9 St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Recipes That Are Better Than Green Beer

Mix it up this year with a St. Patrick's Day-inspired libation...or two.

Whether you’re going out on the town or mixing up a brew in the comforts of your own home, these tasty cocktails are a great way to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day (sans the food coloring.) 

Green Bloody Mary Martini

For fans of the traditional Bloody Mary, give this peppery concoction a try. It gets its green hue from heirloom tomatoes, while a dash of olive juice really kicks it up a notch.

Irish Coffee Sundae

Boozy Irish Coffee Sundaes

Boozy Irish Coffee Sundaes

Enjoy a taste of the Emerald Isle with a dessert-style twist on traditional Irish coffee. Top coffee ice cream with rich, Irish whiskey-spiked hot fudge sauce, then top with whipped cream and a liberal dose of Irish cream liqueur.

Photo by: H. Camille Smith

H. Camille Smith

It may not be green, but we don’t think you’ll mind after tasting this decadent dessert cocktail made with classic Irish cream liqueur. Delightful green candies = optional.

Kale Gin Smash

Probably one of the healthiest cocktails you’ll ever enjoy, this tasty drink gets its color from a beneficial blast of super green juice. So it’s actually kind of a health drink…right?

Frozen Irish Banana Cocktail

Frozen Banana Cocktail

Frozen Banana Cocktail

Want to feel as though you've escaped to the tropics without leaving home? Take a sip of this coconutty cooler and slip away.

It may seem more tropical than Emerald Isle-inspired, but it calls for Irish cream, so we’re pretty sure that counts. 

Irish Mexican Coffee With Whiskey Whipped Cream

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Photo by: Abigail Barnes

Abigail Barnes

Stout beer and Irish whiskey come together to make this oh-so-delicious treat. Topped with cinnamon and homemade whipped cream, it pretty much doesn’t get better than this.

Crabbie’s Paddy

Whiskey and Ginger Beer Cocktail in Highball Glass

Whiskey and Ginger Beer Cocktail in Highball Glass

To make this delicious cocktail, pour 1 1/2 ounces Irish Whiskey over ice and top with alcoholic ginger beer. Stir and enjoy.

Photo by: Image Courtesy of Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer

For the novice mixologist, give this two-step brew a shot. Pour 1 ½ ounces Irish whiskey over ice and top it off with alcoholic ginger beer. Just give it a stir and enjoy. 

Bloody Rosemary

Bloody Rosemary Cocktail

Bloody Rosemary Cocktail

Photo by: Abigail Barnes

Abigail Barnes

Want to keep that Irish whiskey train going? Try this substantial Bloody Mary that blends Irish whiskey with two sprigs of fresh rosemary. Basic Bloody Marys will be a thing of the past.

Irish Coffee

Put an Irish Twist on Traditional Coffee

Put an Irish Twist on Traditional Coffee

Irish whiskey and a dollop of whipped cream are all you need to turn a cup of coffee into this cold-weather classic. This drink isn't overly rich so it pairs well with dessert yet is tasty enough to serve on its own.

There’s no need to get all fancy with this classic sip. Add about an ounce of Irish whiskey to your favorite coffee for the perfect sweet treat we all know and love.

Matcha Green Tea Gimlet

Matcha Green Tea Gimlet Wedding Cocktail

Matcha Green Tea Gimlet Wedding Cocktail

The grassy notes of the matcha balance perfectly with the flowery botanicals of the London dry gin in this very "green" cocktail. The beautiful, deep green hue is an elegant touch to a wedding celebration.

And if you really want to celebrate the occasion with something green, we recommend this unusual concoction. Not too tart and not too sweet, this gin-based cocktail will have you coming back for more. 

14 Naturally Green Recipes

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Avocado Cheesecake

Don't pass on dessert! This healthier version of cheesecake gets its green color and creamy, thick texture from avocados. Add some crunch with chopped pistachios. Get the recipe>>

Mini Lamb Pot Pie with Minted Peas

Add unexpected flavor to your pot pie with curried lamb meat and mint peas. It's a lighter version of the classic pot pie your grandma made. Get the recipe>>

Brussels Sprouts Flatbread

Brussels sprouts aren't just a boring side anymore. Top flatbread with the petals for a texture you can't resist. Get the recipe>>

Kale Gin Smash

It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without a cocktail. The nutritious kale juice in this gin concoction may just prevent you from getting tomorrow's hangover...maybe. Get the recipe>>

Grilled Avocado with Ceviche

You can easily take this protein-packed lunch on the go. Enjoy it warm or cold. Get the recipe>>

Green Breakfast Shakshuka

This Mediterranean-inspired breakfast dish will be sure to wake up your taste buds, and clean up is easy! Get the recipe>>

Sweet Pistachio Pesto Crostini

Whether you serve this as an appetizer or unconventional dessert, this recipe is a great addition to any meal. Get the recipe>>

Green Bloody Mary Martini

This one's for you Bloody Mary fans out there. This version is made with green heirloom tomatoes instead, but still has the earthy flavors of your go-to cocktail. Get the recipe>>

Mini Matcha Green Tea Cakes

Transform your afternoon tea into a delectable dessert. Matcha powder and black sesame live in harmony in this sweet yet woody cake. Get the recipe>>

Grilled Artichoke with Arugula Pesto

Pesto is a favorite sauce for pizza, pastas and marinades, but it works great as a dip, too. Pour it in the hollow center of artichokes for a fresh addition to your menu. Get the recipe>>

Pistachio Vanilla Cupcakes

Give partygoers St. Patrick's Day luck with festive vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate horseshoes and colorful ground pistachios. Get the recipe>>

Spinach-Dyed Crispy Rice Treats

Your kids will love this take on the classic crispy rice treats, and so will you because they're naturally dyed with spinach. Get the recipe>>

Matcha Green Tea Cocktail

The grassy notes of the matcha balance perfectly with the flowery botanicals of gin. The beautiful, deep green hue is an elegant touch to any occasion. Get the recipe>>

Healthy Shamrock Shake

Sure, a shamrock shake is delicious, but you haven't tried this healthy version. Packed with vegetables and fruit, your body and taste buds will be more than satisfied. Get the recipe>>

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