Our Top Spring Bedding Picks, From Budget to Luxe

Give your bedroom the seasonal pick-me-up it deserves.

If you've got some spring-cleaning projects brewing on your to-do list, you may want to consider adding "fresh linens" to the mix. For some of you, that might simply mean cleaning out your linen closet, getting rid of any mismatched pieces or even sending your linens out to get ironed (for a real treat!).

But if you’re feeling like you might want to make any replacements or adjustments in your linen collection, we’ve got you covered.

White Rooms Need Diffused Sunlight

White Rooms Need Diffused Sunlight

Spaces packed with an abundance of natural light are the best choices for using white effectively. Once the light hits the windows and is then diffused by lined window coverings, it floods the room with a visual softness that immediately creates a cozy atmosphere.

After recently putting up our guest house on Airbnb, I went in search of the "best sheets." And after a lot of reading up, test driving and, yep, even experimentation, I want to share everything I learned with you.


Brushed Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets were a recent discovery of mine, but once I realized that these linens were both crazy soft and less prone to wrinkling, I was hooked. Microfiber linens are made from man-made materials, so they're not like the typical cotton or linen sheets you might be more familiar with. They are, however, very durable, breathable and a great choice for a budget, all-around linen pick. They’re also a great choice for a guest bedroom as you never have to worry about ironing them.

Photo by: ienjoy Home

ienjoy Home

Our Product Pick: Soft-Brushed Microfiber Bedding, ienjoy Home (Amazon)


Vintage Linen Sheets

Photo by: Matteo


Matteo is a linen company based in Los Angeles that has become a favorite among interior designers, celebs and fashion editors over the last few years. While they have a variety of different types of linens available, one of their most-loved lines is their vintage linen collection (which they say is the "softest" linen bedding available). And while I haven’t been able to do a true comparison test, I can report that after spending an hour or so at one of their recent sample sales (follow @thewhitesale on Instagram to keep track of their next one!), these sheets had the biggest crowd around their table. The line focuses on simple, neutral colors, and while these sheets are definitely an investment, you will likely have them forever.

Our Product Pick: Vintage Linen Sheets, Matteo


Patterned Cotton Sheets

Photo by: Target


If you’re looking for some pattern — especially a more masculine or neutral pattern — Nate Berkus sheets at Target are a tried and true favorite. Nate’s sheets are always made of 100 percent cotton and have a sateen finish (i.e. smooth). The main challenge with these sheets is that if you find a pattern or style that you really love, you should probably buy a few sets to have on hand. This collection is ever changing, so if you find you need to replace a piece or two in a few years, your pattern will likely be long discontinued. If you’re only finding one set of your favorite Nate sheets at your local Target, go online to track down more and have them shipped, or find some at other surrounding stores and hold them for store pick-up.

Our Product Pick: Nate Burkus Sateen Sheets, Target

10 Tips for Buying Bedding on a Budget

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High Thread Count Counts

Cotton sheets are described by thread count, which literally means the number of threads in the cloth. Most sheets are in the 200 range, while expensive sheets are more than 500. The higher the thread count, the softer and more durable they are. Hold up a sheet to the light to determine its quality. Light will not shine through a high-thread-count sheet. Also, high-thread-count sheets won't fuzz or pill. Another great way to test this is to scratch the sheet with your fingernail to see if any pill comes off. If so, it's a lesser-quality sheet.

Wool vs. Synthetic Blankets

The finest-quality wool blankets available are of merino wool. They are also the warmest. Synthetic blankets, however, are non-allergenic, less expensive and easier to wash.

High-Quality Fill Power

Fill power, or "loft," is a measurement of the quality of down products. Down comforters with great loft have fluffy clusters of down that have the power to fill the comforter with fewer ounces than inferior types of down. Down comforters with high fill power listed on the package are lighter and warmer than down comforters with less fill power listed on the label (or not listed at all). Remember, it's not the ounces that are important, it's the fill power of the down.

DIY Duvet Cover

Rather than buying an expensive duvet cover for a comforter, buy a couple of flat sheets in the size and color you need and sew them together on three sides. Sew grommets into the fourth side and close with a decorative ribbon.

Photo By: Sarah Hebenstreit / Modern Kids Co.

Full-Size is the Perfect Size

You can buy a full flat sheet to use instead of a queen flat sheet for a queen-size bed. Not only is a full sheet less expensive, but there's much less material hanging over the edge when you make the bed.

Go With Pre-Shrunk Flannel

When buying flannel sheets, make sure the label says "preshrunk." Otherwise, the flannel will probably shrink, causing your fitted sheet to no longer fit.

Breezy Bedding

For the summer months, buy easy-care cotton or thermal blankets. These will allow air to flow through them.

From: Hilton & Hyland and Luxury Portfolio International®

Photo By: Hilton & Hyland, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Opt for a Featherbed

If you want to give your mattress a pillow-top look and feel, buy either a featherbed or a polyester fiber bed. They're soft and luxurious and give your bed that "lofty" look. They're also less expensive than a new mattress.

Deep-Fitted Sheets

When buying a mattress with a pillow top, it's important to buy fitted sheets deep enough to fit over the extra thickness of the mattress. Many people think that buying a larger size will do the trick, but they're just longer and wider and end up not fitting. Deep fitted sheets run anywhere from 13 inches to 22 inches depending on how thick your new mattress is. If you own some wonderful sheets that you want to continue using, just buy "suspenders" for the fitted sheet, which will keep it from popping off. 

From: Hyde Evans Design

Budget-Friendly Shams

To fill a decorative sham, buy an inexpensive queen-size pillow. It fills the sham completely — even in the corners — and will give your bed that beautiful full look.


Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets

Photo by: Coyuchi


If you’re passionate about choosing the most environmentally-friendly option whenever you can, you might want to consider Coyuchi bedding. From their site: “We design all of our products with reverence for the planet — using only natural fibers, sourcing our materials carefully and processing them minimally — so our cotton truly feels like cotton, our linen feels like linen, our wool feels like wool.” I first came across these sheets when I was staying at a spa hotel and I was quickly hooked. Their line includes a variety of choices in addition to the sateen, including linen, percale, jersey and flannel. They also offer additional items such as blankets, mattress pads and pillows, so you can outfit your whole bed from top to bottom.

Our Product Pick: Sateen Bedding, Coyuchi


Jersey Tee Sheets

Photo by: PBteen


These jersey cotton sheets are soft and yummy, as they truly feel like your favorite t-shirt. These sheets are a great choice for picky teens or for anyone who is sensitive to certain types of fabrics. Best of all, PBteen allows you to personalize these linens with your own name or initials in various fonts and colors.

Our Product Pick: Favorite Tee Sheet Set, PBteen


Italian Cotton Percale Sheets

Photo by: Anichini


Though the name of this line sounds exotic and Italian, it’s actually an American company headquartered in rural Vermont. And unlike many of the other lines on our list, Anichini offers choices in bold, bright colors and patterns with a nod toward luxury (think tassels, beads and embroidery). Their percale sheets are particularly lovely, and one of my favorites is the “Irina” line. While these particular sheets are available in simple colors, they can be paired with one of their fun blankets or pillows for a truly sumptuous look in your bedroom.

Our Product Pick: Irina Percale Sheet Set, Anichini

8 Different Ways to Dress Your Bed

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One Bed Gets Eight New Looks

From bright and cheerful to dark and moody, this classic wooden bed proves that transitional furnishings can adapt to a wide range of design aesthetics with a simple swap of accessories and bedding. Take a look...

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Bright & Girly

If you're interested in feminine style that's not stuffy, super traditional or too grown-up, then you may want bedding filled with vibrant florals. To add a young and girly look to this bed, a duvet featuring a large-scale botanical print with bold orange and blue was layered with a variety of bright throw pillows. To keep the feminine look fresh, stick with super-saturated tones, like hot pink, tangerine and aqua, instead of muted colors or pastels.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Cottage Casual

A popular fit for bungalows, cabins and coastal homes, cottage-casual style is all about super comfy textures, forgiving fabrics and a no-fuss vibe. Washed denim is an excellent duvet choice for cottage-casual beds. When mixed with nubby fabrics, such as basketweave wool or stonewashed linen, a bed can become timeless, as well as gender neutral.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Vintage Americana

Loved by men, women, boys and girls, the vintage-Americana look is characterized by worn textures, a touch of farmhouse style and a mix of both old and new elements. This look demonstrates the more masculine side of vintage Americana with its navy, washed-linen duvet, check and gingham fabrics and faded red throw. Accessories, such as vintage 35mm cameras and industrial table fans, help bring this look to life.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Understated

Although highly regarded by interior designers for longevity and simplicity, an understated bedroom ensemble is far from easy to achieve. The key to the less-is-more approach is a well-edited mix of stitching, fabrics and accessories with sculptural shapes. Here, a blend of white bedding in casual, breathable fabrics mixed with clean, contemporary lines and rustic textures strikes the perfect balance of visual tension.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Luxe

Luxe spaces can be masculine or feminine and are characterized by rich textures, sultry fabrics and a strong use of metallics. This ensemble mixes royal tones of purple and gold with glamorous textiles, like silk and men's suiting fabrics.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Bohemian

Bohemian bedrooms are a perfect fit for those who like an unstructured, handmade vibe packed with pops of color, quirky patterns and global influence. To dress up this bed with bohemian style, a lightweight tapestry was draped over the headboard and layered with a bright orange, knit throw. A mix of ethnic prints on the pillows adds a cooler touch of saturated pink, while stacks of vintage books bring a collected addition to the console table.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Monochromatic

If you find color and contrast intimidating, then monochromatic bedding may be perfect for you. The trick to this tone-on-tone look is layering several shades and tints of the same color for just enough depth to keep the look from becoming flat.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Rustic Modern

If you're a fan of farmhouse style but also prefer the clean lines of contemporary design, rustic modern may be right up your alley. This bed's rustic-modern charm stems from a nubby, knotted throw draped over the headboard, a mix of earth-toned linens and tons of coarse textures seen in the rope accessory and wool ottoman.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC


Wrinkle-Free Damask Sheets

Photo by: JCPenney


Made from 100 percent cotton damask, these sheets are a great option if you’re looking for that smoother, wrinkle-free feel with your bedding. These sheets are available in a variety of colors in either a solid or striped pattern, and their higher thread count means that they will feel super soft on your bed.

Our Product Pick: Wrinkle-Free Damask Sheet Set, JCPenney


Organic Banded Sheets 

Photo by: Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch

This is another linen line that focuses heavily on creating all of their bedding ethically from all organic materials. They also only sell online, so they’re able to offer luxury bedding without the retailer mark-up that you’ll find in department stores. They closely tie their mission to doing good; a portion of every sale they make goes to Not for Sale, an organization that fights modern-day slavery around the world. I personally love their banded sheets which offer a gorgeous pop of color and are made with a sateen weave.

Our Product Pick: Banded Sheet Set, Boll & Branch

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