Why Healing Decor Is the Next Big Trend for Interior Design

Plus, which pieces are drawing the most interest.

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Meditation in the morning, a quick hot yoga sesh after work, aromatherapy before bed: even if you haven't tried it, you're definitely familiar with the concept. Practicing wellness and self-care is the hottest topic of the year.

Unique Accents Give Midcentury Modern Living Room Personality

Unique Accents Give Midcentury Modern Living Room Personality

Healing crystals positively shine on this table from designer Jaclyn Joslin .

Photo by: Sarah Sweeney

Sarah Sweeney

Healing crystals positively shine on this table from designer Jaclyn Joslin .

So, it's no coincidence that mood-boosting decor is also on the rise right now. When we want to reduce stress and anxiety, we infuse our homes with things that promote peace and positive energy — and most of the time, those items are all-natural. Take a look at which home decor pieces promise to make waves this year.

Healing Crystals

If you haven't seen agate or amethyst accessories in your nearest retail store yet, expect them to rule the shelves soon. For centuries, different cultures have displayed crystals in their homes, believing them to carry therapeutic energies harnessed from the earth.

Eclectic Accessories on Floating Shelves

Eclectic Accessories on Floating Shelves

Floating shelves with brass hardware are the perfect spot to house accessories and a collection of vintage books in this tween bedroom.

Photo by: Bethany Nauert

Bethany Nauert

While the jury's still out on whether or not crystals actually bring luck or clarity to their owners, they do work beautifully as home decor. Rich with raw color and texture, they're a soothing departure from plastic goods, making our spaces feel more authentic. (Plus, designer Dee Murphy knows they make great bookends, too.)

Explore This Eclectic Girl's Room

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Eclectic Tween Bedroom With Arrow-Inspired Wallpaper

Arrow-themed wallpaper lends a graphic element to the tween bedroom, where a bright yellow bed takes center stage, adding a punch of color to the space. The room is grounded by a cool, contemporary floral-inspired area rug.

Bright Yellow Bed in Eclectic Tween Bedroom

The wallpaper features an arrow motif that makes a strong, graphic statement, but incorporates elegant swirls to lend a feminine feel to this tween bedroom. Black sconces pick up on the black in the wallpaper and flank the bright yellow bed for task lighting.

Bright Yellow Bed in Tween Bedroom

Navy gingham bedding and green-lined pillows contrast against the bright yellow bed in this eclectic tween bedroom. The tween is a fan of Katniss from the Hunger Games, so wallpaper with an arrow motif was chosen as a subtle design hint. Contemporary black sconces pop off the wall and provide much-needed task lighting.

Eclectic Tween Bedroom With Built-In Desk

A built-in desk area in this tween bedroom houses open storage for books and artwork, as well as plenty of workspace to do homework. Arrow-themed green wallpaper adds a graphic element to the space, while the bright yellow bed is dressed in simple white linens and patterned navy-and-white throw pillows.

Eclectic Tween Bedroom With Built-In Desk

A built-in desk area in this tween bedroom has open shelves for books arranged by color and to display favorite artwork. The contemporary Eames chair pulls up to a desk, perfect for doing homework.

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Eclectic Tween Bedroom is Fun, Relaxing

Adding a whimsical touch, the white hanging chair is the ideal spot for reading or relaxing in this tween bedroom. White floating shelves are defined by cool brass hardware and display the tween's collection of vintage books. Two big woven bins make organization quick and easy.

Eclectic Mix of Accessories on Floating Shelves

For this tween bedroom, floating white shelves accented by brass hardware are the perfect spot to display her favorite accessories.

Eclectic Accessories on Floating Shelves

Floating shelves with brass hardware are the perfect spot to house accessories and a collection of vintage books in this tween bedroom.

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Bedroom Plants

Plants naturally help us feel at ease, but there are actually a select few that can give us a better night's rest, too. Aloe vera plants, for example, are said to purify the air around us, while lavender and gardenia boast sleep-inducing scents.

Natural Light and White Color Palette Crates a Clean, Bright Space

Natural Light and White Color Palette Crates a Clean, Bright Space

Designers wanted to take advantage of the abundant natural light that spills into the space from the floor to ceiling windows. To highlight this aspect of the space and create a clean, bright space, the walls were painted white to reflect the light, and white furniture was set up in the space. To add warmth, designers hung an Asian inspired wall hanging and brought in a blue and white chair to give the space a bit of personality.

Photo by: Joyelle West

Joyelle West

This year, leafy greens will be the key to rest and relaxation. Designer Barbara Vail was ahead of the curve when she softened the industrial elements of this loft with fig trees, monstera plants and orchids.

See This Soothing Space

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Soothing Entry With Soft Textures

Stepping inside this loft apartment easily elicits a sigh of relief, as soft throws and area rugs cushion each foot forward. By the door, a bench and round mirror create a makeshift foyer where guests can remove shoes and jackets.

Wood-Infused Dining Space

Around the corner, a modern white table pairs with four wooden chairs to create an intimate dining space. Faux-fur throws provide snug seating, while a corkscrew willow centerpiece brings natural texture to the space. Overhead, an abstract painting by the owner adds a touch of color.

Table With Natural Colors + Textures

Soothing colors and natural textures extend to the white tabletop, where sage-colored placemats and wooden serving trays balance the smooth background. A sprig of lavendar uplifts the design.

Cozy, Contemporary Living Room

Woven area rugs, plush furniture and cozy throws envelop the living room in soft texture, evoking thoughts of a nest. Around the room, potted plants both complement the wooden coffee table and bring organic color to the setting.

White Area Rugs + Accents

To create different zones within the loft, designer Barbara Vail used accents as visual borders. Here, a large area rug separates the living room from the dining nook, while a white buffet provides essential storage space.

Wooden Art Installation

Against the wall, a wooden art installation substitutes a traditional TV to ensure that the room feels entirely stress-free. Vintage jars and a tall orchid further the zen feeling.

Soaring Factory Windows

Floor-to-ceiling steel grid windows fill the living room with natural light, making the loft feel airy and open. A plush, cream-colored sofa invites comfortable lounging, while a custom-made coffee table draws the outside in.

Built-In Bookshelf, Corner Keyboard

To give her client an outlet for his creativity, Barbara Vail introduced a small library and piano against the far wall. Here, stacks of books and jars evoke visual interest, while the piano encourages the client to embrace his inner artist.

Wall With Wood-Trimmed Accents

A large wood-trimmed mirror both enlivens the white walls and makes the narrow hall-space feel larger and more open. Stacked books and potted plants further the warm aesthetic.

Bright + Airy Bedroom

With cream-colored linens and rich textures, the bedroom becomes a serene space to unwind. Low furniture accentuates the room's height, making it feel more airy and bright, while a wooden divider hides a separate workspace.

Carved Side Table

Next to the bed, a side table carved from a teak tree offers storage space and naturally grounds the setting. A modern lamp on top balances the wood and illuminates the space for late-night reading.

Live-Edge Tables

Much like plants, different woods have different benefits. For example, willow carries salicin for headaches. When you bring live-edge pieces into your home, you're guaranteed to enjoy some of the good vibes that come with the material.

Chelsea Bohemian Bedroom

Chelsea Bohemian Bedroom

Cozy up in this eclectic bedroom with punches of color and personality everywhere. Multiple, cool and complementary patterns give the room almost a monotone neutral feel. The eye is drawn to the perky yellow table lamp which is sitting on a slice of an old tree.

Photo by: LABL studio

LABL studio

Our advice? Invite natural beauty and energy into your space by trading the traditional nightstand for a live-edge table, like this piece from LABL Studio.

Coral + Driftwood

Though these accents have long-decorated beach homes and bungalows, they're becoming statement pieces in houses far from the water.

Tabletop Coral Accent Covered With Glass Cloche

Tabletop Coral Accent Covered With Glass Cloche

A glass cloche is the perfect way to make a feature of your favorite accessory. On this living room coffee table, a piece of coral is featured, adding a hint of coastal style to the space.

Just like crystals, coral and driftwood offer organic color and texture while also evoking the calming nature of the ocean. When you make them the center of your coffee table, like Anna Williams did here, you infuse your living room with coastal character.

Symbolic Prints

Living intentionally is a goal for many of us this year, so we're seeing a lot of prints packed with earthy symbolism. Moon phases remind us that life is cyclical, feathers keep things light and airy and space-style murals, like this design by Joe Human, help us understand the bigger picture.

Master Bedroom Dresser and Mural

Master Bedroom Dresser and Mural

For homeowners who enjoy travel and geography, a mural of the Earth is an inspired choice for the master bedroom. Because of the wall-sized mural, furniture needed to be simple, so the designers added a midcentury modern dresser, a glass lamp and just a few accessories. Lamp: Marset table lamp

Photo by: Colby Edwards

Colby Edwards

Take a Look Around

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Open Living Room With Blue Sofa

To create a welcoming space in this townhouse, the designer used a base palette of white and serene blue, layered with gray and yellow. Accents like the Marset floor lamp and abstract painting add fun personality to the space, while a marble top was a simple way to customize the store-bought coffee table.

From: Joe Human

Blue Tufted Sofa

Pops of sunshine yellow add vibrant color to this living room without being overly bold. The neutral wall, rug and coffee table allow the blue sofa and artwork to stand out.

From: Joe Human

Leather Side Chairs and Table

This monochromatic vignette draws visual interest from its layering of textures: leather, sheepskin, linen. Placed opposite the couch, these chairs make entertaining effortless.

From: Joe Human

Contemporary Dining Space, Door

In this smaller New York City home, space was at a premium and the dining area was very close to the entryway. The table and pendant help define the space and keep it separate but harmonious as people come into the house. 

From: Joe Human

Photo By: Colby Edwards

Copper and Wood Table

This dining table gets stylish customization from copper legs and a wood top. Copper cups and a pendant light unify the design for a fresh, metallic aesthetic. 

From: Joe Human

Photo By: Colby Edwards

Contemporary Home Office

Upstairs, a petite home office gets dimension and color from two blue accent walls. Graphic pillows and a rug bring additional energy to the space, encouraging productivity. 

From: Joe Human

Desk With Modern Artwork

A large, multicolored canvas is an unexpected touch to this calm, neutral home office. An expansive desk gives the owner plenty of room to work on projects. 

From: Joe Human

Master Suite Boasts Barn Door

Down the hall, custom barn doors open to the master bedroom. The cinammon-colored wood is a rich and handsome contrast to the dark gray wallcovering.

From: Joe Human

Photo By: Colby Edwards

Pinstriped Wallpaper

Dark, masculine suit-stitch textile wallpaper creates a dashing look in this master bedroom. For added comfort, the designers mixed light and dark tones with soft textiles for the bedding. Gold accents finish the luxe look. 

From: Joe Human

Soothing Blue Hues

This master bedroom combines dark gray walls in a suit-style stripe with lighter furnishings and linens for a look that's balanced and sophisticated. A blue painting hangs over the bed for an extra dose of color.

From: Joe Human

Photo By: Colby Edwards

Nightstand and Brass Sconce

To keep the dark walls from overpowering room, designers lightened the look with pops of white in the nightstand, artwork and bedding.

From: Joe Human

Pinstripe Wallpaper and Nightstand

This handsome wallcovering is not paper, but a textile with details just like a tailored suit. The dark backdrop accented by thin, colorful stripes creates an imaginative, masculine look. 

From: Joe Human

Photo By: Colby Edwards

Space-Style Mural

On the opposite wall, a gorgeous saturated mural depicts Earth as seen from space. For owners who enjoy travel and geography, the piece is an inspired choice that still keeps in line with the room's blue hues. 

From: Joe Human

White-Trimmed Dresser

Because of the wall-sized mural, furniture needed to be simple, so the designers added a midcentury modern dresser, a glass lamp and just a few accessories. White trim around the dresser helps the piece stand out without competing with the mural. 

From: Joe Human
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