carrot Chocolate Pudding Cups

Easter Craft Party: Carrot Pudding Cake

Easter Craft Party: Carrot Pudding Cake

To make these carrot-inspired pudding cups, dip strawberries into orange candy melts, and let dry on wax paper. Fill clear cups with chocolate pudding, and top with crushed chocolate cookies. Place one orange-covered strawberry in each pudding cup, allowing the top of the berry to peek out.

Embroidered Leather Easter Egg

Make a stylish leather Easter egg to spruce up your home decor or outfit for the holiday.

Royal Icing Nests



Royal icing solidifies into hard candy to form these porcelain-like nests. Create a few to display candy Easter eggs on your Sunday table.

Make This: Royal Icing Nests

Heirloom Egg Topiary

Easter Egg Topiary

Easter Egg Topiary

Add a topiary with natural elements to this year's spring tablescape.

Create this darling spring centerpiece using fresh eggs from heirloom chickens. The topiary will add natural beauty to your tablescape.

Easter Egg Tree

Craft this chic Easter egg tree to display candy-filled plastic eggs at your Easter gathering.

Hatching Chick Egg



Make a hard-boiled egg into a friendly chick with a carrot, a sheet of nori and iceberg lettuce. Kids will adore this mini creation.

Make This: Hatching Chick Egg

Upcycled Easter Terrariums

Upcycled Easter Terrariums

Upcycled Easter Terrariums

These sweet easter terrariums all began with a need to upcycle, create, and garden. Take a peek at all the photos in the gallery how to make some of your own.

Recycled glass jars form the base of these festive Easter terrariums. Fill your jar with African violet, moss and eggs.

Festive Cascarone Confetti Eggs



Not only are these cascarones fun to make, but they’re also fun to smash once they’re made. Crack the confetti-filled eggs over friends’ heads for good luck at your Easter celebration.

Marshmallow Bunny Wreath

Yep, it’s a wreath made of marshmallow bunnies — because why not?

Candy Easter Basket

Photo by: Jason Kisner

Jason Kisner

Chocolate wafers form this edible Easter basket. Fill the adorable basket with edible Easter grass and jelly beans or candy eggs.

Make This: Candy Easter Basket

18 Fun + Easy Easter Egg Crafts

See All Photos

Take your crafting skills to your Easter eggs by using jewels, washi tape, colorful dip-dye designs and more. 

Paint + Glitter Polka-Dot Eggs

Want to preserve your Easter eggs for years to come? Blow out the interiors of each egg before decorating, then hand-paint with various shades of acrylic paint. Once dry, use a liner brush to paint polka dots, swirls or other designs with glue onto painted eggs. Then sprinkle the wet glue with glitter. The end result will be a batch of glamorous and glittery eggs to display for spring guests.

Marbleized Eggs

Add a fun, multicolor twist to plain eggs with a marbleized effect. Simply add olive oil to the dye solution to create an unpredictable, mottled look to your eggs.

Photo By: H. Camille Smith

Easter Egg Animals

Let crafty little hands get creative by turning colorfully dyed Easter eggs into adorable bunnies, chicks, sheep and birds. Download and print patterned paper so kids can cut out ears, beaks, feathers, whiskers, etc., to create springtime animals.

Thread-Wrapped Eggs

Use baker's twine to add a trendy look to your eggs. First, dab a fast-grab tacky glue to the bottom of a paper mache egg and coil the string around. To change colors, trim the first color and glue the end of the second color. For a seamless finish, coil the string around the top, trim and dab on some glue.

Doodled Eggs

Calling all artists! Freehand your favorite patterns, designs and words onto plain or dyed eggs for a one-of-a-kind look. Here, trendy ikat and floral designs provide a sophisticated look in metallic gold.

Washi-Taped Eggs

Washi tape can be used for both decorative and everyday uses, but now, it's being used on Easter eggs, too. To get the look pictured, simply use a standard roll of washi tape in the color or pattern of your choice and begin cutting small pieces at a diagonal. Adhere the pieces to form a mosaic effect. You can also use strips of washi tape and overlap them vertically at the top and bottom.

Foiled Easter Eggs

All you need to make these metallic beauties is foiling glue and papers and a paintbrush. Get the full recipe>>

Chick Eggs

Bring a classic Easter look to your home with adorable chick eggs. First, dye the eggs yellow and let dry. Once dry, use a permanent marker to draw on eyes, beak and wings. Chirp, chirp!

Bejeweled Eggs

Add some glitz and glam to your Easter eggs with sparkling rhinestones. First, if you want, paint your eggs with acrylic paint and let dry. Then place stick-on rhinestones in various colors and sizes to create the pattern of your choice.

Speckled Eggs

Create natural and classic-looking faux eggs by applying a splatter effect to paper-mache eggs. Use an artist's brush to apply beige acrylic paint to paper-mache eggs. Mix dark brown acrylic paint with a water-based faux glaze. While wearing gloves, dip a toothbrush into the mixture and run your thumb through the bristles to splatter the dark glaze onto the eggs.

Neon Dip-Dyed Eggs

Match your eggs to top design trends. Dip eggs in your favorite color dyes, leaving part of the shell exposed. Use strips of washi tape to help keep lines clean and straight. Allow colors to overlap to vary looks and styles.

Glue-Strip Dyed Eggs

Use plain hard-boiled eggs and stick on glue strips where desired. You can create a planned pattern or stick them in unexpected places for a surprising finish. Dye your eggs, then peel off strips when cool and dry to reveal overlapping white lines.

Glittered Sticker Eggs

Adhere glue dots and glue strips to plain or dyed hard-boiled eggs. Fill a sandwich bag with glitter, place egg inside and shake to coat glue dots or strips. Rinse the excess glitter from the egg in a sink under cold water.

Temporary Tattooed Eggs

Using pre-bought rub-on transfers or temporary tattoo paper, cover eggs in edgy graphics or words of your choice. To get the look pictured, cut out various rub-on transfers and overlap on the eggs. It's OK if certain images don't transfer perfectly; it will provide a more distressed look.

Tie-Dyed Eggs

Tie-dyeing your Easter eggs is much easier than it seems. Lay out a paper towel and spray with white vinegar. Then, place several drops of food coloring (two to three colors) all over the paper towel. Place the egg in the middle, gather the edges of the paper towel, hold tightly and spray with vinegar until the paper towel is wet. Secure the top of the paper towel with a rubber band. Allow the colors to soak into the egg for at least two hours. When ready, remove the paper towel to reveal your beautiful, color-infused egg.

Glittered Eggs

To cover your Easter eggs in a layer of glitter, simply coat the entire surface of painted or unpainted eggs with all-purpose white glue. Place the eggs in a bowl of glitter and spoon glitter over wet glue until fully covered. Once dry, sit back and admire.

Gold-Dipped Eggs

To brighten up your Easter decor, dye eggs in a neon color like bright pink. Let dry, then dunk the bottom or top halves of the eggs in gold craft paint. Once it's completely dry, display them in a white egg tray or as part of a centerpiece. Photo courtesy of HGTV Magazine

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Eco-Friendly Eggs

These eggs are surprisingly dyed with items in your pantry. It's just as affective and has no toxicity, is eco-friendly and easy to do. The best options are yellow onions, beets, turmeric and other herbs. Try them with your kids! Photo courtesy of Kim Foren

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