Think Outside the (Tie) Box: The Father's Day Gifts Dads Really Want 

It's all about quality time. 

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The one thing most dads can agree on? They really just want to spend time with their kids. This Father's Day, forgo traditional gifts. Instead, make June 18th all about fun experiences and quality time together. Here are some meaningful Father's Day gift ideas we're all about this year.

Take him to a baseball game.



Two young boys hoping to catch a fly ball at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game

Photo by: aceshot


Or another sporting event. Between Nascar races, horse races and golf and tennis tournaments, there's plenty of choices for sports-loving Dads.

Buy tickets to see his favorite artist in concert.



Shot of a large crowd at a music concert

Photo by: Yuri_Arcurs


Bonus points if you score tickets to the show of a legend who rarely tours.

Go on a canoe trip.



A couple paddles a canoe.

Photo by: Strevell


Canoes and kayaks are relatively cheap to rent if you don't own one.

Do yard work for him.

Avoid Short Cuts

Avoid Short Cuts

When it comes to cutting the grass, less is more. Don’t scalp your lawn, especially cool season varieties or “bunch” grasses- as they may not recover. A good rule of thumb- never cut more than the top third of the blade off; otherwise, it could stress the plant and cause unsightly browning. Cool season grass has an ideal height of around 2-4 inches tall. Warm season grasses are shorter and may require more sessions pushing that mower!

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

Give Dad a break for the weekend and tackle his outdoor projects.

Eat at his favorite restaurant...



Family Eating Meal At Outdoor Restaurant Together

Photo by: monkeybusinessimages


Food and conversation make for a Father's Day well spent.

Or make his favorite meal.

Chicken and Sausage Pasta

Chicken and Sausage Pasta

This chicken and sausage pasta gets its spiciness from Creole-inspired sauce.

From: Chrissy Barua

It's kind of like the grown-up version of a homemade card.

Take a brewery or distillery tour.



Waiter carrying a tray of glasses filled with different craft beers inside the brewery.

Photo by: subman


Get your buzz on! Dads who appreciate a good brew or whiskey will enjoy a tasting tour.

Go fishing or hunting.



Father and adult son fishing lakeside, Big Bear, California

Photo by: monkeybusinessimages


Spend the day in the great outdoors. Even if you don't catch anything, at least it was time spent with Dad.

Visit a car show.



USA. Summer is for car shows in the park.

Photo by: carolo7


Take it easy, and mosey through rows of collector cars. A monster truck rally is another great option if you can't locate a local car show.

Play golf together.



A man teeing off as his friends watch him hit on a beautiful day at the golf course. [url=/file_search.php?action=file&lightboxID=11521268][img][/img][/url]

Photo by: MichaelSvoboda


Even if you can't tee off to save your life, Dad will appreciate your company.

Hunt for vinyls.



An unrecognisable male customer searches through and selects a second hand vinyl record from a shelf in a record store, hands only, horizontal composition. Focus on hands. Close up.

Photo by: urbancow


Make a game of it, and see who can find the best bargain.

Participate in his favorite hobby.

Fathers Day

Fathers Day

Father and son working on house

No matter what Dad is into these days — bird watching, woodworking, gardening — get involved with something he enjoys doing.

Take a ride around a go-kart course.



A father, in his early 40s, is driving a go kart with his six year old daughter passenger.

Photo by: BanksPhotos


Make him feel 20 years younger on a thrilling go-kart ride.

Enroll in a class together.



Learning to play the guitar. Music education and extra-curricular lessons.

Photo by: franz12


Whether it's cooking, music lessons or blacksmithing, sign up for an activity that Dad always wanted to master.

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