These 8 Clothing Stores Sell Amazing Home Decor, Too

It's time to refresh your closet and your home.

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There are certain stores you expect to carry a variety of goods, from clothing to home products to tech — usually department stores and big-box stores — but lately, niche stores seem to be expanding their offerings as well. Websites and mall stores that previously only peddled the latest fashion trends are now stocked with swoon-worthy home accessories, meaning you can cut your shopping time in half if you're looking to update your wardrobe and your space at the same time.

And while some of these shops have home sections fans already know and love, others may come as a surprise. Read on for eight clothing stores that also stock some seriously stylish decor.

1: ASOS 

This London-based retailer is best known for stocking seemingly endless pages of on-trend clothes, but their gifts section also houses some surprisingly chic home accessories. You can find coffee table books, adorable drinkware and fun lights, like this totally of-the-moment neon pineapple.


2: Forever 21

Yep, your favorite spot for "going out tops" has a home section, too. The youthful spirit of F21's clothes carries over to the decor, so if designing an Instagram-worthy vignette isn't your priority, this might not be the spot for you. But if faux-fur pillows and kitschy artwork, like this lip print, are right up your alley, you'll definitely be pleased.


3: Modcloth

Fans of retro fashion already know and love Modcloth, but what some people might not realize is the site stocks a whole range of fun, quirky home goods, too. Head here for embroidered pillows, vintage-inspired kitchen pieces (hello, leaf-print plates!) and perfectly giftable tchotchkes.


4: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters probably has one of the better known home sections on this list, but it's still worth a mention. After all, "outfitters" is literally in the name, so plenty of people are still surprised to find the store has an extensive home section stocked with everything from furniture to party supplies to bath towels that are as stylish as they are soft.

5: American Eagle

If you only think of American Eagle as the store where the cool kids shopped in the early 2000s, you're not alone. But the mall staple now offers a revamped clothing line and some stylish, college-friendly decor options — think floor pillows, tapestries and super soft bedding.


6: H&M

This home section is another extensive one, but all of the items remain decidedly budget-friendly. In addition to the trendy dresses and simple suits you've come to expect, you can also find accessories for just about any room in the house, from rugs to pillows to candles galore.


7: Zara

Photo by: Studio Yagüe

Studio Yagüe

H&M isn't the only fast fashion giant to make their mark in the world of interiors; Zara has quite the selection of chic decor, too. The fashion girl-favorite stocks a full line of understated pieces with classic details, like these raffia placemats.


8: Anthropologie

Just like its sister store, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie carries a wide range of decor, from sofas and bed frames to wineglasses and cutting boards. The elevated pieces, like this tempered teak shelf, instantly update any space.

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