Wintery White Rooms That Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies

Surround yourself in a blanket of warm, white interior inspiration to ward off the winter blues.
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I think wintertime is when white interiors filled with layers of cozy textures appeal to me the most. It makes sense — surrounding yourself with light, bright things during the doldrums of winter helps fight off that seasonal affective disorder. So, looking at warm white room inspiration is like wrapping yourself in a cozy (white) blanket. 

Cozy Living Room With White Brick Walls & Fireplace

Cozy Living Room With White Brick Walls & Fireplace

A transitional living room is softened by large comfortable seating and a lush Flokati rug. Giant windows bring the outdoors in, and the fireplace brings an added warmth and central focus to the space. A zebra-print chair is a punchy addition, and the TV makes this space an all-around perfect living space.

Photo by: Jim Barstch

Jim Barstch

White bricks, white seating, a cozy throw and a crackling fire — this living room designed by Becker Studios is the ultimate in winter eye candy.

Neutral Rustic Bedroom With Barn Door

Neutral Rustic Bedroom With Barn Door

To go from this bedroom into the adjoining bathroom, slide open a rustic wood barn door. It's a move that is both innovative design-wise and saves space.

Photo by: Vincent I.

Vincent I.

A plush duvet feels like pillowy snow in this comfy bedroom by Blackband Design. Warm, wood furniture and a rustic barn door adds to the earthiness of this space.

Contemporary White Foyer with Storage Bench and Armoire

Contemporary White Foyer with Storage Bench and Armoire

The custom built-in bench provided a convenient spot to shed outerwear and boots. The armoire in antiqued natural walnut brought warmth and character into the space and added much needed storage.

Photo by: Gridley + Graves Photographers

Gridley + Graves Photographers

Welcome people to the warmth of your home with crisp, white trim surrounded by warm, off-white walls. In this entryway by Bria Hammel Interiors, the light blush color of the bench cushion and rug add an extra hint of warmth, though the white door and trim remain the stars.

Transitional Dining Room is Relaxed, Family-Friendy

Transitional Dining Room is Relaxed, Family-Friendy

A built-in banquette is flanked by tall glass cabinets for storing dishes and glassware, while a trio of chairs provides more seating on the other side of the table. A large contemporary art piece brings in a splash of color and rounds out the space.

Photo by: Erika Bierman

Erika Bierman

Earthy brown accents and wooden furniture add warmth to white or off-white interiors. This dining room designed by Debbie Talianko feels like a cozy wintery walk in a snow-covered wood forest.

All-White Bedroom With Multifaceted Geometric Mirror

All-White Bedroom With Multifaceted Geometric Mirror

"I am up and about for more than 12-14 hours a day, sometime in heels that should be illegal. So the one thing I look forward to is calling it a night in a bed with freshly laundered sheets. There's something magical about being able to indulge in a personal, clean and soft bed that I find priceless. Add lavender candles and I'm a happy, happy gal." -Manvi Drona, Mochatini

Swan dive into this soft white bedroom designed by Brian Patrick Flynn. The key to this space is layer upon layer of white bed linens, pillows and window coverings with a mirror to bounce extra light off every white surface.

White Traditional Spa Bathroom With Red Rug

White Traditional Spa Bathroom With Red Rug

This gorgeous bathroom layers in many different materials—marble, wood, sheepskin, metals—for a luxurious, refined effect. The large red rug pulls the space together and beautifully complements the wood accents.

Photo by: Andrea Schumacher

Andrea Schumacher

White sheepskin rugs on bare floors keep feet comfy during the cold winter months. Sheer white curtains and white orchids add more warmth in this bathroom designed by Andrea Schumacher

Contemporary Front Foyer with Dining Area

Contemporary Front Foyer with Dining Area

A simple white rug is used to define the dining space centered in this small foyer. A modern, white fireplace keeps with the contemporary feel while adding some warmth to the room.

Even the fireplace is white in this cozy white dining space designed by Mary Anne Smiley. A neutral rug, curtains and dining chairs offer just enough contrast to warm the space up and prevent it from feeling stark.

Modern Cape Master Bedroom

Modern Cape Master Bedroom

Neutral walls, bright white linens and warm wood furniture create this mesmerizing master bedroom retreat. Crisp lines pair with traditional touches to create a timeless look.

Photo by: Eric Roth Photography

Eric Roth Photography

A comfy white armchair is the perfect spot to curl up, drink some coffee and take in the snowy surroundings in this bedroom by Martha's Vineyard Interior Design.

Step Inside This White-on-White Guest Bedroom Makeover

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Whimsical Guest Bedroom Retreat

The guest bedroom of a West Hollywood, Calif., home is designed using various shades of white. By painting the walls a shade of white known as blue-white, then introducing small touches of blue on the baseboards, window casing and doors, the room instantly takes on a faint blue appearance.

Reading Nook

Varying textures and shapes is an important part of keeping a white-on-white room from coming across flat or one-dimensional. Since the reading corner is made up of two pieces that each have similar smooth finishes (the end table and the lounge chair), it is important to ensure they have different shapes. The straight lines of the lounge chair paired with the organic, biomorphic, round shape of the tulip-style table complement one another, achieving proper visual balance.

Carrara Marble Table

The key to using white successfully, and in a sophisticated way, is to pack a space with interesting materials and textures featuring different shades of white. In the reading corner of this guest bedroom, a white Arabescato marble side table not only keeps books, reading glasses and coffee nearby, but it also adds a layer of organic pattern and texture to the room.

Textured Pillow

Since the streamlined stitched-leather club chair is sleek and smooth, a nubby throw pillow is introduced to add visual tension.

Layered Window Treatments

When it comes to lighting, white is used to add diffusion, resulting in a soft glow which is flattering not only to skin tones, but also color values in rooms. To help diffuse the strong UV rays from the California sun, the windows are layered with lined white dupioni silk draperies as well as lined white wood blackout blinds.

Inverted Box Pleat

Whites, mostly gender-neutral, can become gender-specific depending on tailored details. Although the draperies of the guest bedroom are sewn from dupioni silk, which tends to be a more feminine choice of textiles, a more masculine, menswear-inspired pleat, known as an inverted box pleat, is used.

Simple Ceiling Pendant

Similar to the diffusion used on the window coverings, soft, flattering light is also incorporated with a fabric-covered drum pendant. Once illuminated, the white fabric diffuses the yellow light of the 75-watt bulb, resulting in a more pure-white effect, which casts down into the center of the room.

Decorative Accents

Using decorative, sculptural white elements can help take the focus off of pieces not meant to stand out. In this case, an assortment of handmade ceramic sculptures is placed in front of a flat-panel TV.

Updated Dresser

Designers often turn to white to modernize traditional furniture and/or take a heavy piece and make it appear lighter. In its original state, this midcentury-modern dresser featured a dark wood finish. Thanks to two coats of white lacquer, the piece appears much lighter and fits perfectly with the room's white-on-white tone.

Flooded With Light

Spaces packed with an abundance of natural light are the best choices for using white effectively. Once the light hits the windows and is then diffused by lined window coverings, it floods the room with a visual softness that immediately creates a cozy atmosphere.

Ready for Guests

A four-poster canopy bed that appears pure white on its own, takes on a yellow-white appearance once introduced into the room and surrounded by blue-white walls, as well as ultra-white elements including lampshades, bedding and nightstands with glossy drawer fronts.

Various Shades of White

The bed-scape of this guest bedroom combines whites in many different ways; the bed pillows are ultra-white cotton, the Euro shams are made of a casual, washed beige-white linen, the accent pillow features rouged silk, the ultra-white duvet has a faint waffle pattern, and the woven throw blanket is made from yellow-white cotton.

Hints of Gray

Two of the standout design elements of the guest bedroom are the layered, multifaceted mirror and the contemporary gray/white nightstand. Since both of these pieces are completely surrounded by whites, they immediately take center stage when looking into the room from the bedroom door.

Dramatic Mirror

Using mirrors in white-on-white spaces helps reflect light throughout the space, creating the illusion that the space is even larger. Although this 10-by-12-foot guest bedroom is short on space, the mirror placed directly above the bed almost acts as a second window, creating the illusion of having slightly more square footage.

Whitewashed Flooring

White flooring is intimidating to many homeowners due to durability and white's tendency to show every flaw. An excellent alternative to white carpet, white wood or concrete floors is to choose whitewashed vinyl plank flooring. This material has the look and feel of hardwoods, yet is much easier to care for.

Pops of Icy Blue

The guest bedroom is north-facing which means it receives cool light all day long. Because of this positioning, blue-white is the shade of choice. To highlight this, the doors, casings and baseboards are painted a shade of icy blue. Once the cool light hits the trim, the blue-white walls take on a faint blue appearance.

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