8 Unique Ways to Print Your Instagram Photos

True confession: I’m addicted to Instagram, and I don’t care who knows about it.
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I use the social media platform to document my own life, and keep careful track of the lives of everyone else I know (and even some people I don’t actually know!). So it’s no surprise that I’ve recently taken my Insta love offline in order to discover a whole host of services I can use to print my fave Insta pics. Here are my favorite options for Insta printing:

Photo by: Social Print Studio

Social Print Studio

If you’re looking for lots of printing options, then Social Print Studio is your one-stop shop. This service offers all of the standard choices including photo books and calendars, as well as some specialized choices like metal prints, photostrips and posters that display between 50 and 200 of your fave Insta photos.

Print Tip: Create a poster that documents the growth of a child, grabbing pics from when they were a baby, all the way up until their last birthday party. Or create a poster to commemorate a specific event; take lots of Insta pics at a friend’s wedding, then create a large poster for them documenting the evening after their big day.

Photo by: CanvasPop


CanvasPop allows you to take your Instagram photos and turn them into stretched canvases to hang around your home. You can choose from a variety of canvas sizes that might work with your space.

Print Tip: Use a photo from a recent trip to create some art to hang around your house. Landscape or architectural shots would work well if you don’t want to choose a photo with people in it.

Photo by: Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising has some beautiful products for photographers and Instagram lovers. There are art prints in varying sizes and paper weights, framed prints and books. But my favorite item is their wood block + prints. These look fab sitting on a desk or a countertop, and best of all, the photos can be easily switched around.

Print Tip: If you’re a quote lover and like to share inspiring words on your Instagram feed, choose 12 of your favorites and print them out to keep on a wood block in your office.

Photo by: Sticky9


There are some interesting options on Sticky9 including iPad covers and photo magnets, but my favorites have to be their reusable stickers. You can stick and restick these on any smooth surface.

Print Tip: Choose your fave Insta photos and use them to stick all over your computer, desk or even your fridge.

Photo by: Casetify


Casetify allows you to create custom cases for all of your smart devices (from iPhone 4s all the way up to the latest model). You can also create cases for Android phones and even the Apple watch.

Print Tip: These would make such a perfect gift for new parents, grandparents or even an Auntie.

Photo by: Postagram


This app is loads of fun as it allows you take one of your Insta pics and turn it into a physical postcard (with a pop out pic) that gets mailed out to someone.

Print Tip: Use a Postagram instead of a holiday card or birthday card. Or send them out as save the dates for an upcoming event.

Photo by: ImageSnap


ImageSnap allows you to take your pics and create ceramic tiles. These tiles can be installed as traditional tiles (with grout) or can be used as small magnets.

Print Tip: If you want to get super-duper creative, you can use these tiles for a small backsplash in a guest bathroom or in a laundry room.

Photo by: Stitchtagram


I might have saved the best for last as Stitchtagram has some truly unique offerings. My favorite has to be their Instagram dog bed. But they also offer other fab items such as throw pillows, coin purses, zip pouches, tote bags and even a photo ottoman.

Print Tip: The ottoman or pillow would make a truly unique gift for a recent grad going off to college.

New Ways to Decorate With Instagram Photos

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Tape Them Up

A bit of washi tape and an empty, glassless picture frame come together to make a cool, unexpected Instagram collage.

Tape Them Up

Washi tape leaves no residue on the wall and is easily repositionable, so it's a snap to add new photo prints to your collection.

Clip Them On

Tie a length of baker’s twine between two tacks on the wall. Use mini clothespin clips to attach your favorite photos!

Clip Them On

For a glam touch, try spray painting the clothespins gold before clipping up your photos.

Make a Grid

These hidden Instagrams will brighten your day every time you open a cabinet!

Make a Grid

Just print out a grid of all of your favorite images and affix it inside your cabinets, behind the shelving.  

Photo By: Chelsea Foy

Celebrate With Bunting

Print your favorite Instagrams onto cardstock and cut them into bunting flags perfect for a birthday celebration.

Celebrate With Bunting

Attach twine to the back with tape, then hang them up to decorate for a party. Send the guest of honor home with a banner full of fun memories.

Go Modern With a Wall Hanging

A brass rod and some twine are all you need to make a modern display for a few of your prized Instagram images.

Go Modern With a Wall Hanging

Hang the photos at different lengths from the rod, and use twine to create a simple hanger for the top.  

Photo By: Chelsea Foy

Make a Flipbook

Punch holes in a stack of Instagrams and connect them with binder rings to create a flipbook. This is a great addition to your coffee table, or a perfect gift for your favorite travel companion.

Make a Flipbook

To embellish the flipbook, stamp a message on the front.

Map Them Out

Affix a map of your city or a favorite travel destination to a corkboard. Then, print out mini Instagram photos from your favorite destinations.

Map Them Out

Affix the photos to the map as a visual reminder of favorite adventures.

Transfer to Planters

This fun packing tape image transfer method is perfect for adding your Instagram photos to little flower pots!

Transfer to Planters

Take a laser-printed Instagram photo and firmly cover it with packing tape, leaving a tape border around the edges of the image. Submerge the tape in water for a few minutes. 

Photo By: Chelsea Foy

Transfer to Planters

Using your fingertips, gently roll the wet paper away from the back of the tape until it feels smooth. The ink will remain on the tape, and the paper will wash away. Let dry completely. When the tape becomes sticky again, just stick your image to the front of your succulent pots! 

Photo By: Chelsea Foy

Make a Calendar

Personalize a calendar by taping photos on birthdays and holidays. Or, fill every day with one of your favorite pictures.

Make a Calendar

Download our free calendar template to get started.

Mesmerize With a Mobile

Don’t leave little ones out of the fun! Instagram photos make a sweet and simple mobile for a nursery.

Photo By: Chelsea Foy

Mesmerize With a Mobile

Use a flat wreath form and spray paint it for a pop of color. Hang your photos using twine, and suspend the mobile from the ceiling! 

Photo By: Chelsea Foy

Spell It Out

Create a giant letter or symbol on the wall with lots of tiny memories.

Spell It Out

Attach a small bit of wall putty to each Instagram and watch as your letter takes shape. This one is perfect for decorating on a small budget!

Make a Faux Polaroid Magnet

If you find yourself longing for the good old days of Polaroid film, whip up a few simple clay magnets.

Make a Faux Polaroid Magnet

Trade your Instagram photos in and out of the faux Polaroid frames and put your favorite snaps on display. Get the how-to instructions here.

Round 'em Up

Take all of your favorite Instagram photos and feature them in one place with a modern wreath.

Photo By: Chelsea Foy

Round 'em Up

Just layer, glue together and hang on a wall or door to enjoy your favorite memories. 

Photo By: Chelsea Foy

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