How to Make Painted Galaxy Easter Eggs

They're out of this world. 



By: Liz Gray

Sure, egg decorating is primarily a kids' activity, but it's one of my favorite Easter traditions, and I like to try new techniques for my yearly dozen. This year, I'm all about galaxy-themed decor, from mugs to artwork to shoes. So when I turned my attention to eggs, you know where my mind went: infinity, and beyond! Luckily, compared to interstellar travel, space-inspired eggs are a breeze. Take a look:

Galaxy Easter Eggs 00:47

A toothbrush is the secret to out-of-this-world Easter eggs.

Customize with your favorite constellation, or even your zodiac sign! The best part? By using ceramic eggs instead of the real ones, you can display your handiwork year after year. Ready to get started? Here's the step-by-step process.

What You'll Need

  • ceramic eggs
  • acrylic paint: black, white + 3-4 galaxy-inspired colors
  • foam brush
  • foam pouncer

Paint Eggs Black 

Using black acrylic paint and a foam brush, cover the eggs with a base coat.

Create Galaxy Background

Starting with the darkest color of purple, green or blue paint, using the foam pouncer to dab on circles of color. Atop of the larger circles, add smaller circles in the same shade. Repeat with remaining colors. To finish, barely dip the brush in black paint and add a thin layer over about 50 percent of the egg. Let dry completely.

Add White "Stars"

Cover your work surface with newspaper or kraft paper. Dip the tip of a toothbrush into white acrylic paint. Using your fingers, pull back the bristles of the brush and flick towards the egg. This will create the illusion of distant stars. Let dry completely. 

Finish With Gold Stars + Constellations

To finish the egg, draw more stars with an oil-based gold paint pen. To add a final touch, draw a constellation shape on the front of the egg, using this constellation pattern PDF for reference.

Let dry and enjoy your out-of-this-world creation. To display, we used a paper berry basket painted black, some metallic tissue paper, wired star ribbon and a strand of gold string lights. 

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