Our All-Time Favorite Movie Homes + 5 More You May Have Missed

Did your favorite house make the list?

Movie homes tell us a lot about our favorite characters: where they live, whether they're messy or neat, if they prefer to be alone or enjoy having company. They're basically a direct look into someone else's life, and we love peeking inside. 

RX - The Truman Show Cover Image

RX - The Truman Show Cover Image

Photo by: Paramount Pictures via AL.com

Paramount Pictures via AL.com

Let's just say that movie homes help transport us to other worlds. Here are our all-time favorites, as well as five more you'll want to visit in the near future.

1: Father of the Bride

RX - Father of the Bride House

RX - Father of the Bride House

Photo by: The Purple Frog via Sarah Lauder

The Purple Frog via Sarah Lauder

There's no question that writer and director Nancy Meyers is the queen of creating beautiful homes on the big screen. While we love each one, we're especially fond of the Colonial Revival where George Banks' little girl exchanged "I Do's" with her sweetheart.

2: Stepmom

RX - The Stepmom House

RX - The Stepmom House

Photo by: Sony Pictures via Hooked On Houses

Sony Pictures via Hooked On Houses

Stepmom was a tear-jerker, it's true, but a lot of warm and memorable moments took place in Jackie Harrison's grand Victorian. Who wouldn't want to slide down those bannisters or sing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" under this roof?

3: Practical Magic

RX - The Practical Magic House

RX - The Practical Magic House

Photo by: Warner Bros. via Hooked On Houses

Warner Bros. via Hooked On Houses

Our jaws hit the floor when we first saw Practical Magic — not because Sally and Gillian Owens are witches, but because they live in this dreamy Victorian in New England. With an incredible tower, wrap-around porch and private garden, this home casts some serious love spells all by itself.

4: The Holiday

RX - The Holiday Cottage

RX - The Holiday Cottage

Photo by: Columbia Pictures via Hooked On Houses

Columbia Pictures via Hooked On Houses

Swapping homes with a total stranger is a bold move, but the reward far outweighed the risk for Los Angeles workaholic Amanda Woods in The Holiday. (Directed by Nancy Meyers, of course.) We'd love to follow Amanda to England and spend Christmas inside this fairytale cottage.

5: You've Got Mail

RX - You've Got Mail Brownstone

RX - You've Got Mail Brownstone

Photo by: Warner Bros. via Hooked On Houses

Warner Bros. via Hooked On Houses

Before Joe Fox and his big, bad mega-bookstore came along, Kathleen Kelly basically had it all: the independent bookshop around the corner and a beautiful brownstone with a shabby-chic interior we all wanted.

5 More That Deserve a Second Look

The Truman Show

RX - The Truman Show House

RX - The Truman Show House

Photo by: Paramount Pictures via SEASIDE

Paramount Pictures via SEASIDE

The unsuspecting star of his own reality TV show, Truman Burbank seems to have a picture-perfect life: the steady career, the doting wife and this charming home with a white picket fence that's the essence of suburban living.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

RX - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind House

RX - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind House

Photo by: Madison Property Group

Madison Property Group

One movie home that's almost always overlooked? The beach house from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, where Joel and Clem met for the first time. We love the storm-gray exterior and white trim almost as much as we love the offbeat film.

The Descendants

RX - The Descendants House

RX - The Descendants House

Photo by: Fox Searchlight Pictures via House Kaboodle

Fox Searchlight Pictures via House Kaboodle

While it's hard to compete with the natural beauty of Hawaii, Matt King's all-white bungalow in The Descendants gives the lush landscape a run for its money.

The Royal Tenenbaums

RX - Royal Tenenbaums House

RX - Royal Tenenbaums House

Photo by: revmodern.com


Much like Nancy Meyers, director Wes Anderson is known for choosing truly beautiful backdrops for his films. This terracotta townhouse, located in Harlem and featured in The Royal Tenenbaums, doesn't disappoint. 

Ex Machina

RX - Ex Machina Exteriors
The Juvet Hotel via Maverick Cult
RX - Ex Machina House Interior
Juvet Hotel via Home Designing

RX - Ex Machina Exteriors

Photo By: The Juvet Hotel via Maverick Cult

RX - Ex Machina House Interior

Photo By: Juvet Hotel via Home Designing

For a billionaire with a big secret, the best home is definitely one tucked away in the Alaskan wilderness. Though the exterior of this house (which is actually a Norwegian hotel) is unassuming with its modern wood and glass facade, the interior boasts breathtaking views of the frozen tundra.

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The American Horror Story House

The chill-inducing Rosenheim Mansion in Los Angeles was built in 1908 by architect Alfred F. Rosenheim and even served as his personal residence for years. The 14,000-square-foot home has quite an extensive resume, too. It has been the eerie filming location for several TV shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Twilight Zone and FX's American Horror Story.

The American Horror Story House: Foyer

The home's entrance features unique Tiffany stained-glass windows and natural wood paneling. Its century-long presence may feel unsettling to the masses, particularly those who have watched American Horror Story, but the well-preserved fixtures and stunning details are a wonder to design enthusiasts.

The American Horror Story House: Master Bedroom

Fans of American Horror Story will certainly recognize the master bedroom from some of the series' more memorable and cringe-worthy scenes. One of the home's six bedrooms, it features a bay window, an original fireplace and elegant fixtures that fit in with the home's Victorian and Craftsman architecture.

The American Horror Story House: Violet's Bedroom

The home's current owner chose bold, unexpected hues throughout, like this shade of aqua in a spacious third-floor bedroom. You probably recognize this prominent, attic-style space as daughter Violet's bedroom in American Horror Story.

The Downton Abbey Castle

Who hasn't dreamed of living in a castle? British period drama Downton Abbey made the desire even more appealing with their aristocratic lifestyle and Yorkshire country estate. Highclere Castle, the Victorian-era manor that serves as the setting for the series, is considered one of England's most stately homes.

The Downton Abbey Castle: Saloon

With 30,000 square feet of living space, approximately 200 rooms, 6,000 acres of farmland and a staff of 70, this working estate is currently home to modern-day members of British aristocracy.

The Downton Abbey Castle: Lady Mary's Bedroom

Highclere Castle has between 50 and 80 bedrooms. This cream and feminine bedroom with 19th-century decor serves as the bedroom for Lady Mary in Downton Abbey. SPOILER ALERT: Remember the shocking death of Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk in season one? This was the scene of the crime.

The Scarface House

"Say hello to my little friend." You've heard — or said — that at least once in your life. This 10-acre property in Santa Barbara, Calif., was made famous in 1983 as the home of Cuban drug cartel kingpin Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino) in Scarface. Although the movie is set in Miami, exterior shots were filmed right here in sunny Montecito.

The Scarface House: Walkway

The lush estate was built in 1890 by J. Waldron Gillespie, the head of a wealthy New York banking family. To this day the property features a Persian-inspired garden, tiered terraces, crystal-clear pools, more than 125 varieties of palm trees and 9,000 square feet to boot.

The Home Alone House

This 1921 Colonial Georgian home is difficult to miss, even in the off-season. The Winnetka, Ill., house became an instant tourist attraction after being featured in the 1990 holiday comedy Home Alone and its sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

The Nashville Home

ABC's musical drama series Nashville lets none other than Music City, USA, serve as its filming locale. One of the most prominent properties featured on the show is the stately home of country music superstar Rayna Jaymes (played by Connie Britton). The 20,533-square-foot home, owned by Sylvia Roberts, sits on six acres of land with a swimming pool, poolhouse, pond and barn.

The Nashville Home: Kitchen

Unique wood detailing surrounds the spacious kitchen, making it rustic and party-ready. After three episodes of filming Nashville, ABC committed to a full season and rooms of Sylvia's house, like the kitchen, were re-created on a nearby soundstage.

©Realtracs Solutions, TN

The Nashville Home: Pool

The set designers didn't, however, re-create Rayna Jaymes' envy-worthy swimming pool, so all shots are filmed right in Sylvia's backyard.

The Argo Home

As if 96-year-old actress Zsa Zsa Gabor's Los Angeles home wasn't popular enough, it can now be seen in the historical thriller film Argo.

The Argo Home: Foyer

Throughout Argo you will recognize the mansion's stunning exterior, Old World circular foyer and spacious terraces. This Hollywood Regency-style home is spread over 6,393 square feet on more than one acre and features all the elegance and glam of Zsa Zsa herself.

The Argo Home: Terrace

The Hungarian-born American socialite and actress has an outdoor space primed for celebrity-worthy parties. Expansive terraces overlook the Pacific Ocean, downtown L.A. and Catalina Island.

The Amityville Horror House

If you think the American Horror Story home was scary, you haven't seen anything yet. In a quiet suburban neighborhood in Long Island, N.Y., sits a large Dutch Colonial home with an unsettling past. The house on 112 Ocean Avenue was the basis for the book The Amityville Horror: A True Story and approximately 10 film adaptations.

The Amityville Horror House: Boathouse

After the tragic DeFeo murders in 1974, a family of five moved in a year later and reported strange paranormal activity. The Amityville Horror shows homeowner George Lutz waking at 3:30 each morning and inexplicably going toward the boathouse.

The Revenge House

The ABC drama Revenge has likely left you on the edge of your seat as you've watched Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp) seek vengeance on those who sent her father to prison. You've also probably been daydreaming about the lofty waterfront estate in which she resides. The series takes place in the Hamptons, but the pilot was actually filmed on the coast of Southport, N.C.

The Revenge House: Porch

In Revenge, Emily has several flashbacks with her father that take place on the home's weathered country porch. Here there's less plotting and more moments of nostalgia.

The Marley & Me House

The producers of the tear-jerking film Marley & Me were looking for the perfect home as the backdrop. When they found this 19th-century cottage stone house in Chadds Ford, Pa., they knew it was the one. With 5.8 acres and rural surroundings, yellow lab Marley was free to roam.

The Marley & Me House: Kitchen

The film was shot over a two-month period in the cottage. You'll recognize most of the homeowners' original country-style decor from the film, like their quilts, artwork, pots and furniture.

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