8 Timeless Wedding Trends (You Won't Regret)

Your wedding day may be gone in the blink of an eye, but the photos will last forever.

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The last thing you want is to look back on the happiest day of your life and wrinkle your nose at the chevron-print table runner. But how does one plan a wedding that is trendy while still being timeless?

These eight trends will help you plan a wedding that’s wow-worthy today without any regrets 15 years down the line.

Go Gold

Photo by: Julie Paisley

Julie Paisley

Gold will never go out of style. No matter the season, the color-scheme or the budget, this metallic will be matrimony-ready.

Whether it be gilded gowns or glittering candelabras, incorporating gold accents will up the ante for any event. And if there's any one event deserving of an "upped ante," it’s your wedding.

Lovely in Lace

The wedding dress. For some women, this is the single-most important garment they will ever wear. (No pressure or anything!) A gown that won’t lead to embarrassment 40 years later? Long sleeves and white lace, ladies.

Lace Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding Dress

Groom hugging his bride

Photo by: iStock/Milan_Jovic


Surprisingly, this timeless and traditional dress started off as a trend led by Queen Victoria in 19th century. The lace-sleeves look has evolved many times since its original debut, some variations less sophisticated than others. (Looking at you, '80s.)

Delicate, lace sleeves paired with understated details prevail, gifting brides with elegant gowns that they can be proud of for years to come.

Bubbly on Ice

Glitzy Gold Table Runner With White Flower Centerpiece

Glitzy Gold Table Runner With White Flower Centerpiece

The otherwise simple white-on-white scheme here is made dressy with a DIY table runner made entirely out of metallic gold confetti. (The bottle of bubbly is an extra-luxurious touch from stylist Camille Styles.)

Signature cocktails are considered the new norm at receptions. That said, will you look back on the pricy-yet-totally-worth-it copper mule mugs and think, "were they really worth it, though?"

My solution? The classic, OG of celebratory sips everywhere—champagne. Keep the tradition going and the bubbly flowing for a life with no regrets. Because one is far less likely to regret classic coupes or festive, flirty flutes than one might regret, say, a metallic mug.


Greg Finck Photography
Julie Paisley

Photo By: Greg Finck Photography

Photo By: Julie Paisley

Weddings are all about pushing the envelope, and the dessert table is no exception. I’ve seen walls of donuts, towers of cupcakes and smorgasbords of old-fashioned, homemade pies.

Trust me when I tell you, no one appreciates a curated smorgasbord of sweets more than myself. But what’s a wedding without cake? A wedding cake is both classic and versatile. It allows couples to play with trends while still keeping some tradition intact.

Twinkle Lights

LED String Wedding Lights

LED String Wedding Lights

“LED string lights can turn an outdoor wedding into something magical," says Audrey Isaac, of 100 Candles. "They provide enough light to illuminate tables, florals, and other décor, while still maintaining a whimsical atmosphere.” Florist: Weddings International.

Photo by: Rochelle Cheever Photography

Rochelle Cheever Photography

Illuminate your alfresco affair with string lights. They offer a charming simplicity to nighttime receptions and add an extra dose of magic to the most magical moments of your life.

Flowers + Foliage

Wedding Trend: Monochromatic Bouquets
Style Me Pretty/ Greg Finck Photography
Wedding Trend: Tapered Candles
Style Me Pretty/ Simply Sarah Photography

Wedding Trend: Monochromatic Bouquets

Rather than incorporating an entire palette, brides are sticking to like-minded shades of the same color family when it comes to their bouquet.

  1. bouquet

Photo By: Style Me Pretty/ Greg Finck Photography

Wedding Trend: Tapered Candles

Candlelight is all the rage and we love how couples are incorporating a new take on this traditional look on their big day.

Photo By: Style Me Pretty/ Simply Sarah Photography

Opulent floral arrangements and lush, leafy greenery will always be a good idea. While you might (read: totally will) look back on Mason jar votives, burlap table runners or distressed lanterns with regret, the same cannot be said for bountiful blooms.

Worried that pretty posies come at a pretty penny? We’ve got the DL on how to DIY floral arrangements for a whole lot less.

Photo by: Devon Donnahoo Photography, Styling by Katie Kalafat

Devon Donnahoo Photography, Styling by Katie Kalafat


This is almost a no-brainer, right? Calligraphy is elegant, artful and an absolute must-have for that timeless look. Use calligraphy for your save-the-dates, invitations, menus and smaller signs throughout your reception. Not sure if a professional calligrapher will fit in your budget? Use our super-easy faux calligraphy tutorial to fool all your guests. It’s easier than you think!

Glittering Goodbyes

East Tennessee Wedding Photographer - Roosevelt Lodge - Derick and Emily

East Tennessee Wedding Photographer - Roosevelt Lodge - Derick and Emily

Photo by: Amber Lowe Photo

Amber Lowe Photo

Make your great escape one to remember. Sparkler send-offs are staples for stylish exits these days, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. They're classy, captivating and create a glittering backdrop for one last photo of the night.

30 Must-Haves for a Pinterest-Perfect Wedding

See All Photos

A Thousand Times, Yes!

Any avid wedding-pinner will tell you: no engagement is official without a proper social media announcement! Pics or it didn't happen, right? The big announcement should be both timely in manner and creative in appearance.

Be sure to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime moment with one another, then start calling your closest friends and family. After that, social media is free game. Photo: First Comes Love Event Design

Photo By: Devon Donnahoo Photography, Styling by Katie Kalafat

Plan, Plan, Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail, friends. Keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the Pinterest-perfect wedding we all dream of likely took months upon months of meticulous planning. Get a binder, set a realistic budget and get a 12-pack of your favorite pens. And, no—it is never too early to plan. Hey, we are aspiring to perfection, after all. One of our planning essentials? The Wedding Book by Lucy Sui.

Photo By: lucysui.com


The perfect wedding is not possible without a wedding hashtag that is uniquely yours. This is a (basically) scientific fact. The hashtag should be one of the first details that a couple pins down when planning their big day. Hashtags can be used throughout their engagement to mark significant wedding-milestones on social media. So crucial, friends. So. Crucial. Get 14 tips for creating the perfect wedding hashtag >>

Photo By: Brass Penny Photography

Engagement Photos

You’re only engaged once and only for a very small window of time. Milk the moment and book an engagement photo session to prepare for the big day. Pinterest is jam-packed with show-stopping styled shoots, complete with color-coordinated outfits, adoring looks and expertly posed ring fingers. Pro-tip: Having engagement photos taken gives couples a really great way to feel out their photographer before booking them to capture the most important day of their lives. 

Photo By: iStock

Pop the Question!

Alright, Bride-to-be—your true love popped the question and now it’s your turn! A big trend we’re seeing in wedding-world is bridal party proposals. While you aren’t required to get down on one knee, creativity and thoughtfulness is key in executing this special moment to perfection. You can gift your girlfriends a pretty pendant necklace, a “bridesmaid” tee-shirt or even their all-time favorite wine. Whatever you do, just be sure to ask your besties to stand by your side in a stylish and sentimental way. 

Photo By: iStock/Scott & Zoe

Mark Your Calendar

It’s no secret that weddings require couples to do extensive planning (seriously, see slide #2). Even so, it is crucial to remember that weddings require guests to do some planning of their own. Enter the considerate Pinterest-perfect wedding trend: Save the Dates. By sending these 4-6 months before the wedding, couples are not only giving guests a first look of their wedding theme but they are also gifting guests with time to plan accordingly. Pro Tip: For couples on a budget, skip the traditional paper invites and create a 'Save the Date' event page on Facebook.

Photo By: iStock

Bachelorette Bash

You’re getting married and kissing the single life goodbye once and for all. This calls for major celebration (and major margaritas) with your main chicks. Make this weekend legendary with fizzy cocktails, photobooth backdrops and all kinds of bride-tribe gear. See 5 Fun Bachelorette Weekend Ideas >>

Photo By: Mary Costa Photography; Project created by Studio DIY on behalf of Balloon Time

Boozin' + Losin' Bachelor Party

Vegas isn't every guy's cup of tea. Instead, get the groomsmen together and celebrate the groom's upcoming wedding with a couple of rounds of poker (and whiskey, while you're at it)! See 20 Super Fun Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Ideas >>

Painted + Pretty

Watercolor invitations are winning over the hearts of wedding-pinners everywhere. This paper set displays delicate, grey watercolor and soft, hand-painted calligraphy. The final outcome? An elegant, ethereal event guests will be sure not to miss. Photo: First Comes Love Event Design

Photo By: Devon Donnahoo Photography, Styling by Katie Kalafat

Bridal Brunch

Brunching is always a good idea, right? Pretty decorations and a pot of piping-hot tea is just what the doctor ordered to celebrate a bride-to-be. Be sure to indulge in some pastel buttercream, buttery croissants and a bounty of Bloody Mary’s to make the occasion one for the books.  

Photo By: iStock/knape

Today's the Day

It’s finally here, the day you’ve been dreaming of for months (okay, years… no judgment). Freeze the moment by having your photographer take a snapshot of your wedding day’s morning papers. While these photographs won't stop time in its tracks, they are a special way for to revisit that exceptional morning. Photo: Erin Turner Photo

Photo By: Erin Turner Photo

Morning Mimosa Fix

Worried about waking up with “I’m-getting-MARRIED-today" morning-jitters? That’s what mimosas are for. This sparkling grapefruit mimosa is sure to do the trick. Just sit back, take a deep breath, a long sip and soak it all in.

Get Ready in Robes

Whether they be bold florals, silky with monograms or striped and polka-dotted—personalized bridal-party robes are all over Pinterest, and for good reason. These pretty robes enable the bridal party to feel extra comfy while getting ready, all while still looking put-together for photos. Not to mention, robes make the best keepsake gifts that will keep the bride’s besties warm and snuggly long after the wedding. Photo: Brass Penny Photography

It's the Little Things

Pretty paper invites paired with beautiful bridal accessories make a pin-worthy wedding snapshot that captures the small details of the big day. 

Photo By: Erin Turner Photo

Swoon-Worthy Blooms

This vibrant bunch is a total stunner, no? With free-flowing, vibrant fuchsia blooms and loads of leafy greenery, this bride is on trend and definitely worth a pin. See 40 Ultra-Lush Bridal Bouquets >>

Sparkle + Shine

Bridal fashion is ever-evolving but always glam. The newest trend that’s spilling onto all fashion-savvy brides’ wedding boards? Delicate, yet ornate, hair accessories. This sparkling crown is a stunner, and offers just the subtle hint of glamour a bride needs to elevate her wedding-day look.

  1. bridal crown

Photo By: Style Me Pretty/ Greg Finck Photography

Hang With the Best of Them

We’re seeing personalized bridal party hangers pop up on all of our favorite wedding-boards. This is an easy, low-cost DIY that can take your getting-ready photos to the next level.  All you need is a metallic paint pen, an eye for hand-lettering and basic wooden hangers to up the ante in a major way. Photo: Erin Turner Photo

Photo By: Erin Turner Photo

Mix + Match

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses for an extra pop of personality to the wedding party. Not sure where to start? Take inspiration from your wedding flowers to help pin-point the prettiest palette to enhance your day. Check out this year's hottest bridesmaid trends >>

Photo By: Michael & Carina Photography

Beaus in Bow-Ties

The classic bow-tie is a wedding staple but tying it can be tricky. Clip-ons are a no go, so be sure to lend a helping hand for the nervous groom that day. 

Photo By: Erin Turner Photo

Love at First Sight

More and more couples are opting to break tradition and have a "first look" photo session before the ceremony. The results are always ultra-romantic and deliver all of the feels.

Photo By: Marc Millman

Aisle Style

Work with your venue's natural elements to create an enviroment that is stylish without distracting from the romantic moments at hand. This collection of weathered, white-washed seating gets it right — nestled organically into the sand for a cliffside ceremony. Photo: First Comes Love Event Design

Photo By: Devon Donnahoo Photography, Styling by Katie Kalafat

Personal Promises

Freeze the moment and create a keepsake of your handwritten vows. A photographer captures this bride's most romantic and meaningful promises, gifting the couple a forever-reminder of their magical day. Photo: First Comes Love Event Design

Photo By: Devon Donnahoo Photography, Styling by Katie Kalafat

Involve Paws

If you have to invite your second-cousin, twice-removed to the biggest day of your life, your fur-babies deserve an invite, too! Just check out this pair of positively dashing pooches.  

Photo By: iStock/andriikobryn

Signature Sips

Cut costs and still have the wedding of your dreams by serving beer, wine and 1-2 signature cocktails like this Rose and Mint Champagne Cocktail. This is a wedding trend guaranteed to keep your guests and checking account very, very happy. Check out more creative + delicious signature cocktail ideas >>

Sweetheart Seats

Snuggle on your sweetie at a reception table that is as special and memorable as the rest of your wedding day. This couple claimed their fame with funky, fuchsia agate slice name cards, gilded (and gorgeous) in gold. Table for two? Don't mind if we do. Photo: First Comes Love Event Design

Photo By: Courtesy of Katie Kalafat

Tulle, Taffeta + Tacos

Why break the bank when you could break the norm? The traditional 5-course meal is taking a back seat to the fast and fun, local flavors found in food trucks. Street tacos and an open bar? Get ready for some rave-reviews. 

Photo By: Brass Penny Photography

Ring Shot

Whimsical, watercolor name cards serve as a prime backdrop for a trendy snapshot of the couples’ brand-new wedding bands. This flaunt-worthy frame is a must-have to grab during the reception. Photo: Brass Penny Photography

Photo By: Brass Penny Photography

Sugar Style

Almost too pretty to eat, right? This art-deco inspired wedding cake features glossy grey embellishments and is guaranteed to prompt many-a-praise from guests. Having a Pinterest-perfect cake means thinking outside the Bundt and letting creativity be your guide. Get Inspired: 27 Beautiful Wedding Cake Design Ideas >>

Photo By: iStock/petrenkod

Favors with Flair

When picking a parting gift for guests, be sure to think beyond the basic wedding mints or matchboxes. Our current favor obsession are these pint-sized rose petal cocktails-in-a-jar. Not only are they super pretty but they gift loved ones with a complimentary round-two (or six) of the reception's signature cocktail. What's not to love? Get more creative wedding favor ideas >>

A Classic Departure

A classic car getaway is a no brainer when planning a wedding. Use strong twine, cans and a hand-painted wooden heart to get your ride ready to cruise off into happily-ever-after. This is a timeless tradition will always be on-trend. 

Photo By: iStock/andriikobryn

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