What's Your Design Spirit Animal? Find Your Style Twin + Take Our Poll

Are you more of a speedy cheetah thriving on a fast-paced life or a retreat-loving crab?

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You’d be surprised to learn that the qualities you share with your favorite animal can say a lot about what you like when it comes to design. Since I’ve taken a few personality tests (okay, more like twenty,) I rounded up some common spirit animals and found the perfect space for each. Take the poll at the end and let us know what design spirit animal you relate to most! 


White Transitional Living Room With High Ceiling

White Transitional Living Room With High Ceiling

Mirrored doors pull back to reveal this sweepingly grand living room featuring a double-height ceiling and crystal chandelier. Curtains cover the entire window facade when needed drawing the eye upward.

Photo by: Alexia Fodere

Alexia Fodere

Owls are known for their calm, insightful demeanor and of course, their wisdom. If you lean towards the peaceful, elegant side, your design style reflects a sophisticated charm. Chic spaces like this one by DKOR Interiors dazzles with luxe chandeliers and a crisp color palette. Sapphire-blue slipper chairs add a pop of color.


Purple Velvet Sectional and Zebra-Print Area Rug

Purple Velvet Sectional and Zebra-Print Area Rug

Exposed brick and oversized windows lay an urban foundation for this living space. A velvet sectional, mirrored coffee table and zebra print area rug combine to create a glamorous look in the eclectic living room.

Photo by: S&K INTERIORS ©Scripps Networks

S&K INTERIORS, Scripps Networks

The fast-paced life of a cheetah: They can go from 0 mph to a casual 60 in a few seconds, not to mention they are the fiercest animal in the kingdom. If you relate to the speedy life of a cheetah and enjoy the hustle bustle of a big city, an urban jungle is for you. In this living room by S&K Interiors, brick walls add the urban vibe while rich velvet upholstery with a touch of animal print brings in that fierceness.


Multicolored Eclectic Living Room With Fireplace

Multicolored Eclectic Living Room With Fireplace

A white brick fireplace serves as a visual anchor for this eclectic living room, that mixes bright colors and metallics for a bohemian chic look. The purple rug helps unify the furniture to create a conversational grouping.

Photo by: Marie Hebson

Marie Hebson

For the playful and adventurous, here’s a style for you. With lots of colors, patterns and textures, this eclectic living room by C. Marie Hebson will be the perfect home for the eccentric monkey spirit. The room itself is quite the adventure, complete with a metallic tree stump end table and a mod gold floor lamp.


Dreamy, Coastal Oceanfront Living Room

Dreamy, Coastal Oceanfront Living Room

A wall of windows abuts a wall of mirrors in this oceanfront living room, creating a dreamy space that feels almost as if it's floating on a cloud. Walls, floors and furnishings are light and neutral, while warm wood accents ground the space and provide warmth. Sheer draperies layered beneath eggshell-hued panels add to the room's ethereal feel.

Photo by: Brad Nicol

Brad Nicol

Here’s one for all the beach lovers at heart. If you enjoy cozying up in your retreat at the end of the day, you might be a coastal crab. Beachy accents and soft color palettes are your go-to’s because at the end of the long day, you want to curl up in your shell and relax. I wouldn't mind calling this coastal front living room designed by Sarah Barnard home. 


Comfortable, Open Living Room is Family Friendly

Comfortable, Open Living Room is Family Friendly

The dining room and sitting area connect, creating an open living area for the family. A gray area rug ground the seating area, which combines a black leather sofa with cozy armchairs and a tufted leather bench.

Photo by: Eric Lucero Photography

Eric Lucero Photography

Strong and dependable, the horse has had a longstanding relationship with man. When it comes to design, this resilient animal's human style twin likes to incorporate sturdy fabrics like leather and suede, while capturing a western flair with desert-toned neutrals, blue hues and dark oranges. This living room by Duet Design Group captures that Southwestern character.


Cat Friendly Shelves in Living Room

Cat Friendly Shelves in Living Room

Choose a shelf design that not only accents the room, but gives your cat a cool perching spot to rest.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Designer Pet Products

Photo courtesy of Designer Pet Products

And last but not least: the cat. When it comes to this feline favorite, everyone with a kitty-inspired personality knows it’s the cat that does the decorating. Whether it’s laying on shelves, becoming a desk accessory or adding some bedding decor, these animals themselves are the decorations. Thank you for decorating homes with your furry precious selves. 

Which Animal Are You?

See Nature-Inspired Decorating Ideas

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All You Can Bee

This dazzling print by Picturality is the perfect home accessory for a glamorous decorator with a love of nature. With gorgeous gold, a chic honeycomb pattern and that adorable bee, this print says trendy all over.

Photo By: Picturality

Floral Arrangements

If you love the botanical trend but aren’t quite ready to dive in full force, why not start with a simple DIY that adds just a touch of nature to your abode? These adorable botanical-print wooden coasters by Tidbits are just the thing.

Photo By: Tidbits

Plants in the Pantry

The perfect botanical specimen for a butler’s pantry, mushroom wall decor adorns the back wall and adds a fun culinary theme to this stylish storage space.

From: Emma Jane Pilkington

Photo By: Photo Credit: Edward Addeo © Gibbs Smith, Farrow and Ball, Brian D Coleman, Edward Addeo (photographer)

Cloche-Up Butterflies

Perfectly-framed butterflies are a favorite for insect collectors around the world, but this impeccable butterfly garden by Urban Comfort may take the cake. By following these simple instructions, you can create your very own delicate display.

Photo By: Urban Comfort

Butterfly on a Wall

In the midst of sophisticated neutrals, a gorgeous blue and yellow butterfly print is a colorful statement piece that celebrates the elegant insect.

Beetle Mania

Perhaps a less popular insect in years past, the humble beetle is definitely having a moment. Here, a beetle-print pillow adds a whimsical touch to a dark leather Chesterfield sofa. Photo courtesy of Modcloth 

Photo By: Modcloth

Botanical Breakfast

Treat your loved ones to a special breakfast in bed with this DIY botanical tray. Simply collect a few flowers from your garden or a store-bought bouquet and follow these easy instructions.

Bugged Bedroom

For the true nature lover, a single framed beetle makes a bold statement. By hanging this incredible specimen off center just above the nightstand, it fits in perfectly with the bedside decor.  

Photo By: Photography by Werner Straube

Insect Art

A natural wicker table and printed throw pillows pair perfectly with a couple of bold botanical prints in this peaceful sitting space designed by Kari Arendsen.

Strings Attached

If using the real thing is more your style, take a cue from this stunning wall design by A Splendid Occasion. A simple clothesline pinned with fresh greenery or brilliant autumn leaves is bound to give your home a beautiful, outdoorsy vibe.

Photo By: Anna Liesemeyer

Put a Bird on It

This marvelous bird-patterned wallpaper is a bold choice that designer Sarah Richardson felt was perfect for a petite powder room. It adds a fun element without overpowering the space.

Glass House

This striking piece of coral is elevated to museum status when covered with an alluring glass cloche. Throughout the year, the coral can be swapped out for other artifacts, creating new features that keep the coffee table design always looking fresh.

Butterfly Bedding

When you fall asleep covered in this dreamy botanical bedspread, you’ll be sure to rest easy with visions of mesmerizing butterflies dancing through your head. Photo courtesy of Modcloth

Vintage Print

A vintage botanical print is given new life as the perfect centerpiece for this rustic mantel. Framed by white flowers and a rough-cut wooden beam, this classic print is the ideal finishing touch to this nature-inspired display.

Combining the Elements

Shells, coral and fossils look phenomenal when mixed with additional elements of nature, such as moss, ferns and other greenery. This gorgeous terrarium by DoodleBirdie puts a genuine ammonite fossil on display.

Photo By: DoodleBirdie

Under the Sea

While birds and butterflies are a common theme for nature-inspired wallpaper, this elegant bathroom boasts a stunning fish-patterned wallpaper that offers a more sophisticated vibe in this well-designed space.

Not-So-Big Bird

Simple, chic and understated, this black-and-white print allows the bold contrast of the navy walls and fuchsia throw pillow to take center stage while adding interest to the space with a dose of trendy artwork.

Butterfly Backdrop

Perfect for a little girl’s room, this multi-colored butterfly wallpaper makes a bold statement and keeps color options open for the rest of the space.

Photo By: John Woodcock Photography

Metallic Masterpiece

What’s even more beautiful than basic framed botanicals? Glamorous gilded botanicals! Learn how to gild and frame everyday specimens that can be found right in your yard by following this simple tutorial.

Butterfly Fly Away

Sweet butterfly wall art mimics the grace and delicacy of the real thing. By leaving the butterflies white, the artwork is given a softer, more ethereal appeal. Photo courtesy of Modcloth

Feminine Florals

To add a hint of botanical style without fully committing to the look, add a fun throw pillow with a delicate floral scene. Here, a small pillow with pink accents continues the room’s feminine style and creates interest with a mix of coordinating prints.

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