18 Gorgeous Bridesmaid Gifts Your Gals Will Love

Great friends are hard to come by; great gifts shouldn't be. 

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From late night tears to carpool karaoke, they've been there with you through it all. And now they've graciously agreed to stand by you on one of the most important days of your life. Show your best girls just how much you appreciate them with handpicked gifts that are almost as beautiful and unique as they are.

Custom Clutches

Oatmeal and Lace Design: Bridesmaid Gifts

Oatmeal and Lace Design: Bridesmaid Gifts

Photo by: Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Perfect for holding tissues, lipstick and other wedding day essentials, these beautiful clutches from Oatmeal and Lace can be fully customized with your choice of interior lining and exterior fabrics to suit any bridesmaid's style.

Custom Clutches, $50; etsy.com

Designer Compacts 

Bridesmaid Gift: Personal Compacts

Bridesmaid Gift: Personal Compacts

Photo by: The Knot

The Knot

Beautiful and practical, compacts are great for quick makeup checks on the big day. These gorgeous wreath-embellished ones from The Knot come with a monogrammed lid and can be engraved on the reverse side for an extra special touch.

Designer Compact, $15; theknot.com

Spa Day Box

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Spa Package

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Spa Package

Photo by: Little Flower Soap Co.

Little Flower Soap Co.

Your bridesmaids work hard for you in the months leading up to your wedding day. Pamper them with a relaxing spa kit filled with fizzy bath salts, handmade soaps and more soothing spa goodies.

Spa Day Gift Set, $29; etsy.com

Hankies for Happy Tears

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Larkspur + Linen Handkerchief

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Larkspur + Linen Handkerchief

Photo by: Larkspur and Linen

Larkspur and Linen

This thoughtful gift will hold up through an entire day of waterworks, then it can be washed and kept as a sweet reminder of your special day. 

Happy Tears Handkerchief, $18; etsy.com

Personalized Notebooks

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: May Designs Notebook

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: May Designs Notebook

Photo by: May Designs

May Designs

With a gorgeous array of personalization and design options, a notebook from May Designs will help keep your girls stylishly organized throughout wedding season and beyond.

Personalized Designer Notebooks; maydesigns.com

Champagne Gummy Bears

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Champagne Gummy Bears

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Champagne Gummy Bears

Photo by: Sugarfina


Because who wouldn't want a box of Dom Pérignon-infused bears? P.S.: the cooking process renders the bears non-alcoholic so even your young maids can enjoy these delicious gummy treats!

Baby Champagne Bears, $8.50; sugarfina.com

'Day of' Jewelry

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: For the Maids Jewelry

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: For the Maids Jewelry

Photo by: For The Maids

For The Maids

Show your love with a chic piece of jewelry that will suit even the pickiest among you. These dainty teardrop earrings by For the Maids are not only beautiful and inexpensive, but come gift-wrapped with a sweet, personal note you can customize for each girl.

Teardrop Stud Earrings, $32; etsy.com

Meaningful Mugs

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Lucy Sui Gold Dot Mug

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Lucy Sui Gold Dot Mug

Photo by: LucySui.com


A good coffee cup is equivalent to gold in my book. Especially if that coffee cup is made out of real gold like this polka dot mug from Lucy Sui. To complete the gift, pair with a bag of her favorite brew, coffee creamer and/or sweetener.

Joyful Mug, $12; lucysui.com

Give to Her Favorite Charity

In lieu of a traditional store-bought gift, consider making a donation in her name to a charity that aligns with her values and passions.

Sometimes a Gift Card Says It All

Camille Styles Gift Card Wrapping

Camille Styles Gift Card Wrapping

Photo by: Camille Styles

Camille Styles

Gift cards to their favorite restaurants, shops or coffee spots are always welcome and appreciated. Plus, it saves you the stress of choosing and fretting over gifts they may or may not want or need. Add a special touch by wrapping the cards with pretty doilies and ribbon, and attaching a hand-written note.

Nothing Beats a Good Book

Whether it's a cookbook, a juicy thriller or an old favorite, the gift of a great book is akin to giving your gals a mini vacation. Wrap these treasured tomes in pretty paper and ribbon and don't forget to snap a pic with their new reads before the day is over!

Fully-Stocked Cocktail Kit

Photo by: Rebecca Yale Photography

Rebecca Yale Photography

Fill a bag, box or wooden crate with all the essentials to make a favorite classic or signature cocktail. We love the way this bride styled her DIY margarita kit with handmade bottle labels and a mini lime tree!

High-Quality Eye Shadow Palette

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Eyeshadow Palette

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Eyeshadow Palette

Photo by: Too Faced

Too Faced

Keyword here: quality. A premium eyeshadow palette like this sultry Too Faced collection is a luxury many bridesmaids would love to have, but would rarely buy for themselves. Choose colors that suit your girls' individual complexions and/or a palette that fits with your wedding color and theme.

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes, $36; sephora.com

Friendship Bracelets That Give Back

Each time you purchase one of these artisan-crafted, semi-precious stone bracelets from Divinity LA, a portion of the sale is donated to select charitable foundations like Water.org, Relay for Life, Sea Turtle Conservancy and many more.

Divinity Bracelets, $16; divinityla.com

Minimergency Kit

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kits

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kits

Photo by: Pinch Provisions

Pinch Provisions

These adorable kits from Pinch Provisions come packed with 21 wedding day essentials like bobby pins, deodorant, a sewing kit and much more.

Minimergency Kit for Bridesmaids, $18; pinchprovisions.com

Engraved Dress Hangers

Personalized Hangers: Dark Horse Engraving

Personalized Hangers: Dark Horse Engraving

Photo by: Dark Horse Engraving

Dark Horse Engraving

Not only do these engraved wooden hangers make sweet, personal gifts, but they're extra handy if all your girls are wearing the same dress. 

Personalized Dress Hangers, $10; etsy.com

To Have & to Hold In Case They Get Cold

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Blanket Scarf

Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Blanket Scarf

Photo by: elmasekeri


Planning a winter wedding? Use the chilly theme as an excuse to give your pals these chic and cozy handmade blanket scarves.

Plaid Blanket Scarf, $10; etsy.com

Rose Gold Flasks

Bridesmaid Gift: Personal Flask

Bridesmaid Gift: Personal Flask

Photo by: The Knot

The Knot

With a simple, elegant design, these rose gold hip flasks make hiding your liquor look oh-so-stylish. If you're feeling extra thoughtful, fill each lady's flask with her favorite booze before gifting.

Monogram Rose Gold Hip Flask, $18; theknot.com

10 Fun Bridal Shower Games

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Doubles Jenga

Take this classic game to the next level by having guests pair up and play against another couple. The twist: Tie the couples' hands together to make it harder to play. The couple that wins continues on to play the next couple. Last couple standing wins. Download signs for each of these games. 

Bride and Groom Photo Challenge

Guests will love this fun wedding shower game that features favorite photos of the bride and groom! Print images of the bride and groom at various ages. Download and print our game setup pages, along with a guessing sheet for each guest. Attach the game tile, and each photo along with a number on a bulletin board or poster board. Hand out a guessing sheet and pen/pencil to each guest and have them guess the age of the bride or groom in the photo! Whomever guesses the most correct, wins.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Bingo Gift Game

Download and print blank bingo cards for each guest. Have the guests fill in the blank squares with wedding gifts they think the bride will receive. During gift opening, guests mark off their bingo card as gifts are opened. The center square with the heart is a free space. Give guests a small sheet of heart stickers or a pen to mark off the squares. The first guest with five in a row wins.

Wedding Ring Toss

Take the party outside with this classic yard game. This darling version of ring toss features pretty glass bottles and metal rings (found at the craft store and painted copper) in a cute wood crate. Find an opponent and take turns tossing all of the rings to see who can land the most on the bottles. Print our ring toss scorecards to keep track.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Romantic Movie Quotes

Download and print the game worksheet which features quotes from popular romantic movies. Give a form to each guest along with a pen and have them fill out as many as movie titles as they recognize. The highest number of correct answers wins.

(Answers: 1. New Moon; 2. Notting Hill; 3. City of Angels; 4. The Notebook; 5. Dirty Dancing; 6. Say Anything; 7. Jerry Maguire)

Love Songs

Name that tune! Well actually, name who sang it. Have the hostess create a playlist of 12 love songs before the shower begins. Hand out a game page and pen/pencil to each guest. The hostess then plays a snippet of each song and the guests guess who sang it! The guest with the most correct answers, wins.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Ball and Chain Game

The old ball and chain: Teams pair up and try to get foam balls and chains from one bucket to another. The hitch is that you can only use your knees to transport the balls. The couple with the most balls in the bucket at the end of a minute wins. Use spray-painted foam balls and string to create the balls and chains.

Bride and Groom Trivia

Challenge the wedding shower guests to see who knows the bride and groom best! This game simply requires a printable trivia page and pen/pencil for each guest. Download and print/copy as many pages as you need. Have the bride and groom fill one out with the correct answers so the host can use as a guide to see who answered the most correctly.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Married or Not Married?

Download and print the list of celebrity couples. Give each guest one of the lists and a pen and ask them to guess if the couple is married or not married. The guest who gets the most correct answers wins.

Favorite Dates Activity

For this unique shower activity, have each guest write their favorite ideas for fun dates on wood blocks and place them in a pretty jar. Give the jar to the bride and groom at the end of the shower as a sweet gift. When the happy couple needs and idea for a date, they can randomly choose a new adventure.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Wedding Catch Phrase

Guests will need to think quickly on their feet as they try to get through as many wedding words as possible before time runs out. The team with the most words at the end of two minutes wins. Before the shower, download, print and cut out the wedding catch-phrase cards.

My Favorite Memory of Us

For a trip down memory lane, have each bridal shower guest fill out one of the printable memory cards with a favorite memory with the bride. Have the bride read each memory one by one out loud to see if she can guess who wrote the memory. While there isn’t an actual winner in this game, everyone will enjoy hearing these special stories.  

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

What's in the Bag Memory Game

Fill a purse or tote bag with items that the bride might pack for her honeymoon (15 to 20 items). Download and print the "What's in the Bag" game cards for each guest. Have the hostess take out each item one at a time from the bag to show the guests. Once all items have been shown, quickly hand out a card and pen to each person and give them one minute to write down as many items as they remember. The guest with the most correct answers wins. Present the filled bag as a gift to the bride-to-be.

Wedding Drawing Game

A twist on the classic game of Pictionary. You just need our printable designs, along with a few basic supplies to get this fun game setup! Start by downloading and printing the gameboard and word cards. Then you’ll need either whiteboards or poster boards with an easel, markers and a dice. Follow instructions on the gameboard to get this game going and enjoy hours of fun. 

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

He Said/She Said

Download the editable game card for this fun game. Have the host of the shower interview the bride and groom in advance. Ask the happy couple to answer a series of questions to help generate the quotes for the list. Once your document is created, print a copy for each guest. Set up a station for guests to fill in their guesses of who said what. At the end of the shower, tally up the answers and see who has the highest amount of correct answers. 

Details, Details

It’s time to see if the bridal shower guests were paying attention to details! For this fun game, have the bride leave the room and then pass out a game sheet and pen/pencil to each guest. Have them try to answer the questions about the bride to the best of their ability. The guest with the most correct answers, wins.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Memories and Advice

Create a sweet memory book for the bride-to-be. Set up a photo area where guests can have their photo taken with the bride or other guests at the shower. After taking a photo, have the guest fill out a card (download and print before the shower) to insert into the book. The guests can provide a piece of advice for the bride and groom or share a favorite memory. The shower hostess can have the photos printed and add them to the book after the shower, next to the written message from each guest.

Candy in a Jar Guessing Game

This classic guessing game will be fun for your shower guests and someone will walk away with a really sweet prize. Simply fill a cute jar with pretty candy and then download, print and cut out guessing game cards. Whoever guesses closest to the actual number of candies in the jar, wins.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Marriage Memory

Try a fresh take on a classic game. Download and print the memory cards that are all about marriage. For a new twist, hang the cards on twine/string on an empty wall and have guests take turns going up to the wall to try to make a match. If they make a match, they hold on to the pair of cards. The couple with the most cards in the end wins.

With This Ring

If you have ever played the clothespin game at a baby shower, the concept of this game will be very familiar. When guests arrive at the shower, have them put on a novelty ring and read the rules. They are not allowed to say the word “bride” or someone may steal their ring(s). If they hear someone say “bride” they can then take her ring(s). The guest with the most rings at the end of the shower, wins a prize.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

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