11 Desserts That Will Make Your Wedding So Much Sweeter

Yes, you can have your cake and eat these, too!

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While a classic white, three-tiered wedding cake might just be the piece de resistance of most receptions, there’s just something so fun about having a treat that guests aren't expecting. A few years ago, cupcakes were high in demand, but as always, trends and tastes change.  

So, what’s on the menu for weddings this year? We’ve rounded up some of the hottest dessert trends that will make your big day that much sweeter. 

Cinnamon Rolls 

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/4kodiak


For those having a morning ceremony, cinnamon rolls can be a timely alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Stack three large pastries with icing to create tiers, or serve several in a large dish for guests to enjoy family-style.

Crepes + Waffles

Wedding Crepes
Wedding Waffles With Blueberries

Wedding Crepes

Photo By: ©iStockphoto.com/gkrphoto

Wedding Waffles With Blueberries

Photo By: ©iStockphoto.com/rez-art

Waffles and crepes are another favorite for of-the-moment brunch receptions. Fill mason jars with an assortment of fruit and syrup to give your guests plenty of topping options. 


Dessert Table at Southern Wedding

Dessert Table at Southern Wedding

The dessert table at this classic Southern wedding boasts a stunning cake adorned with greenery and blackberries as well as an assortment of fried pies, donuts and banana pudding.

Y'all, this is a trend that we can definitely get behind. Sweet, savory and entirely satisfying, donuts are a fun, unexpected addition to any formal occassion.

Cake Pops

Purple Cake Pops

Purple Cake Pops

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/TobinC


Cake pops arrived on the wedding scene a few years ago, and they're not going away anytime soon. Thanks to their bite-sized stature, you and your guests can enjoy as many of these tiny treats as you desire. 


Just Married Cupcakes

Just Married Cupcakes

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/marzena_cytacka


Cupcakes are clearly proof that good things come in small packages. Mix and match fillings for maximum enjoyment. It is your day, after all. Why choose one flavor when you could have them all?


Wedding Macarons

Wedding Macarons

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/Romanno


Dainty and petite, macarons are the perfect way to bring a little Parisian elegance to your wedding.  


Apple Pie Jars

Apple Pie Jars

Photo by: Kayla Suazo

Kayla Suazo

If cake isn't quite your taste, pie is surely the next best thing. You and your spouse can dig into the whole dish or savor smaller bites with these pie-in-a-jar alternatives. 


smores set
Daniel Pratt , 2013, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved
Gooey Smores

smores set

Photo By: Daniel Pratt © 2013, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Gooey Smores

Freshly toasted smores with large white marshmallows.

Photo By: ©iStockphoto.com/arinahabich

Whether you're planning a rustic summer ceremony or a winter-white affair, this classic match of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers will keep everyone warm and happy.  

Candy Apples

Country Wedding Desserts

Country Wedding Desserts

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/Springfrom


Having an autumn wedding? Consider spicing up the dessert table with cinnamon sticks and candy apples. 

Cookies + Milk

Wedding Cookies and Milk

Wedding Cookies and Milk

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/Chiociolla


Much like you and your signifcant other, there's no sweeter combination than cookies and milk. 

Sliders + Shakes

Wedding Sliders
Wedding Milkshake

Wedding Sliders

Photo By: ©iStockphoto.com/karelnoppe

Wedding Milkshake

Photo By: ©iStockphoto.com/bhofack2

Truly, we've saved the best for last. After a night of drinking and dancing with your closest friends, send your guests home with a memorable midnight snack: sliders and milkshakes. 

See More of the Hottest Wedding Trends

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Flower Crowns

"Hair flowers. Can't wait for this trend to trickle down from Pinterest/magazines to real wedding bookings. It's a '60s, '70s throwback, but can be totally modern. Great for flower girls — keeps their hands free, makes them feel like they're wearing a 'princess' crown." -Facebook fan Bloom Boxx

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Rustic Overtones

"Loving the rustic barn weddings. Mason jars, wildflowers, wood crates and lots of ivory lace and burlap!" -Facebook fan Lisette Bocker

Art Deco Elegance

"'Gatsby-inspired' is the big buzz word. If you're looking to evoke the Gatsby feeling, go for a majestic museum or grand hall and accent your ensemble with a few art deco accessories and a few glamorous elements of decor." -Sara Murray, BHLDN Stylist

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

All That Glitters

"I'm definitely anticipating more sheen, sparkle and metallics!" -Sabrina Soto, The High Low Project

Classic Glamour

"Classic, glamorous looks are back in a big way: modest lace dresses, champagne coupes, bold red lips, vintage beaded clutches and crystal brooches." -Cathleya Schroeckenstein, editor-in-chief, Weddingbee

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Sweet Spreads

"Instead of a traditional wedding cake, we got a bunch of pretty little cakes from Miette in San Francisco. This way there were a bunch of awesome flavors to try." -April V. Walters, 29, San Francisco, CA

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Prints + Pattern

"We're seeing more prints in wedding decor, from sweet florals to graphic prints like stripes and chevron, or even plaids. Go bold in color or use metallic and shades of white for a more subtle palette. Prints are absolutely stunning and add an unexpected element to your wedding decor." -Sara Murray, BHLDN Stylist

All Things Vintage

"Vintage ... it's just such a reminder of the past when my grandparents were married and life was simple." -Facebook fan Julie Zieg

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Photo Booth Fun

"We really liked having a photo booth guest book! It was a great way to get a memento of our smiling guests." -Courtney P.K., 36, San Francisco, CA

Stripped-Down Desserts

"Naked cakes! I love that they can look rustic or chic and the fillings and cake take center stage instead of icing or inedible fondant." -Facebook fan Milica Simmons Carter

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Offbeat Attire

"The dress is more creative. The brides are more daring at making bolder choices." -Sabrina Soto, The High Low Project

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Succulents Everywhere

"We used succulents in our centerpieces, corsages and boutonnieres. We were also able to give away and re-plant the succulents after the wedding." -Courtney P.K., 36, San Francisco, CA


"White is a strong trend for the bridal party and even wedding guests. No longer is it a faux pas to wear white to a wedding — we're seeing bridesmaids pop up in white left and right." -Sara Murray, BHLDN Stylist

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Signature Cocktails

"We loved creating unique cocktail recipes to represent each of us." -Courtney P.K., 36, San Francisco, CA

Tea Party

"Thrift-store teacups and teapots for flowers as centerpieces/table decor. [They're] vintage and romantic without looking commercial." -Facebook fan Kimberley Lyons

Photo By: Cristina Riches, Bird's Party

Small Bites

"Plates and portions are flirtier; it's more about the mingling and dancing. Wedding trends are becoming more free-spirited and personal to the couple." -Sabrina Soto, The High Low Project

Candy Buffet

"I'm a big fan of the candy bar, using candy in the colors of the wedding." -Facebook fan Denise Toungaian-Schwartzman

Photo By: Cristina Riches, Bird's Party

All-Natural Elements

"I'm seeing more indoor/outdoor elements. Bringing nature indoors; whether it's through rustic sources, grasses or wood textures and incorporating that into your decor." -Sabrina Soto, The High Low Project

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Mason Jars

"Mason jars, Mason jars, Mason jars! You can use them in so many ways for cheap. Glam them up or leave them plain for a simpler look." -Facebook fan Callie Brown

Doughnut Towers

"Doughnut tower instead of a traditional wedding cake!" -Facebook fan Johanna Parker

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Monochromatic + Ombre Accents

"For this upcoming year, I see ombre as a trend that will continue to pop up in wedding decor — using tonal pieces to accent bridesmaids' ensembles, ombre cakes and monochromatic colors in overall decor." -Sara Murray, BHLDN Stylist

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Seaside Ceremonies

"I just love coastal weddings! The natural scenery provides a beautiful backdrop for any wedding style." -Facebook fan Sara Jernigan

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN


"I love the concept of using vintage/antique birdcages to collect the cards and well wishes." -Facebook fan LaToya Nana Yaa Robinson

Photo By: BHLDN

Bold Palettes

"Color trends include pastel shades of coral, pink, mint, gray, yellow and lavender, but there are bold colors like plum, navy, and black and white making a strong showing this year, too." -Facebook fan Linda Sawyer

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Going Retro

"I would like [my wedding] to be like a 1950s garden party!" -Facebook fan Esther Garnier

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Paper Flowers

"I am really looking forward to making some beautiful paper flowers for my sister's wedding." -Facebook fan Eileen Maldonado-Toohey

Photo By: Cristina Riches, Bird's Party

Family Ties

"The salute to the couple's heritage. My daughter had a picture of her grandparents and parents with their wedding cakes. The cake topper was the one her parents used. And the bride and groom from her grandparents' cake was placed on the cake, too." -Facebook fan Alice Carroll Noe

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

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