You Won't Believe These Killer Beach Views

It's lifestyles of the rich and famous, beach edition. 

Maybe you can afford them, or maybe you can't. But it doesn't hurt to look, right? I picked out a few of my favorite waterfront homes featuring absolutely insane views, and I have a feeling we'll all be daydreaming about our perfect beach house for the rest of the day.

Balcony With White Chairs and Ocean View

Balcony With White Chairs and Ocean View

Take a virtual tour of dreamy outdoor getaways all across the world, like this breathtaking balcony setting on the Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy.

From: House Hunters International

Can you imagine a better scenario than enjoying tropical drinks on a balcony overlooking the Amalfi Coast in Campania? I'll take a pina colada, please!

Seaside Patio and Pool Deck

Seaside Patio and Pool Deck

Outdoor dining doesn't get much better than this. A stunning white canopy filters the sun, while an all-white pattern lets nature be the star. All meals should be eaten here. Always.

Covered Mediterranean Patio With Pool and Ocean View

Covered Mediterranean Patio With Pool and Ocean View

A cozy outdoor sitting room looks out over the pool as well as a beautiful ocean view. A series of torches and lanterns around the pool provide ideal ambient lighting for enjoying a breathtaking tropical sunset.

Photo by: Anthony Gomez

Anthony Gomez

If you can't decide if a dip in the ocean or a swim in the pool is more your style, then this is the space for you. Can you imagine the jaw-dropping sunsets you could witness here? Design by Mark Scott Associates

Ocean View: Open Plan Villa on East Bedarra Island, Australia

Ocean View: Open Plan Villa on East Bedarra Island, Australia

From certain angles, the deck looks as though it's hovering above the water. Just off the house is a large coral reef, home to a rainbow wonderland of marine life.

Photo by: Ken Jacobs, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Ken Jacobs, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Located on East Bedarra Island in Australia, this open-plan villa was designed to make the most of its dreamy surroundings. Add one comfy chair, and I could be very happy here. Design by Ken Jacobs

Magnificent Ocean Views from Kitchen and Breakfast Area

Magnificent Ocean Views from Kitchen and Breakfast Area

To make this home feel as if it were floating on the water, the main floor of the home is built up twelve feet off the ground. This way, as guests look out from the kitchen or outdoor eating space, all they can see is a magnificent ocean view.

Photo by: Balber Architecture, Inc.

Balber Architecture, Inc.

Designed to feel like it was floating on water, the main floor in this home was built 12 feet off the ground. Look off the balcony, and all you see is deep blue sea. Design by Balber Architecture

Relaxing Outdoor Space Is Tropical, Oceanfront

Relaxing Outdoor Space Is Tropical, Oceanfront

Striped cushion lounge chairs, a hammock and a weathered table with chairs provide multiple ways to sit and enjoy the stunning ocean views off the coast of Kauai.

Photo by: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Lounge in the shade or nap in the hammock, this smart design has a space for everyone. Best of all, no room skimps on a spectacular view.

Hot Tub View: Balinese-Inspired Villa in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Hot Tub View: Balinese-Inspired Villa in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

This British Virgin Islands property features a dramatic terrace with a heated infinity-edge pool, hot tub, outdoor fire grill and fully equipped gym. The patio offers multiple vantage points for taking in the breathtaking ocean views.

Photo by: Smiths Gore Limited, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Smiths Gore Limited, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

If you ever find yourself at this British Virgin Islands property, which includes a breathtaking terrace, infinity-edge pool, hot tub and outdoor fire grill, you must have done something really, really right. Oh, and did I mention the home gym?

Bathroom View: Magnificent Modern Home in Cape Town, South Africa

Bathroom View: Magnificent Modern Home in Cape Town, South Africa

This freestanding soaker tub is positioned to take full advantage of the ocean views in this Cape Town, South Africa home. Neutral stone walls allow the attention to remain with the stunning scenery.

Photo by: Jawitz Properties Ltd., a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Jawitz Properties Ltd., a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Just when you thought a relaxing bubble bath couldn't get any better, they added a scenic ocean view overlooking Cape Town, South Africa. Okay, it did get better.

Private Terrace: Magnificent Modern Home in Cape Town, South Africa

Private Terrace: Magnificent Modern Home in Cape Town, South Africa

This private terrace located in a home in the Camps Bay area of Cape Town, South Africa, affords a stunning view of both the ocean and Signal Hill. Frameless glass surrounds both the terrace and the private hot tub, minimizing the interruption of the sweeping vista.

Photo by: Jawitz Properties Ltd., a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Jawitz Properties Ltd., a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Same house, different view. Why? Because you deserve it.

Patio and Pool With Ocean View

Patio and Pool With Ocean View

Plunk down here at sunset and watch the sky go colorful over the Pacific Ocean and the far-off Channel Islands. Long benches do double-duty as coffee tables or, in a pinch, extra seating.

Photo by: Village Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Village Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

This incredible patio by Village Properties boasts a pretty spectacular view of the Pacific and distant Channel Islands. I can see many a family game night happening right here.

Oceanside Hanging Canopy Bed On Private Beach

Oceanside Hanging Canopy Bed On Private Beach

This dreamy hanging canopy bed sits oceanside and provides the comforts of a typical bedroom with the added benefit of an ocean view. A small table provides the ideal spot for a breakfast tray, while surrounding palm trees provide the perfect tropical touch.

Photo by: Smiths Gore Limited, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Smiths Gore Limited, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Add endless snacks and a good book, and this is basically my idea of the perfect beach vacation.

If you liked these, then you'll love these celebrity beach homes.

Where Oprah, Julia Roberts + More Get Their R&R

See All Photos

Musha Cay

If you’re capable of pulling a rabbit or in this case, a large wad of cash out of your hat, you can join the ranks of some of Hollywood’s glitterati and sleep over at David Copperfield’s 150-acre island on Musha Cay along the Exuma Islands, Bahamas. Accessed by boat or helicopter, the private archipelago accommodates 24 visitors at a time with 30 staff members (1.25 per person) catering to your every desire. See why celebrities from Oprah to Bill Gates to Penelope Cruz love this escape. 

Pier House

Copperfield Bay consists of 11 islands 85 miles southeast of Nassau, and Musha Cay has five different housing options ranging from the 10,000-sqaure-foot main house called Highview (it’s in the center on a hill) to a modest one-bedroom thatched hut on the sand. This is Pier House, a private 2,200-square-foot house with its own helicopter pad/dock.

Swept Away

In 2011, Penelope Cruz hopped on a jet ski in a John Galliano gown and met her beloved Javier Bardem on this sandbar. Greeted by a gentle sea breeze, the two exchanged wedding vows amongst a small gathering of close friends and family.

Its Magic

Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Jim Carrey and Bill and Melinda Gates have all spent magical nights on Musha Cay, dining on the docks toasting another beautiful sunset along with their good fortunes no doubt.

Google It

Google co-founder Sergey Brin married Anne Wojcicki on Musha Cay. Reportedly, guests had no clue where the wedding was taking place. Nestled amongst the other islands, Musha’s juxtaposition provides A-listers with plenty of privacy.

Copperfield's Collection

Here, at what’s known as the Landings, visitors discover a collection of personal writings and letters from Charlie Chaplin and parts of Harry Houdini's Chinese water torture cell. Copperfield’s personal collection of artifacts are on display throughout the property.

Take the High Road

The 10,000-square-foot Highview House is decorated with large hand-carved wooden Buddha statues and many other Balinese trinkets and treasures from Copperfield’s travels. Musha’s surroundings are decidedly calming with the staff being as hands-on or as scarce as you want them.

Love Love

We absolutely love the tennis courts surrounded by the island’s lush tropical foliage on Copperfield’s Cay.

Ken Follett

Situated just to the northeast of Antiqua is a small 300-acre island called Jumby Bay, where best-selling author Ken Follett keeps a vacation home called Bananaquit. Follett first visited the coral reef in 1998; he loved it so much he returned 10 years later intent on buying land.

The House that Ken Built

Not only has Follett penned many of his novels while relaxing at Bananaquit, including his latest thriller “Edge of Eternity," he and his family have spent many memorable occasions at the sprawling 11,600-square-foot estate.


As the family unit continues to grow, however, it is proving more difficult to get everyone to the West Indies at the same time. Thus Follett made the difficult decision to sell the 8-bedroom Caribbean home. It is currently listed for a cool $25 million clams.

Happy Together

Named for a local bird, Bananaquit estate is located on Pasture Beach where the endangered Hawksbill turtles come to nest in May through June. Occasionally a hatchling loses its way to the sea, taking a detour to Follett’s swimming pool where someone is sure to right his or her course.

Seeing Stars

Whoever purchases Follett’s home will also receive a stake in the 5-star Jumby Bay Resort, which includes approximately 40 traditional rooms and suites as well as standalone villas. It’s sort of a millionaire’s co-op that has hosted such notables as Sir Paul McCartney, Kevin Spacey, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Hilary Swank and Jim Carrey. We hear that there’s even a sorbet butler that combs the beach with homemade treats starting around 10 a.m. every morning.

Master of the House

Follett’s master bedroom enjoys gentle cross breezes. The entire home is whitewashed with anchoring blue tones.

Julia Roberts

Second only to her family, the thing that Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts covets most is her privacy. So when deciding upon a vacation property where she could relax, the pretty woman chose an unassuming home on the laid back island of Kauai.

Pretty Sweet Deal

Known as the Faye House, Julia’s Hanalei home sits on a rare 2-acre double lot. The original owner, a sugar baron, made a pretty sweet deal back in 1915 when he bought both plots as it assured that over 200 feet of the property were exclusively beachfront.

Hawaii Living

The 3,800-square-foot main house has 7 bedrooms, 4 baths and a large lanai that looks out onto the flawlessly maintained lawn. It’s quite a way from Roberts’s hometown of Smyrna, Ga. This home, which also has a one-bedroom guest house, is currently listed with a $26 million dollar price tag.

Photo By: Sealight Studios

Game On

The casual openness of the lanai is a perfect spot for hosting games of Celebrity (one of Roberts’ favorites) should fellow Hanalei neighbors Ben Stiller, Pierce Brosnan, Bette Midler or Mark Zuckerberg stop over.

Photo By: Sealight Studios

Pretty as a Picture

This picture window enjoys views of the expansive lawn and the Pacific Ocean. Hollywood recognized the beauty of Kauai many years ago and many motion pictures and television shows were filmed there including “South Pacific,” “Fantasy Island,” and even “Hook,” which starred Roberts as Tinkerbell.

Photo By: Sealight Studios

Tasty Views

Not many can boast a view of the Pacific Ocean while they flip pancakes at the stove. But then there’s only one Julia Roberts.

Photo By: Sealight Studios

Simpsons Creator, Sam Simon

Sam Simon, co-creator of the Simpsons, amassed over $100 million in liquid assets and real estate during his lifetime, which was cut short in March 2015 when he succumbed to cancer. Designed by Richard Neutra, his Pacific Palisades home recently came on the market.

Photo By: Jim Bartsch


Simon’s home is the only case study Neutra home in existence and was built during a housing shortage. The expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows were designed to save energy costs. Simon spent significant amounts of money refurbishing and restoring the home, and built a separate 7,000-square-foot home that overlooks the Neutra.

Photo By: Marc & Tiffany Angeles

The House that Bart Built

A large glass Chihuly sculpture hangs over the spiral staircase in Simon’s larger Pacific Palisades home.

Natural Oasis

The Neutra house was designed so that the homeowner could enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding it. The wall of windows affords plenty of natural light.

Homer on the Range

Simon’s home enjoys the occasional cross breeze from the Pacific Ocean located just down the hill. You can enjoy these breezes should you have a spare $16.5 million, give or take.

Photo By: Jim Bartsch

Infinity and Beyond

Simon wanted to be able to see the Neutra house from his infinity pool, which also enjoys the setting California sun.

Photo By: Jim Bartsch

Green White House

Built in 2010, Simon’s 7,100-square-foot home is LEED-certified gold and was constructed with sustainable and recycled materials. The Neutra home received the Santa Monica Conservancy Renovation Award in 2011.

Photo By: Jim Bartsch

Steve Martin

In “L.A. Story” Harris Telemacher was almost denied a table at Le Idiot because he summered in Los Angeles. Had he owned this fabulous St. Barth beach home in 1991 we’re should he could’ve snagged any table in the house. And his date could’ve had something besides the chicken.

Wild & Crazy View

This is the wildly good and crazy-fabulous view from Steve’s (former*) beach house. The two-tiered infinity pool offers a 180-degree view of the Baie de St. Jean.

Comedy is Pretty

Christened “Au Soleil,” the comedian and his wife Anne Stringfield once enjoyed this wonderful view of the sea from the comforts of his living room. Martin closed the sale of the home in October and now it is available for the public to rent.

My Blue Heaven

The views from one of Au Soleil’s many decks and garden areas are just about as close to heaven as you’ll ever want to be.

Room for Three Amigos

The four-bedroom home has plenty of room for your friends and their partners. We love Au Soleil’s outdoor elements like this large gazebo/outdoor living space.

Lilies of the Field

Au Soleil’s professionally landscaped and meticulously maintained grounds are a work of art. We especially like the lily pond that surrounds the outdoor living room.

Pennies from Heaven

Should you have the honor of staying at Martin’s former residence, throw a penny in the fountain and make a wish for us.

Celebrity Hot Tub

Au Soleil’s pool also boasts a heated spa perfect for sunset toasts or evening stargazing. Maybe Steve left something in the adjacent master suite and you can stare at him.

Casa Aramara

While they may not approve of his “gone wild” lifestyle, celebrities sure do enjoy the sprawling beach home of Joe Francis. Located in Punta Mita, Mexico name an A-lister and they’ve probably let their hair down here.

Behind Closed Doors

Just beyond this lush and verdant entrance awaits your very own tropical paradise. Yes, you; Casa Aramara is available to rent, that is if you’ve got the dough-re-mi.

Say Anything

Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed Casa Aramara’s tasteful interiors and feature several seating areas. Every room has an “anything” button; we’re assuming that when you push it one of the 15 people on staff will bring you anything you want.

Chef's Kitchen

We thought we’d show you the kitchen because most guests never see it. Why would why you when a world-class chef is available for the entirety of your stay? Want pancakes at a.m.? Just press that anything button and see what happens.

Room With a View

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were once guests at Casa Aramara, which can sleep up to 20 of your closest friends. It’s also available for private parties and movie productions. Prices start at $12,000 a day, but they do have an 800 number should you want to inquire.

The Deep End

Casa Aramara boasts three swimming pools, one for the kids, naturally. Kanye and Kim can bring North and Saint the next they visit.

Alec Baldwin

We cannot take you inside at this time, but this is the East Hampton home of Alec Baldwin, who is very private and publicity adverse.

Photo By: Russell Turiak

Sunset at Casa Aramara

Sun sets on another glorious day at Casa Aramara, the beach house of Joe Francis where Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Courtney Cox, Eva Longoria and Ciara have raised many a glass.

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