10 Father's Day Gifts for All the Hipster Dads

Does your dad dig beer and beard maintenance? We've got the perfect gift list.

If you happen to have any hipster papas in your life that you need to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for, then you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite gift ideas that we think any too-cool-for-school dads would love.

Photo by: via Urban Outfitters

via Urban Outfitters

If you know a dad who loves to kick back with a cold beer, these plates may just be the perfect gift. They fit over bottles, cans and cups and allow you to hold both your drink AND your snacks with one hand. If you’re planning a big Father’s Day gathering, these will be great to have around, too.

Photo by: via Urban Outfitters

via Urban Outfitters

Something that many hipster dads seem to have in common is a beard. This shampoo/conditioner combo was designed to be gentle enough to not strip away all the natural oils. With ingredients like aloe and peppermint oil, it will soothe your guy’s skin and smell delicious.

Photo by: via Target

via Target

Back before the days of headphones, virtual gaming and the internet, there was one video system that started it all: Atari. This t-shirt is a fun, retro homage to the OG video-gaming system.

Photo by: via UncommonGoods

via UncommonGoods

If you have a dad in your life that loves toothpicks, why not amp 'em up a notch? That’s exactly what these toothpicks did, as each of them are infused with the essence of scotch.

Photo by: via UncommonGoods

via UncommonGoods

This is a fun way for a dad to connect with his creative side while also creating something special for the kids. This journal includes a number of easy prompts that will inspire your dude to share some of the highlights, challenges and funny moments of his life so far. A beautiful pen or a set of markers would be a great addition to this.

Photo by: via Areaware

via Areaware

These unique ice cubes are true head turners. Simply keep them in the freezer, then add to your drink. If you have a dude in your life that appreciates good design and an after-dinner drink, this gift is the perfect choice. Pair it with a bottle of his favorite booze and he'll be on Cloud Nine.

Photo by: via Lily Brooke Vintage

via Lily Brooke Vintage

If you have a guy in your life whose kid is his pup, then this is a sweet way to honor him. These would also be a fun way to include the younger boys in your family who might be feeling a bit left out of the Father’s Day festivities.

Photo by: via The Keyboard Waffle Iron

via The Keyboard Waffle Iron

For the geek guy who loves a good waffle, meet the keyboard waffle iron. This is a hilarious take on the traditional waffle iron, and it would be perfect for any dude who just can’t seem to step away from his laptop. Pair it with a gourmet bottle of syrup if you really want to amp up the gift.

Photo by: via Amazon

via Amazon

For design-loving dads, this simple mug is an homage to one of the most ubiquitous fonts in existence: Helvetica. If your guy loves coffee or tea, you can pair this mug with some of his faves or even a fancy coffee or espresso maker.

Photo by: via Amazon

via Amazon

If your guy has always dreamed of getting a tattoo, but has never wanted to pull the trigger, this is a quirky, fun gift that he’ll have a blast with.

Throw a Beer Tasting Party for Dad This Father's Day

See All Photos

Dad's Day Party Table

Show Dad how much you love him by throwing a rustic-themed beer tasting party, complete with his favorite snacks, beer and games. Give it a customized look with a plaid paper banner and food labels, twine-covered bottles and specialty beers for guests to try.

Beer Tasting Station

Set up a tasting station and label the different types of beer with simple plaid tags. To attach the tags, tie them around the beer bottle necks with twine for a rustic look. Make a game of it by turning over the tags and having guests guess which type of beer they're tasting.

Galvanized Buckets

Galvanized buckets are great for serving chips, ice or drinks. Tie plaid fabric or burlap around the center of them so they match the rustic theme.

Pub Pretzels

Give the party a pub atmosphere with typical menu items Dad loves eating at his favorite bar. Serve pub-style pretzels — an easy, tasty snack that tastes great with beer.

Popcorn Containers

Label food containers using online printables from Paper & Cake, or make your own by gluing plaid-patterned scrapbook paper to plain containers and stamping letters on them. Customize the containers by putting "Dad," your dad's name or "Happy Father's Day" on them.

Plaid Bunting

To make a budget-friendly garland, tear up your dad's old plaid shirts and tie them in bows on a long piece of twine. Wrap it around the beer tasting table or hang it over a doorway.

Game Labels

A party isn't complete without a few competitive games. Designate specific areas indoors or out for your dad's favorite drinking games, and make sure to have signs so people know where to play.

Budget-Friendly Decor

Label and decorate everything, including the beer bucket, so the party has a cohesive look. Wrap buckets, tables, chairs and other items with burlap to continue the rustic theme.

Blue Moon Cupcakes

Combine two delicious treats — beer and cupcakes — into one. The main ingredient in these cupcakes is Blue Moon beer, which adds an orange-amber flavor to the dessert. Top it with an orange slice for an extra fruity twist and printable "Happy Father's Day" cupcake toppers. Get the cupcake instructions>>

Beard Photo Props

To commemorate the party, set up a photo booth with easy DIY paper props. Cut beard shapes out of scrapbook paper, and attach them to wooden sticks for a fun way to celebrate Dad.

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