Use a Mannequin to Make Your Own Quirky Head Planter

Get creative and decorate your space with these unique and modern planters.

Photo by: Rae Sturm

Rae Sturm

By: Rae Sturm

We've all seen those concrete head planters, and you have to admit — they're pretty adorable. Who would've thought that a few plants could give a stone figure so much personality? Although cute, they can be a bit pricey. Here's our easy and inexpensive way of making your own foliage-topped friend.

Materials Needed

  • plastic mannequin head
  • utility knife
  • textured spray paint
  • small, heavy rocks
  • several scoops of perlite
  • soil, to fill
  • assortment of plants


The most essential piece of this project is the mannequin head. I'm not sure about you, but where I live, the local craft stores don't readily stock plastic heads. Luckily, there's the internet! Simply searching "mannequin head" should provide you with a plethora of affordable options. Just make sure that the head is plastic and most importantly, hollow.

Once you have all your materials, you'll first want to create an opening at the top of the head using a utility knife. Make a few holes underneath the head for water drainage, too.

Spray the plastic head with textured spray paint in your desired color to give it that chic, stone look.

To weigh the planter down, you'll need to add in a few small rocks and scoops of perlite. Then, top with enough soil for your desired plants.

Once you decide what persona you want your planter to have, start planting and bring it to life! There are all sorts of arrangements to create, and I suggest using a variety of plants to give it a more elevated look.

Photo by: Rae Sturm

Rae Sturm

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