10 Perfect Hues for Tiny Bathrooms That Aren't White

Spice up your small loo with bold hues.

It’s no secret that white is a classic choice for your small bathroom. But sometimes, white just feels a little “been there, done that.” For those of you jonesing to add some color to your small bathroom but not sure where to start, here are 10 perfect hues. (And spoiler alert: none of them are white.)


Neon Stripes Energize Small Bathroom

Neon Stripes Energize Small Bathroom

In the bathroom, neon stripes invigorate the simple fixtures and pared-down accessories. A narrow ledge offers much-needed shelf space behind the mounted sink.

Photo by: Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

It’s hard to not feel happy when you walk into a bright-yellow space. These bold stripes, dreamed up by Ghislaine Vinas Interior Design, work perfectly in this tiny bathroom. Because the color is so bright, using it in a small space keeps it feeling a bit more refined and purposeful. Using stripes instead of a solid color, also helps to balance out the overall impact.


Classic and Modern Small Bathroom

Classic and Modern Small Bathroom

This narrow yet tall master bathroom is a classic, masculine retreat with simplistic design. The space features dark paneling and a floating vanity to shift focus to the room's architectural interest rather than on the space's lack of square footage.

A dark and moody bathroom like this one from designer Brian Patrick Flynn, can bring glamour and style to your small space. It’s always a great idea to mix the black with some white details. You’ll also notice that your colorful artwork will truly pop against the black backdrop.


Bathroom Art Gallery

Bathroom Art Gallery

A bright red boy's bathroom becomes an imaginative art gallery with a mix of original children's pictures, prints and even toys. Change out the artwork with new and favorite pieces to keep the display fresh and fun.

Coral is sometimes a tough color to execute, but again, Brian Patrick Flynn nails it with this tiny, art-filled bathroom. While the color is on the brighter side, it manages to not feel overwhelming because of the space's small footprint. It also works great with the variety of colorful, quirky artwork.


Purple Bathroom With Gray Floor

Purple Bathroom With Gray Floor

On the floor of this bathroom, gray mosaic tiles add a hint of texture and are a sophisticated neutral pairing with the bold, dark walls.

Photo by: Erika Bierman

Erika Bierman

If you’re not quite ready to go all in with black, consider another medium-dark color like this rich plum. Jackson Paige Interiors creates a chic, stylish space by using this jewel-toned color in a more traditional bathroom. Pairing the plum with a black and white palette also manages to soften it quite a bit.


Kid's Country Bathroom With Gray and White Chevron Curtains, Floating Sink and Metal Stool

Kid's Country Bathroom With Gray and White Chevron Curtains, Floating Sink and Metal Stool

A small mounted shelf provides the perfect space to store a few toys adding color and entertainment to this kid's bathroom. Black hexagon tile creates a dark foundation for the bright white walls and fixtures. A metal stool is perfect for added decor as well as boosting kids up to the deep floating sink.

Photo by: Breeze Giannasio

Breeze Giannasio

After white, gray is probably the most common paint color for tiny bathrooms. But this small space from designer Breeze Giannasio stands out because of the unique choices she makes. The black floor is a perfect addition, and the deep gray and white utility sink is also an unexpected element.

Mint Green

Mint-Green Cottage-Style Bathroom

Mint-Green Cottage-Style Bathroom

The adjacent water closet allows the home office and den to also function as an extra guest suite. When visitors are in town, they can sleep on the sofa, keep their belongings in the closet and have their own private spot to shower.

Green is another fun color to consider for your tiny bathroom, and this bright mint green might just be the perfect hue. Brian Patrick Flynn pairs green with white floors, baseboards and cabinetry, which perfectly balances out the bright hue.

Powder Blue

Vanity With Industrial Touches

Vanity With Industrial Touches

A pale blue wall lends visual balance to this bathroom, which features both earthy and industrial elements.

Photo by: PhotographerLink: Fred Donham

PhotographerLink: Fred Donham

This light-blue bathroom from contractor Nar Bustamante feels completely calm and serene. If you want your tiny bathroom to feel like a spa getaway, a paint color like this might be the choice for you. It pairs well with white, as well as a variety of woods.


Contemporary Floating Vanity in Magenta Bathroom

Contemporary Floating Vanity in Magenta Bathroom

A funky, carrot-inspired art piece stands beside the small floating vanity in this magenta bathroom. A large mirror reflects the bathroom's patterned accent wall, making it the focal point of the space.

Photo by: G CRAWFORD


If you’re a fan of gutsy design choices, consider magenta as an option for your small bathroom. Designer Jennifer Dyer pairs this bright color with a flower pattern on the wall and unique natural textures throughout the space. Keeping the decor to a minimum works especially well with a bright color like this one.

Royal Blue

Blue and White Bathroom With Yellow Tulips

Blue and White Bathroom With Yellow Tulips

Sapphire blue walls bring vibrant pizzazz to this bathroom, accented by crisp white trim and countertops.

A deep, rich royal blue is the color Drury Design opts for in this petite bathroom, and it works wonderfully well for the space. Using paneling on half the wall, which keeps the color on the top half, directs your eyes up when you enter the space.

Burnt Orange

Small Bathroom With Chic Orange Wainscoting

Small Bathroom With Chic Orange Wainscoting

Bold orange wainscoting creates instant character in this small bathroom. An open vanity and white upper walls help the space feel larger.

From: Erica Islas



Here’s another unique color palette pick from designer Erica Islas: burnt orange. Again, a paneling technique is used, but this time, the color is on the bottom. With a good dose of brown in this hue, this paint color manages to feel a bit more sophisticated and staid.

20 Hot Hues for Bathrooms

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Perfectly Preppy

This oh-so-preppy bathroom proves that you can never go wrong by picking a favorite color from your closet to inspire a color palette. In this bathroom, designed by Judith Balis, Kelly green cabinets and mirror frames are pitch perfect when paired with navy and white accessories, Carrara marble tile and warm gold fixtures.

Photo By: Allison Corona Photography, Let It Shine Photography, Doug Petersen Photography

Make Small Spaces Sizzle

In this powder room, designer Erica Islas warms up the small space with a fiery burnt orange. The spicy hue is eye-catching but just muted enough to lend a restful feel. Painting just the wainscoting, while leaving the walls and fixtures white, strikes the perfect balance.

From: Erica Islas

Create Drama With Black

A bright color isn't necessary to make a creative impact. The graphic energy of the black-and-white floor tiles creates a striking contrast, while black rectangular tiles are used to design a bold backsplash.

Go All In With One Color

Designer Karen Bow gave this tiny powder room a huge dose of personality with floor-to-ceiling glass tiles in opalescent shades of pink. Although her whole home is decorated in shades of the rosy hue that this room is all about feeling a sense of joy. Tour more of Karen's playful cottage, that was featured in HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Photography by Max Kim-Bee; styling by Frances Bailey and Karin Lidbeck-Brent

Or, Add Just a Splash

Even small additions of a kicky color, like these cherry red stepstools, can make an otherwise neutral bathroom feel much more energized.

Make It Minty Fresh

Pastel hues, like mint green, are right at home in a bathroom where the cool color feels fresh and serene. Homeowner Fallon Liles says, "With so many kids running around, I like things to look clean, simple, and bright." Tour more of Fallon's kid-friendly home that was featured in HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Victoria Pearson (styled by Heather Bullard)

Focus on the Floors

Who says you have to add color to the walls? In this all-white kids' bathroom, designed by Jeff Troyer, hand-painted Moroccan tile becomes a playful point of interest and adds movement. Without drawers beneath the floating sink, the little room feels that much bigger.

Photo By: JWT Associates

Incorporate Global Influences

Floor-to-ceiling blue tile fills this bathroom with color. Custom Moroccan-style tiles create an unexpected display in the center of the tub, while long mirrors on each side of the tub add light and openness to the small space.

Photo By: Jennifer Mehditash

Play With Polka Dots

Embrace more than one shade with these candy-color polka dots. Designer Tobi Fairley keeps the rest of the space, including the double vanity, crisp white to limit the playful pops of color. Bright pink accessories and richly hued flowers complete the look.

Lemony Stripes

This small farmhouse bathroom felt cramped before the cheery addition of wide bands of lemon yellow paint. The colorful stripes visually expand the space while adding a playful vibe. Tour more of this crafty farmhouse, that was featured in HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: David A. Land

Keep It Cool

A brilliant royal blue makes a stunning statement in this glamorous powder room where designer Lauren Clement paris traditional cream moldings with a serpentine vanity and sophisticated lighting. She adds a blue vessel sink and oversized peacock artwork in watery shades to complete the room's cool color palette.

Or, Turn Up the Heat

Mosaic tile in muted earth tones balances the brightness of the magenta walls in this contemporary bathroom. A frameless mirror combined with the sleek floating vanity brings an openness to the small space, while a tall cork vase adds a touch of nature.

Sparkle With Emerald

Though warm browns and neutrals are used in the main living areas of this home, the powder room is a great place to add unexpected color. Bright emerald green tile is applied on the vertical across the walls for a striking visual display. Using two shades of green create dimension, and the simplicity of the glass shower and contemporary white vanity allows the tile to be the real star of the space.

Everything's Coming Up Rosy

Don't forget about the ceiling when adding color to your bathroom. Here, GraysonHarris Interiors + Design paint the ceiling bright pink. The rest of the space is kept classic with Carrara marble tile, dark hardwood floors and a traditional white vanity, while the ceiling fills the space with a rosy tint for an unexpected pop of color.

From: GraysonHarris Interiors + Design

Photo By: GraysonHarris Interiors + Design, LLC

Splash of Sunshine

Understated is overrated. Add some drama to your bathroom colorful tilework. The oval bathtub acts as the anchor of this Mediterranean-inspired bathroom, but what really makes it the focal point of the space is the stunning use of yellow mosaic tiles on the tub surround and wall behind it.

From: Troy Beasley

Dive Into Blue

For this boy's bathroom, designer Gregg De Meza starts with classic simplicity: light blue walls, gray tile flooring and clean shapes. But to take the design to the next level, he adds in layers of fun, from the "No Diving" artwork to the pool blue floating vanity and blue mosaic floor tilework.

Photo By: Jason Kisner

Gradients of Green

Color blocks of green mosaic tile are used throughout this bathroom: behind the tub, in the shower and acting as a backsplash to the vanity. Sleek black cabinetry is paired with glass countertops and a contemporary vessel sink, while vintage-inspired knobs bring a traditional tone to the space.

Plum Perfect

Purple is the ideal shade to bring richness and sophistication to your powder room. For this contemporary space, a deep plum pairs with a sleek black floating vanity. An Art Deco-inspired mirror adds a touch of glam.

From: Kelly Reid

Vivid Orange

Tangerine-colored tiles are set vertically to create height in this small bathroom. A strip of glass tile breaks up the orange, while a small corner sink floats on the wall making a tiny bathroom feel airy.

Play Up Contrasts

A kids' bathroom is the perfect place to have a little fun with color. Designer Mary Anne Smiley pairs bright blue tile with its complementary color: orange. A small band of orange-and-white tile runs throughout the space at chair-rail height, then the blue and orange meet again for a cool, confetti-style glass vanity top.

Photo By: Danny Piassick

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