5 DIY Ways to Cozy Up Your Home for Winter

Keep it cozy (on the cheap).



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You know those people who hate winter? The second the air turns brisk, they’re literally counting down the days until spring? I am not one of those people. Sure, there are some pretty great things about spring and summer, but I love the cooler months. Hot beverages, cozy blankets and an excuse to stay in and binge on all my favorite television shows make winter the best season of all. And I can definitely get behind that. If you, however, are finding it hard to be happy about darker days and the constant need for warm slippers, I think I can help you out. These simple DIYs will turn even the most avid winter hater into a cold-weather enthusiast.

 Blanket Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder 01:00

Learn how to make a cozy and functional blanket ladder for your home.

You know those really expensive but totally cute blanket ladders you see at home goods stores? Now you can save your money and subtly brag to your inquiring friends that you actually made that incredible blanket ladder they all want. Am I winning you over to the winter-lovers club yet?

 Tassel Blanket

DIY Tassel Blanket 01:00

Keep yourself cozy with this no-sew tassel blanket.

And what better to hang on your adorable new ladder than a tassel blanket you embellished yourself? After all, you’re no chump. You know there’s no reason to fork over your hard-earned money when you could simply update a blanket you already own.

 Upcycled Sweater Wreath

Upcycled Sweater Wreath 01:00

Give old sweaters new life with this customized DIY wreath.

While you’re looking for the perfect blanket to turn into a chic tassel throw, you may run across a few old sweaters you had packed away. If those sweaters aren’t quite as fetching as they used to be, we’ve got the DIY for that. I can sense you’re pretty close to confessing maybe winter isn’t so bad after all.

 Flannel Coasters

DIY Flannel Coasters 00:30

Bring in fall with these cute and cozy DIY flannel coasters.

While you’re snuggled up watching Fixer Upper, might I suggest this simple craft? After all, your hot cocoa is going to need a snuggly seat of its own, and these flannel coasters are just the thing.

 Winter Spa Kit

Winter Spa Kit 00:29

Chase away the winter blues with this DIY spa kit.

And when you just can’t take another day of cold, you’ll be really glad you thought ahead to make this simple spa kit. Fuzzy socks and a new face mask? Your future self will thank you. Bring on the snow, amiright?

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