Treating Your Mom to Brunch? Suprise Her With a Centerpiece She Can Keep

Show your mom how much you care with a centerpiece that doubles as a thoughtful present.

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The only thing sweeter than a Sunday brunch is sharing the meal with your mom, of course. If you're planning to celebrate Mother's Day with a beautiful spread, you'll definitely want to take your table to the next level with the right centerpiece. We recommend one that your mom can keep as a gift!

Personalized Vases

DIY Mother's Day Lunch

DIY Mother's Day Lunch

Vibrant spring flowers become the star of the show when displayed in handmade vases for Mom. Pick up a ready-made bouquet from the local flower market, or form your own arrangement to add a splash of color to the table.

©Cheyenne Mojica Photography

Cheyenne Mojica Photography

If your mom keeps fresh flowers around the house, chances are that she’d enjoy a personalized vase. Use a stencil to create a custom design, or try your hand at making a beautiful gold-leaf vase via this easy DIY project

DIY Candle Holders

Decorated Candles Centerpiece

Decorated Candles Centerpiece

Update a few basic hurricane candles with spices and greens of the season. I used cinnamon sticks, moss, and foraged branches. With a bit of hot glue, attach the decor all around the glass of the candle. Perfect for a rustic touch in a modern dining room.

Simple but sweet, candles make great centerpieces. Select some of your mom’s favorite scents and use a hot glue gun to decorate the candle holders' edges. Branches, moss and cinnamon sticks are just a few ways to get creative.

Ceramic Tile

DIY Ceramic Tile Centerpiece 01:00

Make this custom tile centerpiece that doubles as a party favor.

After watching this quick video, we're hooked on the idea of gifting ceramic tile centerpieces. Who knew something so stylish and thoughtful could be so easy to replicate? 

Vintage Teapots

Flowers in Teapot Centerpiece

Flowers in Teapot Centerpiece

If your mom has her eye on a porcelain tea set, now's the time to treat her to it! She'll love your sweet display and enjoy using the cups and plates long after Mother's Day. An extra tip? Pair an antique teapot with a new package of her favorite refreshment. 

Host a Mother's Day Tea Party

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Gather the Girls

This year celebrate Mother's Day by inviting your girlfriends and their daughters to don frilly frocks and sip steaming cups of tea at a sumptuous afternoon tea party. A lavish spread of decadent sweets and springtime decor sets a festive tone.

Entertain Alfresco

Embrace warm spring weather by setting up a table on the lawn. Highlight the natural beauty of the outdoors by topping a simple white linen tablecloth with burlap and ferns potted in terra cotta. Bird and butterfly tabletop details add to the setting's lush, botanical feel.

Let Them Eat ... Butterflies

Cake stands and pedestals piled high with sweet treats serve as delicious centerpieces. Now's not the time for sensible eating: Finger sandwiches, sugar-dusted cookies, macaroons and petit fours are delicious ways to indulge. Even store-bought treats look special when artfully displayed at varying heights.

Feather the Nest

Transform a bundt cake into a whimsical nest by surrounding its base with tufts of green moss and raffia. Tuck a single pink peony in the center for a sweet, feminine touch. To keep it from wilting, place the bloom's stem in a water tube concealed within the center of the cake.

Butterfly Tea Sandwiches

Delight guests of all ages with tiny tea sandwiches shaped like fluttering butterflies. Using a butterfly cookie cutter, cut shapes from thin white bread. Toast under the broiler for one minute on each side, then cut half of the butterflies down the center to make "wings." Place a teaspoon of paté, herbed goat cheese or salmon spread in the middle of the whole butterflies, then stick two wings into the spread at a 45-degree angle. Add thin slices of cucumber or radish to the sandwiches for a splash of color.

Baby Cakes

Adding a few store-bought treats to the menu helps lighten the load on the hostess. Miniature cupcakes topped with a single red raspberry are a perfect choice and appear very dressed up when presented on pretty glass cake stands of varying heights and sizes.

Flights of Fancy

Delicate paper butterflies perched on the rim of each glass look as though they might take flight. To create, spray-mount colored paper onto card stock and fold in half. Trace the outline of half a butterfly onto paper, with the center of butterfly's body against the fold. Cut out butterfly, and snip a v-shaped notch along the folded edge. Open butterfly and slip the notch over the rim of a glass.

Sweets for the Sweet

Even the youngest guests will be smitten with a selection of diminutive treats. Small, bite-sized items work best for this kind of spread since they're easier for little ones to enjoy, no fork and knife required.

A Proper Spot of Tea

Every good hostess should learn the basics of brewing a proper cup of tea. Bring cold water to a boil then remove from heat and let sit for a few minutes. In a teapot, toss in a teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup you are making and fill pot with boiled water. Let steep for three minutes for green teas and four minutes for full-leaf black tea. Pour the tea into cups, using a strainer to catch leaves.

Take Your Seat

Golden eggs bearing cards with hand-stamped names are a playful way to assign guests' seating. These gilded holders from Paloma's Nest double as party favors: Guests can tote them home as a memento of an afternoon spent with their most-adored girls.

Picture Frames

Danny Seo Picture Frames

Danny Seo Picture Frames

Photo by: Courtesty of Danny Seo

Courtesty of Danny Seo

Your mom will grin ear to ear when she sees cherished family photos decorating the table. For a more personal touch, choose a frame with special significance. I can think of a teacher or two who would love this ruler-edged look.

Books + Magazines

Decorating With Books: Small Groupings

Decorating With Books: Small Groupings

A grouping of design, art, architecture and pop culture books turn this multipurpose workspace and dining room into a cozy spot packed with personality and plenty of things to read.

Photo by: Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Does your mom like to keep up with the latest styles and trends? Surprise her with a colorful arrangement of her favorite magazines. Better yet, visit your local bookstore and hunt down a vintage copy or two of her favorite book; she'll get a kick out of your creativity and enjoy the centerpiece more than once. 

Coffee in a Jar

Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece

Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece

These simple fall decorations will create a warm glow and amazing aromas for your home.

Mason jars filled with your mom’s preferred roast are perfect for adding a rustic touch (and pleasant aroma) to your table. 

An Origami Display



If you're feeling bold, try learning a new skill like paper folding. A unique centerpiece comprised of delicate paper cranes will both brighten your table and remind your mom of handmade gifts from your childhood. 

Make Origami Flowers for Your Table

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Gather Your Supplies to Make Origami Flowers

You will need: 3 inch by 3 inch origami paper, glue dots and pipe cleaners.

Let's Begin

Start by placing one piece of paper on your work surface.

Make a Diamond

Turn the paper so that it looks like a diamond.

Fold Up

Bring the bottom corner of the diamond to the top corner of the diamond and fold it into a triangle. Run your fingernail along the crease and all future creases.

Corners Up

Starting with the right bottom corner, bring it to the top tip of the triangle and fold.

Repeat Again

Do the same with the left side to make a diamond like so.

Fold Down

Take the right side of the diamond and fold it down at an angle to match the right bottom edge of the diamond.

Mirror Image

Repeat the last step again on the left side to form this shape.

Squash Fold

Gently unfold the the side you just made and insert your finger. It is like a little ice cream cone.  Push this cone flat.

Flat Cone

The cone is now flat.  Repeat again on the other side to make it symmetrical.

Tips Down

On both sides, fold the tips of the flat cones down like so.

Fold In

Fold the flattened cones in half toward the center of the diamond like so.

Edges Together

Pick up the origami and adhere the two sides of the cone together with a glue dot.  You have made one petal. Repeat the entire process 5 more times to make six total petals for each flower.  Connect the six petals together with glue dots to make one flower.

Add Stems

With a glue dot, adhere a pipe cleaner between two of the bottom petals to form the stem.  Trim the pipe cleaner length as desired and add to a vessel or vase.

See More Table Settings That Mom Will Love

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Tea and Girl Talk

If the weather cooperates, what could be more beautiful than a garden tea party with Mom? Take comfy chairs to the heart of the garden and catch up while sipping tea, surrounded by all the colors of Mother Nature. Photo by HGTV fan countrygrl125. 

Tea and Cookies

HGTV fan artquest enjoys a quiet moment with freshly baked cookies and a warm cuppa. For a healthy treat, she recommends adding 1/2 cup flax seed and a 1/4 cup wheat germ to any cookie recipe. 

Pretty in Pink

HGTV fan MoonlightandMagnolias combined various patterns of pink floral china to create a harmonious whole. Tall candlesticks and an ivy topiary create a simple centerpiece. 

Al Fresco Brunch

HGTV fan countrygrl125 knows that food always tastes better when enjoyed outside. Keep the table simple with a centerpiece of fresh flowers clipped from the garden and serve Mom's favorite foods to start her big day off on the right foot. 

Charming Setting

A shady patio is a lovely backdrop for a light lunch in honor of Mom. Photo by HGTV fan single mom on a budget. 

Make It Special

A beautifully set table makes any meal into a special event; and what day could be more special than Mother's Day? Polish the heirloom silver, break out the crystal stemware and set a formal table to celebrate her big day. Table setting by HGTV fan countrygrl125. 

Charming Cottage-Style Brunch

Mother's Day brunch is the perfect occasion to set the table with family hand-me-down china and linens. Have fun, mix and match patterns, and layer fabrics to create a colorful table. Table setting by HGTV fan cottagecharm. 

Simple, Chic, Chocolate

HGTV fan misssuzie3 created a chic Mother's Day table that demonstrates how layering neutral tones, in this case gold and chocolate, creates a feminine and sophisticated table setting for brunch. 

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