Sleek, Black Bedroom Decor We Can't Resist

This year, it looks like black is actually the new black.

A peculiar thing happens when you make the big move to New York City; your appreciation for the color black almost immediately hits fever pitch. The sleek shade will inevitably take up at least 90 percent of your wardrobe, and when you do branch out, the hues you choose are likely to be classic neutrals. (Think: gray and white, which coincidentally pair perfectly with black.) The colorful hues you used to adore will fade to the back of your mind — apologies to my former passion, turquoise — replaced with a desire to pair black with even more black.

Case in point: I'm currently wearing black pants, a black button-down, black boots and my nails are painted — wait for it — black.

And while the shade may be ubiquitous with the Big Apple, its timelessness and universality are undeniable. So, it should come as no surprise that it's trending in home decor. Not only is black stainless steel the biggest thing in appliances, but the hue is popping up in bedrooms, edging out the pastels we've been inundated with as of late. I for one, am here for it.

If you're looking to make the leap to a glamorous black bedroom as well, these 10 finds might be just what you're looking for.

1: Canopy Bed Frame


2: Tufted Velvet Bench

$79.99; HomeGoods Stores

3: Faux Sheepskin Rug

4: Geometric Duvet Set


5: Three-Drawer Console Chest


6: Leather Chair


7: Geometric Metal Lamp

$49.99; HomeGoods Stores

8: Velvet Arrow-Print Pillow

Starts at $65;

9: Wood Bedside Table

10: Upholstered Wingback Headboard


Black + White Girl's Room

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Style to Grow Into

A kids' room is much more than a place to sleep: It's a playroom, a craft center, a homework space and their own personal haven. This room's sophisticated style ensures the young owner won't soon outgrow it. 

Photo By: Marco Ricca

Black + White for a Petite Sophisticate

Bold is the order of the day in this little girl's room where pattern and a fashion-forward black-and-white color palette are key.  

No-Sew Teepee

Pops of cheery coral boost the cuteness factor of the room's fabric hideout. A faux fur rug and pile of pillows make this a cozy place for the young owner to curl up with a favorite book. 

Playful Patterns

Go bold or go to bed! A raindrop pattern wallpaper and wide striped rug add a big graphic punch. Limiting the color palette to just black and white lets the various prints work together.  

Reading Nook

Lucite floating shelves house a few favorite books at a just-right height for the room's young occupant. Pillows and a throw cozy up the kid-size wire chair so she can lounge comfortably while reading. 

Nod to Mid-Mod

The bedroom's sleek low dresser nods to midcentury modern design. More black-and-white accessories tie into the room's theme. 

Cozy Corner

A wide window brightens up the bedroom's reading nook. When planning a reading corner for your child, always ensure adequate light, either via a window or reading lamps. 

Photo By: Marco Ricca

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