Calling All Doughnut Lovers: 16 Must-Try Recipes, Crafts and Shops

Love doughnuts? You'll go nuts for these yummy recipes, sweet DIY projects and must-visit bakeries.

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They're delicious, adorable, portable and acceptable to eat for breakfast. Doughnuts may just be the world's most perfect dessert. For all you doughnut devotees out there, we've got 16 ways to show your pastry appreciation. Share homemade doughnuts with your friends and family, decorate your home with DIY doughnut decor, and plan your next trip around the country's top doughnut shops.


Vanilla Bean Mini Doughnuts

Vanilla Bean Mini Donuts

Vanilla Bean Mini Donuts

These little donuts are extra light and have a double dose of vanilla flavor. They’re pretty stacked high on a cake stand or displayed individually in fancy cupcake wrappers.

Don't be fooled by their size — they pack a double dose of vanilla flavor.

Piña Colada Baked Doughnuts

Pina Colada Baked Doughnuts

Pina Colada Baked Doughnuts

A coconut and pineapple glaze gives this treat its tropical taste.

Apple Cider Doughnuts

Apple cider doughnuts are a fall favorite.

Apple cider doughnuts are a fall favorite.

Pin this recipe now for fall. (You'll thank us later.)

Raspberry Lemonade Doughnuts



Baked and gluten free, they're just as good as the fried version.

Danish Doughnuts

Serve Aebleskivers to Overnight Holiday Guests

Serve Aebleskivers to Overnight Holiday Guests

Aebleskivers, Danish doughnuts, make a great breakfast for overnight holiday guests.

Photo by: 092026005024


Try an international take on doughnuts with this jam-filled treat.

Doggie Doughnuts



A (surprisingly!) healthy snack for your canine companion.

More Decadent Desserts

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Chocolate Panna Cotta

Top off the evening with something sweet and chic, like this creamy Italian custard. Your guests will enjoy digging in to each of the three delicious layers — dark chocolate, praline and vanilla. Get the recipe.

Lemon Meringue Tartlets

Topped with a toasty meringue, these tangy citrus treats are the perfect not-too-sweet ending to any meal. Get the recipe.

Photo By: She-N-He Photography

Pomegranate Blood Orange Tiramisu

Take advantage of in-season blood oranges to make this irresistible dessert that's sure to impress your dinner guests. Sweet-tart oranges and pomegranates pair perfectly with creamy mascarpone cheese. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Brownie Pudding

This chocolate brownie pudding is the ultimate sinful treat. One part brownie and one part molten lava cake, it's 100 percent delicious. Get the recipe.

Champagne-Glazed Fruit Tarts

These bite-size nibbles are the perfect light ending to a heavy meal. Glaze the mini tarts with leftover Champagne or sparkling wine for a sweet finishing touch. Get the recipe.

S'mores Spiked Pie

Kids may be tempted to dive right in to this take on the fire-side favorite but a heavy dose of bourbon makes this boozy, chocolate dessert adults only. Get the recipe.

Easy Tiramisu

This Italian trifle layers coffee-soaked ladyfingers with a rich mascarpone custard. Marsala wine, Grand Marnier and Kahlua give this traditional confection a sophisticated twist. Get the recipe.

Photo By: Cameron Reynolds Photography

Chocolate-Dipped Kettle Chips

We promise: You can't eat just one. Super-crunchy, salty, kettle-fried potato chips are the perfect canvas for a thick coating of chocolate. A thin layer of caramel and chopped nuts ensures this treat will satisfy all your cravings at once. Get the recipe.

Cashew Dulce de Leche Cookies

Dress up basic sugar cookies with chopped cashews, cinnamon and creamy dulce de leche for a new spin on a classic. Get the recipe.

Pumpkin Tiramisu Layer Cake

Top moist pumpkin-and-spice cake layers with rich mascarpone cream and crunchy amaretti cookies for a seasonal dessert your guests won't soon forget. Get the recipe.

Pineapple Tartlettes

Savory hints of ginger and rosemary add an unexpected flavor to this fresh and fruity dessert while the homemade nut crust is the just-right crunchy contrast to the smooth pastry cream. Get the recipe.

Cranberry Orange Linzer Cookies

Sweet and tart, these sandwich cookies combine two favorite seasonal flavors and taste just as good as they look. Get the recipe.

Limoncello Cupcakes

Send your guests off on a citrus-sweet note by topping light and fluffy cream cheese cupcakes with a homemade limoncello buttercream. Get the recipe.

Chocolate-Dipped Pumpkin Madeleines

These traditional French cookies are the just-right treat to serve at any fall get-together. They're also the not-too-sweet complement to a cup of tea and party of one. Get the recipe.

Lemon Curd Tart

Tangy lemon curd combined with fresh whipped cream, a homemade pie crust and gorgeous berries make this tart one for the record books. The pie crust is super easy to make, so don't fear. And the lemon curd filling will have you licking the bowl. Get the recipe.

Baklava With Nutella Glaze

This flaky, nutty, layered dessert is easier to make than you might think. Add a homemade Nutella glaze for a chocolatey twist. Get the recipe.

Cranberry Bliss Dacquoise Recipe

This impressive, towering dessert combines the flavors of cranberries and almonds with a decadent white chocolate mousse layered between homemade meringues. Make the components ahead of time and assemble just before serving to really wow your guests. Get the recipe.

Maple Nut Toffee

Take the traditional taste of toffee up a notch with the addition of real maple syrup. Topped with a layer of semisweet chocolate, it's hard to resist snacking on just one more piece. Get the recipe.

Tasty Pecan Tassies

Maple syrup adds a warm flavor to this nutty, bite-size dinner party classic. Get the recipe.

Pumpkin Mousse and Ginger Parfaits

Layers of creamy pumpkin mousse, crunchy graham cracker streusel and dense maple-ginger cake combine to create this delicious after-dinner treat. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownies Recipe

Treat your guests to rich cheesecake with the indulgent flavors of chocolate brownies and two kinds of chocolate chips. Get the recipe.

Carrot Cake Cookies Recipe

This iced cookie recipe is a refreshing twist on the classic cake. Best of all, you can spread the homemade cream cheese icing on top of each cookie or layer them to create a sandwich cookie. Get the recipe.

Pecan Pie Tartlets

Pecan pie is a can't-miss treat. Our twist turns them into mini hand-held tartlets, perfect for treating your guests to a dessert buffet or serving after a large meal when just a few bites are all you need. Get the recipe.

Photo By: She-N-He Photography

Salted Caramel-Topped Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Top dense, moist chocolate brownies with a gooey salted caramel layer for a decadent dessert worthy of a special occasion. Get the recipe.

The Perfect Pumpkin Pie Recipe

The pilgrims were onto something — dense, spicy pumpkin pie is a tried-and-true crowd pleaser. Our recipe adds a dash of sea salt to bring out the pumpkin's mild sweetness. Get the recipe.


Doughnut Pop Art

Yummy Doughnut Pop Art 02:28

Use colorful paper to create vibrant, delicious doughnut pop art.

How cute would these look hanging in your kitchen?

Doughnut Shoes

DIY Doughnut Shoes 08:21

HGTV Handmade's Karen Kavett solves the white shoe challenge with her delicious doughnut shoes.

Transform plain sneakers with "frosting" (paint) and "sprinkles" (beads).

Doughnut Mug

DIY Delicious Doughnut Mug 02:46

HGTV Handmade's Ann Le shows how to make your coffee break brighter with a hand-painted mug.

Or, dress up a white mug with craft paint.

Doughnut Costume

No-Sew Kid's Doughnut Costume 04:44

Crafternoon's Marianne shows us how to create a no sew kids Halloween doughnut costume.

Keep this easy costume in mind for next Halloween.

More Fun + Easy Crafts

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Patterned Clay Trays

Roll out bakeable clay and add a pattern with basic household items, like a pencil eraser or a piece of lace. Bake and fill with jewelry, keys or other household items.

Photo By: Jessika Creedon ©Jessika Creedon 2013

Simple Monogrammed String Art

String art used to be straight out of the '70s, but there's a new graphic version that's back in a big way. Learn how to make your own modern monogrammed string art in just a few easy steps.

Giant Paper Dahlias

Create an oversized paper version of this stunning late-summer flower using materials you likely already have on hand: scrapbook paper, cardboard circles, scissors and double-sided tape.

Tin Can Utensil Bins

Rescue vegetable cans and coffee tins and repurpose them as colorful utensil-storage bins. Dress them up with paint and washi tape, then use a "S" hook to attach to a kitchen towel bar.

Photo By: Layla Palmer

Make a Vintage Book Planter

Turn an old book into a one-of-a-kind succulent planter with our easy how-to instructions.

Confetti Dot Vases

All you need to dress up a tired vase? Opaque glass paint, a toothpick, and an hour. Here's how to do it.

Make an Anchor-Stenciled Boat Bag

Freezer paper stencils are a simple way to customize fabric items. Try out the process on a tote bag with our nautical-themed template.

Block Print Napkins With DIY Stamps

Turn basic household items into simple stamps, then create your own custom-stamped towels and napkins.

Simple Ombre Artwork

Even novice artists can recreate this eye-catching artwork featured in HGTV Magazine. Just choose gradient shades you love and brush them onto a canvas!

Photo By: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Polka-Dotted Vases

Give a dollar-store glass vase a DIY makeover with a painters' tape design and a coat of frosted glass spray. See the how-to instructions here, as featured in HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Create a French Knot Design on a Pillow

This circular, ombre affect is easy to recreate once you learn how to sew a French knot. This tutorial from HGTV Magazine will show you how.

Photo By: Thomas Liggett

Make a Pom Pom Blanket

Once you've made one pom pom, you'll want to put them on everything. Let HGTV Magazine show you how to embellish a bland blanket with brightly-hued pom poms.

Photo By: David A. Land

Make a Striped Lampshade

Transform a basic white lampshade into a custom piece using only ribbon and fabric glue with this easy how-to from HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Chalkboard Kitchen Canisters

Chalkboard paint and an easy-to-apply stenciled details transform basic glass jars into customized countertop accessories. Learn how to paint your own chalkboard labels.

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Painted Market Basket

Customize a natural seagrass basket by adding bold designs in a vibrant summer color.

Photo By: Kayla Kitts

Custom Message Center

Keep your office space organized with a stylish and multi-functional bulletin board and message center.

Personalized Desk Accessories

Use various containers like Mason jars, vases and tin cans to create a matching desk accessory set that will keep all your desk essentials organized and within reach.

Transform a Dollar Store Candle

All it takes to transform dollar-bin candles is some metallic leaf — you can use copper, gold or silver — and some creativity. Try polka dots, chevron stripes or your own custom design.

Recycled T-Shirt Rug

Don't throw away those old T-shirts — they can easily be turned into a one-of-a-kind doormat for the bathroom or bedside.

Make Your Own Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe paper is easy to work with and creates realistic flowers that are perfect for gift toppers or placed in a vase. Make three different types: peonies, daisies and tulips.

Photo By: Jessika Creedon ©Jessika Creedon 2013

Customize Curtains With Trim

Use fun pom-pom trim and colorful ribbons to update an inexpensive pair of ready-made curtains into custom room decor. Get how-to instructions for this project.


Voodoo Doughnut

This Portland shop's best seller is topped with bacon and maple frosting.

Top Pot Doughnuts

The "Feather Boa" is a favorite hand-made doughnut at this Seattle shop.

Beiler's Doughnuts

Pick up an Amish-style doughnut at Philly's Reading Terminal Market.

Tom + Chee

With 30+ locations, Tom + Chee serves up epic grilled cheese doughnuts.

Doughnut Plant

This New York City spot has been selling gourmet doughnuts since 1994.

Cafe Du Monde

A trip to New Orleans isn't complete without beignets and coffee.

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