12 Tasty Mexican Drinks Beyond the Margarita

Because your chips and dip need a partner in crime.

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My husband hates margaritas. Shocking, right? Who hates margaritas? Well, come to find out after making him try mine at dinner for a solid three years (“You must’ve gotten a bad sip last time!”), he actually, truly despises them. He usually settles for a Mexican beer, but today I’ve set out to give him and all his fellow marg-haters some more options. I’ve rounded up 12 delicious Mexican drinks that go way beyond the classic margarita. Consider one of these stellar concoctions alongside a batch of margaritas at your next fiesta. My husband will thank you.

Sol de Flare Cocktail

Sol de Flare Cocktail

Sol de Flare Cocktail

At a fiesta, set up a drink display of Sol de Flare with top-shelf pepper-infused tequila, the perfect signature drink for a Cinco de Mayo party.

Blood orange juice and pepper-infused tequila create a drink that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is the taste buds.

The Michelada

The Michelada Cocktail

The Michelada Cocktail

Mexican beer joins with spicy sidekicks for a drink that's easy to make and a perfect complement to guacamole dip and nachos.

This spicy, Mexican beer-based concoction is easy to make and pairs perfectly with chips and dip.

Make This: The Michelada

Springtime in Baha

Springtime in Baja cocktail from ONE. Midtown Kitchen in Atlanta

Springtime in Baja cocktail from ONE. Midtown Kitchen in Atlanta

Springtime in Baja cocktail from ONE. Midtown Kitchen in Atlanta

Photo by: Image courtesy of ONE. midtown kitchen.

Image courtesy of ONE. midtown kitchen.

Cucumber-infused tequila and jalapeno tincture meet cilantro ice cubes for a garden-fresh creation that’s sure to impress.

Make This: Springtime in Baha

Michael Chiarello’s Bloody Maria

Photo by: Michael Chiarello, CookingChannelTV.com

Michael Chiarello, CookingChannelTV.com

Kick this jalapeno-filled cocktail up a notch by replacing the lemon vodka with tequila.


Photo by: Aarón Sánchez, Food Network Magazine via FoodNetwork.com

Aarón Sánchez, Food Network Magazine via FoodNetwork.com

This nonalcoholic drink is made with rice, cinnamon and sugar. Serve the sweet, milky mixture over ice.

Make This: Horchata

Tequila Sunrise



From: Laura Fenton

You can make this classic tequila cocktail as simple or intricate as you’d like. The three staples for the recipe are orange juice, tequila and grenadine.

Make This: Tequila Sunrise

Heirloom Reviver

Heirloom reviver tomato cocktail, Miller Union, Atlanta

Heirloom reviver tomato cocktail, Miller Union, Atlanta

Heirloom reviver tomato cocktail, Miller Union, Atlanta

Photo by: Image courtesy of Tuan Huynh

Image courtesy of Tuan Huynh

This tomato-based cocktail features tequila and lime juice, which work to make the overall flavor light and fresh.

Make This: Heirloom Reviver

Tequila Sangria

Photo by: Bobby Flay, FoodNetwork.com

Bobby Flay, FoodNetwork.com

Lemon and lime flavors pair with white wine and tequila to create the ultimate warm-weather drink. Muddled mint adds a refreshing touch.

Make This: Tequila Sangria

Agua Fresca

Photo by: Mark Bittman, CookingChannelTV.com

Mark Bittman, CookingChannelTV.com

A traditional fruit drink in Mexico, agua fresca is relatively easy to make. Puree your favorite melon, and add in water, sugar, mint and lime juice.

Make This: Agua Fresca

Mexican Chocolate Mocktini

Mexican Chocolate Mocktini

Mexican Chocolate Mocktini

Mix up this Mexican chocolate mocktini for a rich non-alcoholic dessert drink perfect for entertaining.

Any drink that doubles as dessert is my kind of drink. This chocolate mocktail features cocoa powder, cinammon and almond milk.

Frozen Margie-Cadorita Cocktail

Frozen Margie-Cadorita Cocktail

Frozen Margie-Cadorita Cocktail

A frozen Margie-Cadorita, different and fun take on a margarita, goes perfectly with guacamole and tortilla chips. Add lime and avocado garnish to highlight essential ingredients.

This frozen concoction has some similarities to the margarita but boasts enough differences to give it its own unique flavor. And you’ll never guess the number one difference: avocado. That’s right; guacamole has officially met its match.

Gherkin Fresca Margarita

Gherkin Fresca Margarita

Gherkin Fresca Margarita

Enjoy a medley of garden flavors including cucumber, lime and jalapeno in this bracing cocktail.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Fuego Cocina y Tequileria

Image courtesy of Fuego Cocina y Tequileria

Maybe you don’t hate margaritas, but you’re just kind-of on the fence about them? This spicy, garden-fresh variety is for you. Cucumber and jalapeno take this drink up a notch, ensuring it’s anything but basic.

Throw a Festive Fiesta-Inspired Cocktail Party

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Invite friends to a festive cocktail party featuring spicy Mexican flavors. A color palette of hot pink, tangerine and sky blue sets the perfect tone for a sizzling south-of-the-border soiree.

Raise the Bar

Welcome guests with sweet mango margaritas served in a clear decanter that's large enough for a crowd. Add lots of fun color with paper-flower garlands, shockingly pink glassware and a massive display of gladiolas.

Pop a Top

Transport guests to a sunny beach by serving Mexican beer and sparkling water, all topped off with a twist of lime. For a laid-back presentation (and to make things easy on the host), display in a bucket filled with ice so guests can help themselves.

Bite by Bite

The only thing better than tacos are miniature tacos. A variety of fillings and taco shells can be prepared ahead of time, then quickly assembled right before guests arrive.

La Musica

To take this party over the top, invite a Spanish guitarist or mariachi musician to make a surprise entrance. The ambiance and conversation are instantly lifted by the sounds of light strumming, serenading guests late into the night.

Room for Dessert

Bring out a delectable dulce de leche cake just before sunset. Traditionally Latin and super sweet, the five-layer cake topped with raspberries is a beautiful treat for partygoers.

Batter Up!

Not only does a pinata add a colorful focal point for fiesta decor, it instantly transforms cocktail hour into a family-friendly affair. Guests of all ages will have a blast swinging away, since after all, who doesn't love candy?

Shake 'Em Up

Nothing says "fiesta" like bright, noise-making maracas. Tossed into a wicker basket and tied together with tags reading "Shake Responsibly," these create a punchy decorative element and a fun favor for partygoers to take home.

One Last Thing

Since this party overflowed with treats, why not end the evening with just one more takeaway? Delicious pralines sealed in translucent bags reading "Muchas Gracias" are sure to send guests home on a sweet note.

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