20 Winter Wreaths + Door Decor You Can Display All Season Long

Go ahead, leave those Christmas decorations up.

Easily transition from festive to seasonally stylish with door decor that you can display during the holidays and leave up until spring (without looking like that neighbor).

Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Festive Holiday Dreamcatcher

Festive Holiday Dreamcatcher

Put a stylish Southwestern spin on seasonal decor with a dreamcatcher made from tree cuttings and a cross stitch hoop. Attach greenery to the hoop using floral wire. Next, tie ribbon along the bottom of the hoop to add length. Lastly, use fishing wire tied to the top of the hoop to hang it above a window with a push pin or tack.

To make this pretty, simple wreath, attach evergreen greenery to a cross-stitch hoop using floral wire, then tie ribbon along the bottom of the hoop to add length and color. To ensure your wreath lasts throughout the season, display it outside in cool temperatures and spritz occasionally with water during the warmest part of the day.

Pretty Pinecones

Hanging Pine Cone Bundle With Christmas Charm

Hanging Pine Cone Bundle With Christmas Charm

Raid your yard for pine cones and form them into a decorative hanging cluster. Gather between six and 18 pine cones and tie a ribbon at their tops. Once all ribbon is added, cluster the pine cones together neatly, then tie them all together at the top. Add a chunky ribbon or bow to conceal the tied knot, then hang on a door, in a window or even directly on the wall.

Pinecones stay fresh and trendy throughout the season, especially when bundled together with colorful ribbon. To make this eye-catching decoration, gather six to eight pinecones and tie a length of ribbon at their bases. Once all ribbon is added, cluster the pinecones together, staggering them in height, then tie together at the top. Add a chunky ribbon or bow to conceal the tied knot and hang.

Dress Up a Simple Magnolia Wreath

Sideboard Details

Sideboard Details

A vintage style clock hangs in the corner and a magnolia wreath is framed above a sideboard displaying two lamps and white serving dishes in the dining room.

From: Fixer Upper

Magnolia wreaths will typically last all winter in cooler climates. Once the holidays are over, give your wreath a boost by hanging it on a decorative grill or frame like Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines did here.

Lovely in Lavender

Lavender Wreath

Lavender Wreath

Add color and a lovely fragrance to your home with a dried lavender wreath.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Image courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Fragrant and colorful, dried lavender wreaths are a lovely way to add a touch of farmhouse style to your winter decor.

Make This: DIY Lavender Wreath

Upcycled Elegance

Picture of Nostalgia

Picture of Nostalgia

Who would have thought an old frame and a repurposed ice skate would make such a perfect pair? This fun wreath is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Photo by: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Susan Teare, Joanne Palmisano

Filled with seasonal florals and hung from a vintage-style picture frame, an upcycled ice skate is a pretty winter decoration that will hold its charm long after the holidays are over.

Say It With Greenery

Tree Cutting Letter Art

Tree Cutting Letter Art

Put a modern spin on traditional holiday door decor with cardboard letter forms and tree cuttings. Wrap each branch around the letter form, securing the two together with floral wire or hot glue. Once the entire surface of the form is covered, add ribbon along the top and hang.

Make your own trendy monogram wreath by using greening pins to attach fresh cut, long-lasting greenery to a large cardboard letter.

Fabulous Feathers

Feather Wreath

Feather Wreath

Guests will flock to check out this statement-making feather wreath. $15; westelm.com

Photo by: Image courtesy of West Elm

Image courtesy of West Elm

Skip the fake snow and opt for a door decoration made from fashionable white feathers instead.

Go Coastal

Holiday Capiz Shell Wreath

Holiday Capiz Shell Wreath

Tired of traditional holiday decorations? Go coastal and embellish a fresh evergreen wreath with shells gathered at the shore. To attach them, add a short length of wire to each shell with quick-dry epoxy then just wire them on. Instead of a ribbon bow, wrap the bottom of the wreath with textural yarn or rope and top with a few starfish.

Add a touch of seaside flair to your front porch by embellishing a pine needle wreath with capiz shells, starfish and gauzy ribbon.

Basket of Plenty

Door Basket with Greenery

Door Basket with Greenery

It looks like a beautiful basket of winter elements found around the yard, but this wicker arrangement includes western red cedar, red twig dogwood and was made by hand on an Oregon farm. $69.95 williams-sonoma.com

Photo by: Image courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Image courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

If wreaths aren't really your thing, consider decking your door with a pretty wicker hanging basket filled with faux or dried florals and winter greenery. When the season is over, simply swap out the florals for a fresh look.

Modern Paper Leaves

This gorgeous neutral-toned magnolia wreath is made from paper leaves you can craft yourself.

Yarn Ball Wreath

Purple Yarn Wreath

Purple Yarn Wreath

When you're finished, you can either add ribbon and turn the wreath into a one-of-a-kind chair swag (guests will swoon!), or use an over-the-door hanger to add festive charm to your front door.

Add a pop of cozy texture and fun color to your front porch with a DIY wreath made from balls of yarn. 

Pretty Pages

Paper Wreath

Paper Wreath

All you need is a sheet of cardboard, some hot glue and pages of old books or sheet music to complete this easy DIY.

Eucalyptus Garland Wreath

For a wreath that lasts throughout the season, swap out fresh eucalyptus for dried or faux varieties.

Stylish Scraps

Outdoor Wreath With Reclaimed Wood Layers

Outdoor Wreath With Reclaimed Wood Layers

Create a welcoming weatherproof outdoor wreath from scrap wood or shims. Simply attach pieces of wood to a wire wreath form using floral wire, then layer pieces of wood with hot glue or simple tacks. Add extra protection to the raw wood with a spray can of polyurethane or wood stain and sealer.

Instead of tossing leftover wood project pieces, transform them into a gorgeous, waterproof outdoor decoration. Simply hot-glue wood scraps to a wire wreath form, layering as you go, then seal with polyurethane or wood stain.

Frame It



©Marc Kelly

Marc Kelly

Up the wow factor of a simple evergreen wreath by hanging it inside an antique picture frame.

Sweater Wreath

Give old sweaters new life with this easy DIY.

Go Glam

Kitchen With Festive Metallic Wreath

Kitchen With Festive Metallic Wreath

Metallic spray paint is perfect for sprucing up an inexpensive wreath, which can hang year round in the kitchen or take center stage on the front door for a New Year's Eve celebration. In this case, the contrast of rich gold against a rustic brick backsplash brings a touch of whimsy and sparkle to an otherwise neutral space.

Give your red holiday berry wreath a glitzy update with a quick coat of gold spray paint.

Rustic + Repurposed

Yarn Ball Ornament Wreath

Yarn Ball Ornament Wreath

Take a simple everyday wreath and dress it up for the holidays. This driftwood wreath is perfect year-round at our house, but for the holidays it gets an extra special touch.

Photo by: Picasa ©ten22 studio | Rennai Hoefer

Picasa, ten22 studio | Rennai Hoefer

Upcycle old Christmas ornaments to make these rustic yarn ball wreath embellishments.

Boxwood Beauty

Boxwood Square Wreath

Boxwood Square Wreath

Freeze-dried boxwood leaves add lush green angles to any door or wall. $59; westelm.com

Photo by: Image courtesy of West Elm

Image courtesy of West Elm

Preserved boxwood greenery keeps its color and shape indefinitely, making it a great choice for wreath making. Simply switch out ribbon and embellishments to transition this wreath from season to season.

Make This: DIY Boxwood Wreath

Willow Wreath

Organic Pussy Willow Wreath

Organic Pussy Willow Wreath

The white pods of the pussy willow wreath give a snowy feel to any door décor. $65 and up; vivaterra.com

Photo by: Image courtesy of Viva Terra

Image courtesy of Viva Terra

A winter favorite, pussy willow branches bear fuzzy white catkins in late winter, making the knobby stems beautiful additions to wreaths and other cold season decor.

More Winter Door Decor Ideas

See All Photos

Take a Bow

"These little bows are such simple reminders of [childhood memories], it seemed a good idea to put them front and center on my porch to celebrate the holidays," says Allison Murray of Mom Spark.

"Store-bought wreaths can be beautiful, but they are often costly. They also tend to be impersonal," Allison says. "Using your own memories and imagination, you can create [a wreath] that really means something to you and your family. And isn't that what the holidays are all about?"

Photo By: Amy Bellgardt

Make a Scene

Inspired by vintage finds, this fabric-covered wreath is adorned with a forest of bottlebrush trees and a group of mini ice skaters. Simply wrap and glue fabric around a wreath form; then create a magical winter wonderland with your own fabulous finds.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Occasion for Ombre

"My favorite design element of this wreath was using numerous miniature wreaths to create one larger wreath," says Amy Weir of Delineate Your Dwelling. "They also aided in the overall ombre effect."

"I love making a DIY wreath instead of a store-bought one because you can completely make it your own. You can use your favorite colors, materials and even design the wreath to perfectly fit into your home," she says.

Photo By: Amy Weir

Mossy & Merry

Covered with moss and strewn with strands of cranberries, this cheerful wreath by Marian Parsons is a fresh approach to holiday greenery. We love that it's equally at home hung on a door or mantel as it is laid flat as a fresh and festive centerpiece.

A Cozy Circle

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn wows with this colorful and cute creation. Perfect for wintertime decor, this wreath is covered in yarn balls of all sizes to add depth and tons of texture to the scene. While Brian selected shades of purple and ivory for this DIY, you can choose your favorite color palette or stick to more traditional holiday hues.

Festive Find

Try a cool, architectural approach to your winter wreath with a repurposed ceiling medallion. This decorative piece, complete with leaf-like designs, gets festive with a coat of paint and a candy-colored ribbon. Make yours even more personalized by using different paint colors to highlight the sculptural details of the wreath, and finish with ribbon or fabric for hanging.

Bird's the Word

This clever little twig wreath serves a trio of purposes when hung from a tree. It's a festive and fun yard decoration, the tinkling bells act as wind chimes, and it's a sweet place for neighborhood birds to perch. To create your own, simply deck out a basic twig wreath with jingle bells and a feathered friend from the craft store.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Winter White

"My inspiration for this design was a snowy white winter scene, [so I used] fluffy pom-pom snowballs on a cozy winter backdrop of flannel and chunky white yarn," says Amy Dowling of My Life From Home.

"I love making my own wreaths, not only for the hands-on experience of seeing something you create come to life, but it allows you to tailor the elements specific to your style and home. It saves money, and the design possibilities are endless!"

Photo By: Amy Dowling

Simply Stellar

Looking for a rustic, minimalist design to suit your wintertime decor? This simple wire star wreath is detailed with eucalyptus branches, ribbon and a wooden ornament for an understated, farmhouse feel that's totally in the spirit of the season.

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Looking Up

Create a merry mobile by hanging a greenery wreath to a ceiling hook with rope. Add colorful berries atop the wreath and string ornaments below for a lovely layered look that's sure to be a showstopper all season long.

  1. wreath mobile

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Simple Snowman

A trio of wreaths — small, medium and large — are attached to create the familiar outline of a snowy friend. This adorable DIY can be created with any number of circular shapes. Twigs, pine needles, vines or wire all work well. Get creative with paint, accessories like a hat or scarf, ribbons, ornaments and more.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Scarf Trick

"I love using items in new ways. I was drawn to this scarf and the cool winter colors, but knowing I never actually wear scarves, I had to find a new way to use it," says Jenny Leadaman of Refresh Living.

"This wreath was so easy and inexpensive to make," Jenny says. "It's very possible that you already have around your house everything you would need to make it. When you get creative and DIY, it can save you a ton of money."

Deck the Chairs

Holiday decor gets a seat at the table with this darling burlap design. A foam wreath form is wrapped in strips of burlap and finished with fragrant seasonal details: cinnamon sticks and dried citrus slices. The finished wreath is hung with coordinating ribbon. The result is a decidedly down-home design that's as inviting as it is festive.

Beaded Beauty

Unfinished wooden beads are hot glued around an embroidery hoop to create this understated, yet truly elegant, winter wreath. Finished off with holly leaves and berries, this stylishly-downplayed design makes a gorgeous statement in any space.

The White Stuff

Get a little glam with this boa-wrapped wreath complete with fun travel souvenirs. The fluffy white feathers recall snowy winter days, while the miniature city sights bring to mind a favorite destination. This design features a NYC theme, but with your choice of figurines, it can be made to celebrate any memorable location.

To the Letter

Put your personal stamp on traditional holiday decor with this clever initial wreath, crafted with a cardboard letter form and tree cuttings. Wrap branches around the letter form, securing with hot glue or floral wire as you go. Hang with the ribbon of your choice.

Peace on Earth

"Pinecones have been one of my favorite things to decorate with for winter. I think they look so pretty covered in snow. It gives you that winter wonderland feeling," says Kim Purvis of Made in a Day.

"I get my inspiration from lots of things," Kim says. "Sometimes I go shopping or to craft stores and see what's trending. Then I put my own twist on it. Handcrafted wreaths show your own personal style and flair. Even if you buy a wreath, you can add to it to make it more customized to your decor."

Photo By: Kim Purvis

From the Heart

Step away from the expected circular wreath with this darling creation. This DIY project starts with a simple wire hanger that's formed into a heart shape. Greenery is attached with floral wire, and a bevy of berries are scattered throughout to add a bit of texture, color and seasonal style. Add ornaments, ribbons or other accessories to personalize your design.

Initial Reaction

Start off with a simple cardboard letter form. Carefully wrap and hot glue twine to cover the entire letter. Attach ribbon and ornamentation of your choice. Here, satiny black ribbon and a trio of felt flowers creates an elegant look that'll be a beautiful display piece all winter long.

Get Framed

We love the distinctly Scandinavian feel and simple, homemade styling of this framed evergreen wreath. Loosely wrapped greenery is hung on a thin red ribbon from an antique frame for a casual, minimalistic effect.

©Marc Kelly

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