10 Garden-Inspired DIYs to Conquer This Summer

Attention all gardener(d)s.

April showers bring May flowers. April showers also bring copious amounts of time spent indoors and less time spent prepping your summer garden. But don't fret! Satisfy that gardening itch with an outdoor-inspired craft project you can tackle at the kitchen table while binge-watching a marathon of House Hunters.

Watch our favorite garden-inspired craft videos below, then click the links to pin your faves.

Rustic Hand-Stamped Herb Pots

A little paint and a stamp pad is all it takes to turn plain potted herbs into farmhouse-inspired centerpieces.

Recycled Bottle Birdfeeders

It's a feast for the birds and the eyes.

The Ultimate Garden Tool Kit

The materials for this catalog-worthy garden bucket are so inexpensive you can make one for yourself, then make a few more to give as gifts to your plant-lady friends.

DIY Seed Bombs

Made from simple, recycled materials, this easy DIY is both kid- and earth-friendly.

Upcycled Hanging Basket Garden

Hit the thrift store for this easy project. All you need is an old belt and a couple of small baskets.

Almost-Free Garden Markers

Why pay for artisan garden markers when you can make your own from materials you already have on hand?

Copper + Cement Air Planter

This pretty copper planter is the perfect place to display those faux succulents you've collected over the years. (They just look so real!)

Pinecone Flower Wreath

Pinecones aren't just for winter decorating anymore.

Pounded Flower Scarf

Snip a few blooms off your spring plants to make this gorgeous and colorful DIY. (It's also a great Mother's Day gift idea.)

DIY Denim Planting Apron

Keep gardening tools handy with this pretty apron made from an old denim skirt.

20 Fun Gardening Projects Kids Will Love

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Upcycle a Sandbox Into an Edible Garden

Put that old sandbox to good use by repurposing it into a fun, kid-friendly garden chock-full of healthy fruits and vegetables they'll love.
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Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Make an Indoor Fairy Garden

With a little glue, a few craft supplies and some potted plants, kids can create a beautiful indoor fairy garden that's perfect for every season.
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Create a Carnivorous Plant Garden

Set up a miniature bog garden that's sure to subtract a few insects and entertain the kids. The hunters? Venus flytrap, pitcher plants and sundew.
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Craft a Ladybug Hotel

Attract beneficial insects to your yard with a house created just for them. The small nooks and natural material are especially enticing!
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Craft a Felt Veggie Garden

Keep kids learning and having fun in the garden 365 days a year.
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Photo By: Jennie Andrews

Make Seed Bombs

Get little ones in on gardening in a totally unique way. Seed bombing is a fun way to transport seeds into areas of your yard that need some extra life and color.
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Start Seeds in Eggshells

Give seeds a happy starter home by planting them in recycled eggshells before transplanting them into pots.
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Make Air Plant Terrarium Magnets

Decorate your refrigerator with these living magnets filled with air plants and moss.
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Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Make Miniature Terrarium Favors

Share your love of gardening with these miniature take-home terrariums that are perfect for any time of year.
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Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Make a Sand Art Terrarium

Give terrariums a twist! Although sand art has been popular since the '70s, it feels fresh and trendy when used with your favorite miniature houseplants.
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Photo By: Stephanie Rose/Roost Books ©From Garden Made by Stephanie Rose, © 2015 by Stephanie Rose. Reprinted by arrangement with Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boston, MA. www.roostbooks.com

Make a Tiny Woodland Garden

Treat your favorite gardener to a tiny garden they can hold in the palm of their hand.
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Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Craft Recycled-Bottle Birdfeeders

Put old bottles to good use by upcycling them into charming birdfeeders your chirping friends will love.
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Make Your Own (Free!) Garden Markers

Use natural and upcycled items to keep track of what's where in the garden.
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Craft a Kid-Sized Garden Tote

A customized garden tote is just the thing to get kids interested in growing things. After customizing the tote, fill it with kid-sized gardening tools.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

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