18 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes That Are Anything But Basic

This one goes out to all you creative procrastinators.

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Halloween has snuck up on me this year. Seriously, did September even exist? Needless to say, I haven't figured out what I want to dress up as yet. But I do know that I don't want to wear the same pirate outfit I've thrown on for the last four years. If you're in the same boat (ahoy, matey), you've come to the right place. Check out these top picks for easy, last-minute DIY costumes that require no sewing, no painting and go above and beyond your standard last-minute Halloween garb.

Snapchat Dog Filter

Snapchat Dog Halloween Costume 03:14

Create a Snapchat dog filter costume in just a few simple steps.

Best. Costume. Ever. Look like your favorite Snapchat filter 24/7 with this simple tutorial from HGTV Handmade.

Hot Air Balloon Passenger

Hot Air Balloon Halloween Costume

Hot Air Balloon Halloween Costume

With basically just a laundry basket and a balloon your child can be a balloonier. As a bonus, the tall balloon will make it easy to keep track of your child on Halloween night. Design by Simple Simon.

Sail to the stars in this whimsical costume made from an old laundry basket and a balloon. To avoid painting, choose a brown- or beige-colored laundry basket.

Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Figure

Be the hit of your Halloween shindig with a head-to-toe luminescent outfit. All you need is black clothing, clear packing tape and glow sticks.

Hipster Lumberjack

Hipster Lumberjack

Hipster Lumberjack

Bearded man with axe

Photo by: iStock/yulkapopkova


Grab a plaid shirt, cuffed jeans and a fake ax, and you've got yourself a costume. Oh, and don't forget to take a few dozen selfies before the night is over.

Ice Cream Sundae

Photo by: Clara MacLellan

Clara MacLellan

Adorable and easy to make, this extra sweet costume can be thrown together in 15 minutes with card stock, a balloon, coffee filters and wardrobe basics.

Vintage Golfer

Golfer Costume: Beauty

Golfer Costume: Beauty

Golfer Costume: Beauty

Photo by: Rennai Hoefer, Ten22 Studio

Rennai Hoefer, Ten22 Studio

Great for kids and adults, this classic DIY golf 'costume' is really just a creative mashup of the clothes you wear on a daily basis.

Squad Costume: Pretty Little Liars

Call up your best girls, because this year you're going as Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria and the ever-elusive 'A.'

Makeup Only

If you have zero time before your Halloween bash, give yourself a quick and easy Halloween-worthy makeover with what you have in your makeup bag. In just a few minutes you can transform yourself into a mermaid, comic book character, spider enchantress and much more.

Enchanted Fairy Princess



Vintage Photograph of a Young Woman of African Descent, Wearing Flowers in Her Hair.

Photo by: iStock/Violette Nlandu Ngoy

iStock/Violette Nlandu Ngoy

A flowy dress, DIY flower crown and shimmery makeup are all you need to pull off this pretty, last-minute look. To make the crown, simply tape flowers and leaves from your backyard to an old headband. For an extra magical touch, carry a pouch full of pixie dust (glitter) to sprinkle throughout the night.

Chip + Jo

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines

How do Chip and Joanna Gaines, hosts of HGTV's Fixer Upper, describe their style? Joanna's three-word explanation: "Simple, clean and unexpected," she says. Chip's take? "Whatever Jo likes," he jokes.

From: Fixer Upper

With their laid-back style and distinct looks, dressing up like your favorite HGTV hosts is a breeze.

Punny Costume: Candy Rapper

Photo by: Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson

This classic punny costume is as delightfully cheesy as it gets.

E.T. Dog + Human Costume

Photo by: Meg Allan Cole

Meg Allan Cole

Shine the spotlight on your best fur pal with a pop culture costume that's equal parts nerdy and adorable.

Rocket Man

Easy DIY Costumes for Kids-Rocketman

Easy DIY Costumes for Kids-Rocketman

Create these easy costumes for kids from easy to find materials.

Photo by: Debbie Wolfe

Debbie Wolfe

This space-themed tutorial calls for coating two 2-liter bottles with silver paint, but you could just as easily cover them in aluminum foil or silver duct tape in a pinch. Add some duct tape straps and you've got a pair of rocket blasters that are ready for takeoff.

Don't Forget Your Furry Friends

3 DIY Dog Costumes 01:30

These three adorable DIY dog costumes are easy to make in a pinch.

Let the fur babes join in on the Halloween fun with three adorable DIY costumes they'll drool over.

Next Up

DIY Halloween Costume: Ice Cream Sundae

Have a last minute Halloween bash to attend? Whip up this oh-so-sweet ensemble in 15 minutes or less.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Roman Toga

This no-sew costume uses everyday items like a pillowcase, cereal box and flip flops to create a quick-and-easy costume fit for Roman royalty. No sheet-wrapping involved, so there's no need to worry about the toga falling off during trick-or-treating.

DIY Halloween: Easy and Affordable Viking Costume Under $25

A simple costume design, perfect for a little boy, combines store-bought accessories with items found around the house.

DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Figure Costume

Outshine your friends this Halloween with a costume that's easy to make and so much fun to wear.

Kids' Halloween Costume: Candy Dots

In a pinch for a clever homemade Halloween costume? No worries, you can quickly whip up this sweet costume for your child.

Giant Raven Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Create a foreboding larger-than-life raven cut-out for your front yard to give trick-or-treaters and Halloween guests a fright.

Make a Headless Horseman Figure for Halloween

Give trick-or-treaters a scare by constructing a near lifesize headless horseman door greeter who points the way to the candy.

Make This Easy Banana Palindrome Costume

Download and print this sticker for an easy Halloween costume.

Pet Halloween Costume: Bumblebee

Easily craft a no-sew Halloween costume for your pet using craft store materials and a little creativity.

No-Sew Halloween Pet Costume: Flower

Easily turn craft foam sheets into an oversized flower costume for your dog or cat. Attaching the foam flower to your pet's harness ensures they'll be comfortable while enjoying the Halloween festivities.
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