10 Ways to Summer-ify Your Home

It's time to swap out the bed linens.

Covered Patio

Covered Patio

An outdoor trellis and patio is complete with a casual outdoor dining table, colorful pillows, glasses, and chairs.

From: Cousins Undercover

Photo by: Chris Amaral

Chris Amaral

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If you want to fully embrace the warm weather around your home, we’ve got some killer ideas for exactly how to do it. So, if you’re just as excited about the summer as we are, you’re going to love these 10 seasonal design ideas that you can easily steal for your own home — both inside and out.

Switch Out Throw Pillows

Tropical Living Room With Vibrant Throw Pillows

Tropical Living Room With Vibrant Throw Pillows

Coastal-style furniture and colorfully vibrant textiles – turquoise seat cushions and bright orange patterned throw pillows – lay the foundation for this white living room. Metallic accents paired with a sleek acrylic end table keep the look fresh and lively.

Photo by: Emily J. Followill ©Emily J. Followill

Emily J. Followill, Emily J. Followill

One easy summer fix is to switch out throw pillows for lighter and brighter colors. Just as you swap out your wardrobe each year, you can easily do the same for your pillows. Store away winter/fall pillows in a storage bin, and bring out all your summer pillows for a refreshing touch.

Swap in Lighter Throws

Bohemian Patio With Pink Outdoor Rug

Bohemian Patio With Pink Outdoor Rug

A vibrant outdoor rug anchors this patio in pattern and color. A mix of rustic and tropical wood furniture, a few strings of lights and scattered container gardens create a bohemian vibe. In close proximity to the backdoor, this outdoor living room space is perfect for casual entertaining.

Just like the pillows, now is a great time to switch in summer throws. Throws for summer should be lighter, breathable and made of summer-friendly fabrics such as cotton or linen.

Embrace Summer Scents

Aromatherapy Display in Spa Bathroom

Aromatherapy Display in Spa Bathroom

Displayed on white quartz countertops, aromatherapy soaps and candles add to the spa-like atmosphere in the master bathroom of HGTV Smart Home 2014.

Photo by: Jason Kisner ©2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Jason Kisner, 2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Another great idea for the summer months is to incorporate summer scents around your house as much as you can. You can switch out candles, room spray, hand soaps and even body washes. Try fresh scents such as coconut, cucumber or lavender for the summer months.

Opt For Turkish Towels

Soaking Tub in Corner

Soaking Tub in Corner

Positioned along the wall, this luxurious soaking tub would be too big to fit in the small bathroom. Angle it in the corner and ta da! Just add bubbles.

Turkish towels are a great choice for summer months since they're light and easy to transport. They can also double as a wrap or beach blanket. Plus, your summer guests will love the luxe swap.

Keep Spa Water on Tap



Pink lemonade with lemon, lime and strawberries

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/pilipphoto


Summer is a great time to recommit to drinking lots of water. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make sure you always have a fresh pitcher of spa water in your refrigerator at all times. Zhoosh up your water with herbs and fruit like lemon, cucumber, mint or berries.

Summer-ify Your Fireplace

White Brick Living Room Fireplace

White Brick Living Room Fireplace

This neutral transitional living room takes a turn for the unexpected by placing decorations in and around the fireplace. Candles fill the fireplace while a mirror on the wall hangs in place of a television.

Photo by: Regan Baker Design

Regan Baker Design

If you have a fireplace, you might want to summer-ify it by removing any wood from the hearth. You can switch it out for candles, a basket of throws or a big piece of coral. This simple mantel by designer Regan Baker looks great with just a few simple candles at varying heights.

Swap Out Your Bed Linens

Bold Color Pops in Mod Kid's Bedroom

Bold Color Pops in Mod Kid's Bedroom

Clean white walls and furniture allow the vibrant orange, pink and green accents to take center stage in this modern kid's bedroom. A graphic rug and coordinating throw pillows bring movement to the space.

Summer is also a great time to switch out your bed linens. You can either simply swap out your current linens to a lighter or brighter color, or choose sheets and pillowcases in a different fabric such as linen. Don’t be afraid to go bold, like in this poppy bedroom by D2 Interieurs.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Bohemian-Inspired Patio With Curtains, String Lights and Lots of Pillows

Bohemian-Inspired Patio With Curtains, String Lights and Lots of Pillows

Dress your patio from top to bottom to make even the smallest space feel like an inviting retreat. Add lushness with layered outdoor rugs, throw pillows, greenery and string lights.

Photo by: PopFizz | Bryan Allen

PopFizz | Bryan Allen

If you’ve been slacking behind in updating your outdoor space, now is the time to get it in tip-top shape. Find some great outdoor pillows you can use around your patio, put up some string lights and add a pouf. Turn your porch or patio into a little oasis that you and your family will be excited to lounge on this summer.

Add Some Greenery

Indoor Plants in Planters

Indoor Plants in Planters

Rhipalis (far left), Boston fern (front left) and Plumosus fern (back left) are fitted in organic clay pots for a sweet console table display.

Photo by: Casto Photography & Cinema

Casto Photography & Cinema

If you’ve been dying to add some more plants to your home, summer is a great time to up your green game. Try bringing some new plants into your home or creating your own indoor herb garden. Outside you can tackle any landscaping projects you’ve been avoiding, add some hanging plants or finally try creating a vertical garden.

Create Summer Playlists

Orange Poolside Furniture

Orange Poolside Furniture

All-weather umbrellas and soft cushions offer a chance to lounge in the shade or bask in the sun. And the portable speaker dock keeps the tunes going. You can even let guests attach their own MP3 player or smartphone for a chance to DJ.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are another A+ summer upgrade you can make around your home. Hook up your speakers to your phone to play Spotify and Pandora, then have some extra fun creating summer-friendly playlists that you can tap whenever you have friends or family over.

Designers Share Their Top Design Trends for Summer

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Bright and All White

“When the weather turns warmer, and the days become longer, people tend to clean out their homes, reduce the clutter and gravitate toward bright, white spaces,” says interior designer Amy Elbaum. An all-white color palette is crisp, clean and refreshing. “Kitchens and bathrooms always work well in white through the use of tile, stone and cabinetry,” Amy adds. She recommends avoiding clutter and dark, oversized furniture to ensure a light, airy feel. 

Forget Pattern Play

Gone are the days of patterns galore, according to interior designer Sarah Stacey, who says the design world is beginning to embrace tonal palettes with a minimal use of patterns instead. “I love this trend, because we have been inundated with pattern for the past 10 years,” Sarah says. “I think people are so busy, and this type of design is relaxing and calming. It allows for you and for your eyes to rest.” For a quick fix, swap out patterned curtains or throw pillows for something solid but textured, and stay within the same color family. If you’re starting from scratch, find pattern in architectural elements and create a palette from varying shades of one color.

White Wall + Tertiary-Colored Furniture

“I am loving crisp white walls (Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore to be exact) combined with bold-shaped furniture in tertiary colors,” says interior designer Caitlin McCarthy. She says the summer trend is ubiquitous in her Southern California design work. Bring the look together by adding metallic accents, and consider mixing brass, chrome or copper. “The effect is clean and breezy without being stale or cold.”

From: Caitlin McCarthy Designs and Caitlin Murray

Playful Statement Sculptures

Add some charisma to your home with a statement sculpture. “This trend is ideal for summer, because it evokes a whimsical, carefree attitude,” says Caitlin. “Have fun and celebrate your personality in your home to create summer vibes all year long.” Choose a piece with spunk, like this frosted glass number with a crown-like brass urchin resting on top. 

Painted Concrete Tiles

Painted concrete tiles are becoming more popular and more accessible. The tiles, which often feature intricate patterns, are available at a variety of stores to accommodate a range of budgets. “Not only do these tiles work in a traditional setting, but they can work with a modern style as well,” say designers Jennifer O'Dowd and Joanna Gick of J & J Design Group. “Their patterns are gorgeous and fun and add a sense of history and depth to any space.” Consider using them in your kitchen or a frequently used bathroom for flooring or a backsplash.

Boho-Cali Chic

Midcentury furniture has been making its way back into our homes for quite some time now, but designer Megan Tagliaferri of FLO Design Studio says there’s a new twist. Mix your mid-mod pieces with bohemian or Moroccan-inspired accents in a neutral but textured room, and you’ll be right on trend. “I love the casual and approachable sensibility of this style," says Megan. "I also love the punches of graphic Moroccan patterns with heavy texture."

Buffalo Check Patterns

“For a while now, we’ve been loving buffalo check patterns,” say designers Kirsten Krason and Erin Morgan of House of Jade Interiors. “This summer, we are looking forward to seeing them more and more in a variety of colors.” The best thing about this trend? The pattern is classic, which makes it easier to splurge on a fabulous fabric. Kirsten and Erin recommend trying out the trend in your home on a smaller scale (think pillows and throws) before committing to something bigger like a chair or bench. If your home has coastal undertones, consider a buffalo check in blue and white for a nautical feel.

Photo By: House of Jade Interiors

Urban Pools

The latest backyard trend proves pool parties aren’t just for the suburbs. “Increasingly, we are integrating swimming pools into the rear yards of tighter urban conditions,” says designer Carmel Greer of District Design. Carmel says water can be integrated into the smallest of outdoor spaces, even if it’s just the sound of water. “Try to view your small outdoor space as an opportunity to craft a special courtyard rather than just viewing it as a disappointingly-small yard,” she urges. A combination of planting, fencing and architectural elements can help create boundaries while also creating a sense of intimacy.

Muted Palette + Natural Materials

“A trend that we see this summer is a fresh, muted palette accented with pops of bright color and natural materials, in addition to organic shapes,” say designers Lindsay Boswell and Ali Levin of LABL Studio. The look is calm, breezy and bright without feeling boring. Embrace the trend in your home by painting your walls a neutral color. Lindsay and Ali suggest a warm, dusty sand hue such as Benjamin Moore’s Sonoma Clay 1242. Then, accessorize with natural materials like woven baskets or sisal rugs. Complete the look with a bright accent piece similar to the multicolor stool shown here.

Color Pops: Small But Bold

Summer brings with it bold flavors, sights and sounds. This year, we’re noticing bold color is along for the ride too. “For anyone who shies away from using color for fear of the bold or fear of tiring of it quickly, the ‘small pops’ theory is one that can be done easily and affordably and removed just the same when trends (or personal preferences) change,” explains interior designer Allison Lind. This red chair was once a tired heirloom gathering dust in an attic. A coat of glossy cherry red paint and mud cloth upholstery gave the chair — and this hallway — just the update it needed. If furniture is too intimidating, opt for brightly colored throw pillows or an accent rug.

Brass Is Back

“The reintroduction of brass in interior finishes is an undeniable nod to maritime design without being literal,” says designer Liz Stiving-Nichols of Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design. “Nautical influences are timeless but also on trend.” To evoke a nautical feel in your home, swap out existing furniture knobs for brass pulls, like the ones that grace this sleek white dresser. Also consider using brass accent pieces. Knickknacks, lamps and mirrors can update a room in a snap.

Bring the Outdoors In

Whether it’s with your color palette or choice of materials, fully embrace this season by bringing a bit of the outdoors inside your home. Liz believes this helps your indoor and outdoor spaces feel cohesive. Here, the breezy-blue walls match the color of the sky, making the entire living space feel as if it could be outside. Underfoot, a sandy-hued rug feels natural and appropriate. Design your space to mimic the specific look and feel of your home’s locale.

Or...Bring the Indoors Out

“As summer approaches, we are designing our outdoor spaces with the intention of bringing the indoors out,” says interior designer Brooke Wagner. “This way of designing an outdoor space creates an inviting environment that draws people in the same way an indoor space would.” This look works best with a combination of indoor-style furniture and outdoor fabric. Make the space feel intimate with throw pillows and an indoor/outdoor rug.

Staycation Station

Hanging chairs are totally on trend this summer, thanks to their appealing look and comfy feel. “Woven seats keep things from getting too warm, and as the air cools later in the evening, a decorative throw blanket can easily cozy things up,” says interior designer Regan Baker. She suggests keeping the materials as natural as possible to maximize the essence of the outdoors. Carving out a space for relaxation outdoors creates vacation vibes without ever having to leave your home.

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