14 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas She'll Actually Like

For the moment when you finally realize, “You don’t need to buy me anything,” is actually code for, “I want something that shows you care,” we’ve got you covered.
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Buying gifts can be a pretty taxing experience. And it's even harder with the pressure of Valentine's Day forcing you to try to express all your feelings for someone with just one gift. That's a lot to deal with, so we don’t blame you at all for putting it off. In fact, we want to help. We’ve rounded up 14 amazing and thoughtful gifts for her that you can easily pull together at the last minute. You can thank us later.

Pamper Her With Products

Photo by: Birchbox


Subscription boxes, like Birchbox, are a great way to pamper your lady without having to remember exactly which perfume is her current favorite. For $10 a month, she’ll receive a box of goodies picked out by the pros and delivered to her door. And each month, she’ll be reminded just how thoughtful and sweet you were to order it for her.

Crazy for Color

Want to impress her with your knowledge of this trendy new hobby? Give her a printable geometric calendar (which just so happens to be free). Not only is it incredibly fun to do, but it’s also a creative way to help her relax and destress. Top this gift with brand new sets of markers and colored pencils, and you’ll definitely bring a smile to her face.

Love Notes

Pink Paper Hearts

Pink Paper Hearts

Why buy a generic card when you could show your sweetie just how much you care with a plethora of hand-written notes scattered throughout the house. Start with a thoughtful note on the bathroom mirror where she’s bound to notice right away. Then line the halls with sweet sentiments to make her smile. Just when she thinks it’s over, surprise her with a note or two in her car or purse to let her know you’re always thinking about her.

Mom's Favorite Mug



Photo by: Rennai Hoefer

Rennai Hoefer

This gift is simple, sweet and so easy to do that you might just opt to replace every mug in your house. All you need are a few white mugs and a permanent ceramic marker. Draw a heart, write a poem, or even include an inside joke. This project is also a great way to let the kids in on the Valentine’s Day fun, and Mom is sure to love it!

Keep Her Entertained

HGTV Smart Home 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina

Photo by: Tomas Espinoza/Flynnsideout Prod

Tomas Espinoza/Flynnsideout Prod

Does your girl love to read? Indulge her favorite hobby, and stop by a local bookstore on your way home from work. To get ideas, check out the best sellers section. Chances are, you’ll spot a quirky title by one of your gal’s favorite women. Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler all have fantastic books out right now, just to name a few. You’ll have her laughing all weekend.

Soup for Two



Whether you’re great in the kitchen or your specialty involves heating up a frozen dinner, this decadent dessert is bound to impress your sweetie. After all, it's literally soup made from chocolate. And since every mouth-watering ingredient can be easily picked up at any grocery store, this is a sweet treat that you can throw together at the last possible second. 

Make This: Chocolate Soup

Chocolate + Chai Fantasy



If an entire bowl of chocolate sounds a little rich for you, this chocolate chai cup will be just the thing. What’s even better is that despite how impressive it looks, it’s actually incredibly easy to make. The secret’s in the balloons. Yep! To make the fancy chocolate bowls, you simply dip a balloon in the cooled chocolate and pop the balloon once the chocolate has hardened. Voila! You’re basically a chocolatier. P.S. The chai cream is also a breeze. 

Make This: Chocolate Chai Cups

Only the Best

Photo by: Amano Artisan Chocolate

Amano Artisan Chocolate

But if even the thought of cooking is too much for you to handle, please don't resort to the cliché box of subpar chocolates you'll likely see in every grocery store checkout line. We’re all for gifting chocolate, but let’s at least step it up a notch. Try stopping into a local candy store and putting together your own box of delicacies. Or even grab a bar of specialty chocolate at the grocery store. Basically, chocolate = good. Just skip the heart-shaped box.

Our Product Pick: Amano Artisan Chocolate, $7.95

Couple Camping



Photo by: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Kimberly Finkel Davis

While dinner and a movie is always a solid option, we think a sexy camping trip for two is even better. Pack a picnic and hit the road for an exciting outdoor adventure. And if the weather’s too cold to venture outdoors, surprise her with a grown-up fort and homemade dinner at home. Either way, it’s bound to be a weekend she won’t forget! 

Plan a Camping Trip for Two

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Set the Mood

Whether it’s just for the day or for an entire weekend, a romantic picnic is a fun and unique way to celebrate your love.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Snuggle Bunnies

Transform the great outdoors into your own personal home away from home by bringing along your coziest blankets, plushest pillows and a tent for two. Make sure to include wools and knits for staying warm at night, as well as more durable blankets for picnicking and stargazing.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Tune In

Nothing beats the sound of the birds chirping, except maybe a little background music. Add your own ambiance to the day by creating a playlist of songs that are sentimental to the two of you. Stream the soundtrack of your love using your wireless device, or bring out a classic battery-operated FM radio for a retro option.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Heat Things Up

No camping trip is complete without a thermos full of hot cocoa. For the perfect cup, chop up some good quality chocolate and melt in a saucepan. Add in seasonings like cinnamon, a pinch of salt, and caramel. Then combine with hot milk. Pour your campfire classic into a thermos to go, and for a celebratory add-in, bring along some Bailey’s Irish Cream!

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Take It To Go

Plan ahead and prepare a special meal made with love for your romantic getaway. Pack individual items in thermoses and small containers. Then load it all up into a trusty insulating cooler. Don’t forget must-have essentials like enamel mugs, napkins and flatware!

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Veggie Love

For a healthy side that’s easy to snack on, pack up some pickled vegetables. Use a store-bought variety, or pickle your own a day in advance by chopping veggies and combining them with spices, seasonings and brine in a glass jar. Take two to go so you and your date have individual servings ready to enjoy.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Spice Things Up

To heat things up a bit, why not pack a little homemade chili with all the fixin’s. This easy-to-make favorite is a perfect dish to keep things feeling warm and toasty once temperatures begin to dip. Transport chili to your campsite in a thermos to keep it warm, and be sure to bring along onions, cilantro and shredded cheese for must-have garnishes.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

On the Side

Nothing pairs with chili quite like cornbread. Prepare yours at home in a skillet. Then cover and transport to your camp site. Cut into squares, and be sure to bring extra for a sweet-yet-savory snack to keep on hand all day (or weekend!) long.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Be Prepared

When it comes to dining al fresco, nothing is better than enamel ware. Lightweight, durable and easy to clean, having a few enamel plates on hand is a perfectly practical and eco-friendly solution for picnicking. Bring along a large cutting board to serve as your hard surface when prepping your meal. Then make it do double-duty as a makeshift tabletop on uneven ground!

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Laid Back and Easy

The best part about planning a camping date for Valentine’s Day? The attire is comfy and casual. Trade in high heels for rain boots, and focus on spending quality time with your sweetheart in mother nature’s playground.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

On a Sweet Note

Last, but certainly not least on the menu, is the tried-and-true campfire favorite, s’mores. Pack your cooler full of just enough marshmallows, graham crackers and dark chocolate to serve two, and break them out for roasting once the fire’s crackling.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Romeo + Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Cocktail

Romeo and Juliet Cocktail

Show off your mixology skills by concocting a romantic cocktail with a name that screams Valentine’s Day. The Romeo and Juliet cocktail blends tequila, Grand Marnier and a few fruity accents for a delicious concoction worthy of her affections.  

Song Bird

Courtship Serenade

Courtship Serenade

Does your lady love music? Buy her tickets to an upcoming concert, put together a killer Spotify playlist or write your own love song. There’s no need to spend a fortune to make her feel loved and show her how much you care.

Breakfast in Bed



Photo by: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Kimberly Finkel Davis

There’s no way she’ll think you waited until the last minute when you start the day with a romantic breakfast in bed. And with simple tips from entertaining expert Camille Styles, we know you’ll hit this thoughtful gesture out of the park. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up to heart-shaped pancakes?

Plan a Romantic Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed

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Break Out the Good Stuff

As the old saying goes, presentation is everything! I find that’s especially true with a super simple concept like this one. An antique silver tray atop an old bench makes for an elegant display that feels instantly special. Use whatever you have access to (whether that’s a pretty tray, a cloth napkin, or a plate from that set of formal china that never gets used) to dress up your breakfast.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Read All About It

Bring your partner a fresh copy of their favorite newspaper or magazine to browse before the meal is served. You could even put on a good album or pop in one of their favorite dvds. This date is all about the little details that show you care.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Stop and Smell the Roses

Pick up a dozen roses from your local grocery store, and snip a few to display in a small bud vase on the tray. The rest can be used to create a larger arrangement to place on a desk or nightstand in the bedroom.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Bottoms Up

Who doesn’t love a mimosa? Nothing says “celebration” to me quite like champagne for breakfast. Toast your special someone with a custom cocktail, and be sure to pour a glass for yourself!

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Sweet Simplicity

The beauty of this meal is that it’s so easy to create: a simple menu of pancakes, syrup, croissants and figs with honey is enough to start anyone’s day off right!

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Hot Stuff

Even if you use store-bought maple syrup (and I’ll admit that I do!), heat it on the stove first. Then transfer it into a pretty container for a more luxurious feel.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

From the Heart

Ordinary pancakes become extra special when they’re made in the shape of a heart! I used a custom cutter to create mine.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Nice Buns

A flaky croissant bun served with salted butter and raspberry jam is a deliciously-decadent morning treat.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Ring My Bell

A vintage hotel bell was a fun addition to my classic breakfast. You could use any sort of bell (even a jingle bell left over from Christmas) to adorn your tray. Tell your partner to ring if they need anything!

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

How Sweet It Is

Surprise your partner with a sweetly simple final course of figs and honey.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Sexy Spa Day



Photo by: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Kimberly Finkel Davis

Take your day to the next level by arranging a relaxing at-home spa date for two. Not only does this make the perfect date idea for someone who didn’t quite manage to make any reservations for Valentine’s Day, but it’s also a fantastic way to simply relax and enjoy each other’s company in the privacy of your own home. 

Create a Spa at Home

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Setting the Mood

Create a clean, serene space by placing aromatherapy candles of various heights around the bathtub, and placing fresh, out-of-the-dryer warm towels off to the side. Incorporate organic tones and natural elements for an authentic spa atmosphere.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Roses Aren't Always Red

This romantic holiday wouldn’t be the same without cupid’s favorite flower. Stop by your local flower market, and pick up a bundle of white roses. Pick out a few stems to place in a white or clear vessel for a clean decorative touch. With the remaining stems, gently pull the petals from their buds and set aside in a bowl by the tub.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Rose Water

To give your spa date a soothing vibe, draw a warm bath — studies show that 105 de-grees is the optimal temperature for most people. Once the tub is filled, add a touch of romance, and perfume the air by scattering a handful of rose petals on the surface.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Stay-Home Essentials

Add infused salts and essential oils to the running water to create a therapeutic bath for you and your Valentine’s date. Once dissolved, they’ll ease tension, relax muscles and melt away stress. Not only will you create a spa-like experience — you’ll also be left feeling supple and replenished fresh out of the tub.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Tension Tamer

Spend some quality time with your special someone by offering up relaxing spa treatments. Use essential oils or your favorite body lotion to treat your honey to a neck, back or foot massage. Simply place a dime size amount in the palm of your hand and, using kneading motions, move in the direction of the heart to stimulate blood flow. Who knows, they might just return the favor!

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Happy and Hydrated

There’s no better way to celebrate than with a delicious libation. A refreshing cucumber cooler will help authenticate your at-home spa date with its hydrating qualities. Plus, it could not be easier to make! Combine ginger vodka, lemon juice, a touch of agave syrup and cucumber slices in a cocktail shaker. Muddle the cucumbers slightly to release their maximum flavor, and then shake, shake, shake! Pour the cocktail into low glasses, top off with sparkling water, and enjoy!

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Fresh and Clean

For a light, palate-cleansing snack that’s super healthy and easy to prepare, serve up a plate of radish and lemon aioli tea sandwiches. Just cut the crusts off of thin, white bread, spread a light layer of lemon aioli on the slice, then place thinly sliced radishes on top. Garnish with cilantro, then cut the slice on the diagonal to create perfect triangular tea sandwiches.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Veggie Rejuvenation

To really round out the full spa experience, indulge in this guilt-free twist on a main course. This satisfying roasted veggie, bean, and herb salad can’t be beat. Not only does the salad fit the good-for-you bill, it’s also colorful, pretty and delicious!

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Nature's Antioxidant

No Valentine’s Day is complete without a dessert, and these decadent cake balls are the perfect combination: chocolate on chocolate. These sexy snacks are full of antioxidants — experts say that a little bit of chocolate each day actually has health benefits!

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Sit Back & Relax

The candles have been lit, the food’s been prepped, the cucumber cooler has been poured, and the roses are perfectly placed. Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy this stress-free spa date with the one you love.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Weekend Getaway

Photo by: Airbnb


To really make her swoon and give her something to look forward to, make reservations at a secluded treehouse for just the two of you. Airbnb has some incredible options to choose from. She’ll love the gesture and still have something exciting to look forward to. This is one “I owe you” that definitely won’t disappoint. Take a virtual tour now. 

11 Handmade Valentines

See All Photos

Sweet Turtle Shell

Muster up the courage to let your crush know just how you feel with this bold card that reads, "You really bring me out of my shell." Get the instructions.

Candy Necklaces

Kids will love making these fun and easy edible valentines for their friends using licorice laces and gummy ring candy. Get the instructions.

Cupid's Arrow

Send off your tasty homemade treats with a trendy Cupid's arrow card tucked inside.

Photo By: Kori Clark

Made From Scratch

Host a Valentine's Day card-making party with a group of your dearest friends, and use a variety of craft supplies to create one-of-a-kind cards for loved ones.

Covered in Glitter

Made + Remade blogger Emily Fazio says, "while an unofficial poll of six year olds tells me that store-bought packs of cards are the way to go in the public school system, I still think our friends and family really appreciate and adore our DIY efforts." We love them, too!

Get Creative

Use Scrabble tiles, Bingo boards, postcards and sparkling gems to decorate card stock, creating unique homemade cards they'll cherish for years to come.

Biggest Fan

Send a loving and heartwarming message to your sweetheart with a homemade card from their "biggest fan." Get the instructions.

Play Dough Hearts

Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to turn homemade play dough into adorable valentines for kids to hand out to friends and classmates. Get the instructions.

Be Mine

Craft up a handmade gift, then attach one of these stylish "be mine" cards for a sweet finishing touch.

Photo By: Kori Clark

Bejeweled Hearts

Download and print this elegant valentine for that special someone, then embellish with ribbon and rhinestones.

Love Birds

This darling card is perfect for your other half. Simply download and print onto card stock, then embellish with ribbon and a button.

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