Spruce Up Your Entryway for the Holidays With These 15 Festive Decorating Ideas

These festive DIY entryway decor ideas are guaranteed to wow your guests the moment they step through the front door this holiday season.

As the holidays quickly approach, many of us are scrambling to get our homes guest-ready. While putting up the tree and decorating the mantel are no-brainers, the place we often forget to decorate is the first place people see when they walk into our homes. No worries! We've got you covered with festive DIY decor ideas to help get your entryway or foyer in top shape for hosting this holiday season.

Create a Vignette

Deck the Halls Entryway

Deck the Halls Entryway

Chalkboard: Economy Series 36" x 24" wood-frame chalkboard, $24, lionsdeal.com; Garland: Cody Foster & Co. Bright Winter 6'-long wool garland, $70, abchome.com; Vases: 20"H x 8 1/2"-diameter balloon vase in orange, $58, and 8"H x 6 1/2"-diameter balloon vase in fuchsia, $23, both shiraleah.com; Branches: Manzanita branches, $9 each, save-on-crafts.com; Ornaments: Cody Foster & Co. Felted Swirl ornaments, $4 each, rockpaperscissorsshop.com

Photo by: Mark Lund

Mark Lund

A foyer table is the perfect place to show off your prettiest Christmas decorations. In this colorful display from HGTV Magazineseasonal branches are trimmed with bright metallic ornaments and are a fun, modern complement to a vintage chalkboard statement piece.

Make a Mobile Christmas Tree

Traditional Entryway Decorated for the Holidays

Traditional Entryway Decorated for the Holidays

A miniature Christmas tree and poinsettia wall art are classic decorations in this cheerful holiday entryway

Add natural holiday flair to your foyer with a mini tree on wheels. Once guests have settled, you can move the tree to the dining room or other small spaces to be enjoyed throughout the evening.

Make a Mobile Christmas Tree 02:54

Britany Simon shows how you can make your own mobile Christmas tree.

Store Extra Gifts

Small Space Holiday Decorating Ideas

Small Space Holiday Decorating Ideas

If you've run out of space to keep gifts stacked in your main rooms, put your stairs to work as gift risers. Keep them piled towards one side of the lower stairs and add a touch of illumination with battery-operated lights inside of a clear vessel.

Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

Space under the tree is at a premium these days. Add holiday cheer to your entryway and clear up some space in the living room by storing wrapped gifts in decorative groupings on one side of your staircase.

14 Unique Ways to Wrap Gifts

See All Photos

Alphabet Soup Gift Tags

What’s better than a craft project that can be done with your kids, and does a great job of improving their spelling skills? Dried alphabet soup noodles are available in the pasta aisle of most grocery stores, and when glued to a large paper gift tag, they’re an instant way to add pizzaz to any gift.

Touch of Nature

Sometimes the holiday inspiration you're looking for can be found in your own backyard. Why not turn this nature-inspired gift topper into an afternoon activity for you and the family. Pinecones, acorns, berries and cypress are all fair game, and when clustered atop a wrapped present, they add the perfect touch of nature. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Gumdrop Gift Garland

Often, the most clever DIY projects are the simplest to create. With that notion in mind, we created a garland that’s perfect for tying onto presents, and that’s just as precious to look at as it is delicious.

Perfect Picture

A holiday gathering of close friends and family wouldn't be complete without a few trips down memory lane. This year, kick off the nostalgia by incorporating childhood photos onto gifts to indicate who the recipient is — and the goofier the images, the better. Tie off with decorative ribbon for a spin on the traditional gift tag that's festive, sentimental and sure to evoke a laugh or two. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Felt Pennant Flags

This year, give your wrapped presents a preppy, collegiate feel with pennant gift flags made of felt. In lieu of the standard tied-on paper tag, these flags can be inserted into gift bags of any size and let your holiday message or the gift recipient’s name stand out loud and clear. Best of all, rather than getting tossed, they can live on as a decorative detail for years after the holiday.

Fringed Lunch Sacks

Brown paper lunch sacks aren’t often viewed as the most stylish gift wrapping option, but in just a few steps and a pair of fringe scissors, this simple and inexpensive product can be made into a show-stopping gift bag.

Floral Garland

'Tis the season for beautiful holiday florals, and contrary to popular belief, favorite blooms need not be confined to wreaths and fireplaces. This year, utilize your green thumb to craft small faux flower garlands that festively tie around classically wrapped gift boxes. Using silk flowers and floral wire from the craft store, it's easy to weave sprigs of holiday greenery together in a flash. Whether you're a seasoned floral designer or simply an enthusiastic gift-giver, these garlands are sure to add a dose of holiday cheer to your presents. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

©Buff Strickland

Poster Board Envelope Wrap

Poster boards are commonplace when it comes to school projects and sign-making, but we’ve given them a new purpose with this unique alternative to wrapping paper. Perfect for wrapping flat items like books, a folded scarf or a vinyl record, this project channels the classic envelope design to create a new way to wrap presents, and requires nothing more than a few craft materials.


Wrapping flat and folded objects can be a bit of a gift-wrapping conundrum. Rather than sliding around in boxes or getting lost in gift bags amid heaps of tissue paper, items like books or scarves nestle cozily in these gift envelopes. With a custom design on the front and spaces to write the gift-giver and recipients' names, these offer a chic and easy alternative solution to gifting small, flat items. Download templates >>

©Buff Strickland

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Who could have guessed that in just a few simple steps, a standard coffee filter could be transformed into a one-of-a-kind snowflake? Get in the holiday spirit by creating cut-out flakes and adhering them to already wrapped presents. This is a great project for the kids to lend a helping hand.

DIY Gift Card Envelopes

Although some might hesitate to present gift cards for fear of its being impersonal, there's no doubt that people love receiving free money to their favorite stores and restaurants. This holiday season, make gift cards personal and beautiful by wrapping yours in these homemade festive envelopes. Beautifully crafted using colored origami paper and small paper doilies, a few folds and a knotted ribbon are all you need to add a home-made touch to an otherwise unsentimental present! Get the step-by-step instructions >>


A neatly tied ribbon is a staple when it comes to gift-wrapping, but instead of reaching for a traditional satin option or a ready-made sticky bow, stock up on a variety of festive fabric trim at your local craft store. Wrap gifts with perfectly knotted pom-poms, sequins, stripes or lace, and layer in any number of colorful combinations. It's just as easy as wrapping with standard ribbon, but is a fun, modern way to embellish simple kraft paper-wrapped presents. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

©Buff Strickland

Neon Edge Gift Wrapping

This holiday season, give your kraft paper-wrapped presents an edgy accent that’ll instantly make them stand out above the rest. A little neon goes a long way, and since this time of year everything seems to be dripping red and green, a splash of bright color can be a welcome change.

Vintage Cookie Tins

When recipients are expecting cardboard boxes and paper bags, there's something special about gorgeous reusable packaging. Nothing's more nostalgic than receiving a tasty homemade treat in a vintage tin. Scotland-made "tartanware" containers have become collectible pieces, and when used in holiday gift-giving, the wrapping becomes a memorable part of the gift itself. If a tartanware tin is nowhere to be found, any vintage container can be used in its place and be repurposed over and over. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Wintry Twig-Embellished Mirror 

Winter Twig-Embellished Mirror

Winter Twig-Embellished Mirror

Add natural sophistication to any room with the addition of a rustic twig-covered mirror. A few twigs gathered outdoors, white paint, a glue gun and an old mirror is all you need to add a wintry touch to your holiday decor.

Craft this DIY twig mirror to hang above your entry table or other wall space for a wintry update that looks great all season long.

Coordinate With Everyday Home Decor

Hallway Decorated for the Holidays

Hallway Decorated for the Holidays

Stylist Matthew Mead adds a simple stand, decked with a potted evergreen (later to grace the outdoors) and dotted with silver accessories, to spruce up the hallway or any overlooked nook in need of holiday cheer. Photo courtesy of Matthew Mead.

For a simple, elegant look, coordinate entryway decorations to match your everyday decor. In this small foyer, understated mercury glass candle holders, a small potted tree and fresh flowers perfectly complement the home's neutral palette.

Put Christmas Cards on Display

White and Glitter Christmas Card Display on Boxes

White and Glitter Christmas Card Display on Boxes

A white palette with glitter accents creates a beautiful winter decor without giving in to the traditional red and green of Christmas. Simple boxes can work as a lovely Christmas card display and ornaments can add decorative touches to more than just a tree.

©ten22 studio 2013

ten22 studio 2013

Display your family's Christmas cards on top of gift boxes of varying heights and arrange around a small entryway tree.

Update Traditional Garland

Holiday Felt Poinsettia Garland

Holiday Felt Poinsettia Garland

Dress up your banister's garland with handmade fabric poinsettias. To add an extra layer of visual interest, trace leaves directly onto fabric using a marker or chalk. Next, cut along the traced leaf silhouette with scissors. Once cut, layer several pieces of fabric together, and fasten with a needle and thread. Finish with a button to add instant graphic pattern and classic holiday charm with minimum expense.

Give traditional garland a chic update with these beautiful DIY felt poinsettias.

Make Your Own Poinsettias 02:57

Britany Simon shows how you can make your own fabric poinsettias.

Christmas Countdown

Knitted Advent Calendar

Knitted Advent Calendar

Nothing builds up excitement for the holidays more than an advent calendar and this cozy, handmade version is packed with treats and charm!

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

Add vintage charm to your foyer table vignette with a DIY Advent calendar like this adorable creation made from upcycled sweaters.

More DIY Christmas Countdown Ideas

See All Photos

Gift-Wrap Magic

Transform discarded wrapping paper tubes into a colorful, tree-shaped Advent calendar the kids will love. Get the how-to.

Sweater Chic

Upcycle cozy, old sweaters into mini mittens to make this adorable and charming Advent calendar. Get the how-to.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Yard Takeover

Drum up some neighborhood chatter with this oversized Advent calendar made from a ladder. Get the how-to.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Upcycled Chic

Got lots of old, patterned dress shirts on your hands? Put them to good use! Copy designer Casey Noble and turn them into a chic Advent calendar garland that can be used year after year. Get the how-to.

Ornamental Additions

This advent calendar idea is simple and perfect for last-minute crafters. Blogger Melaine Thompson stenciled 24 numbers onto manila shipping tags and added glittery adornments. Each day, as Christmas draws closer and closer, the kids take off an ornament and place it on the tree.

Takeout Goodies

This Advent calendar made from takeout food containers is a clever way to get your kids to count down to Christmas. Blogger Layla Palmer made the standard white boxes more jolly with construction paper and stickers. Get the how-to.

Interactive Centerpiece

Dress up the dinner table with a sparkling and unique advent calendar centerpiece. Blogger Jessica Wilcox used a vintage chicken-wire cloche dome of gifts and printable Christmas tags to represent the 25-day countdown. Add small, wrapped presents, decorative ornaments and ribbons underneath the dome.

Traditional Countdown

This holiday advent calendar by Marian Parsons is full of traditional charm and vintage style, keeping the Christmas anticipation alive for both kids and adults. Get the how-to.

Frame Job

A frame, cork board, holiday cards and ribbon are all you need to make a cute calendar like this one by designer Brian Patrick Flynn. Just add five rows of five cards to the cork board with push pins and mark each card with the numbered days.

Merry Mittens

Add a sweet and colorful touch to any holiday mantel with a festive mitten advent calendar garland. Layla Palmer used a variety of toddler-sized mittens in traditional Christmas hues and printed out 24 numbers small enough to tuck into each mitten. To add extra holiday cheer, she added a sweet sentiment below each number. Get the how-to.

Can It

Recycled tin cans create a one-of-a-kind Advent calendar in this example by blogger Cindy Hopper. Fill each date with a toy, candy or an idea for family fun. Get the how-to.

Repurposed Holidays

HGTV fan Cathe Holden reused vintage thread spools to create a one-of-a-kind holiday advent calendar in her home. On each spool she added a numbered wrap with a special note or a clue to a hidden gift. Cathe, a passionate crafter and designer, displayed her Christmas countdown on a vintage, modified spool holder. Cathe also suggests creating individual, numbered spool ornaments for the tree, or stringing the entire set together to create an advent calendar garland.

Countdown for the Kids

This traditional, felt advent calendar is the perfect addition to a child's bedroom door over the holidays. By using simple and inexpensive materials, each child can have a calendar of their own. Try to create different holiday-inspired shapes to form the background — a classic Christmas tree, snowflake, mitten or Santa Claus hat.

Special Delivery

HGTV fan Katie Watson came up with a fun and creative way for children to count down the 25 days of Christmas. Using simple square envelopes with string closures, she adorned each one with different holiday-inspired themes, patterns and colors. Inside each envelope Katie placed a coupon for each child that can be redeemed for something special at home, such as a cup of hot chocolate, a piece of Christmas candy or Mom reading a bedtime story. Strung up the banister with colorful foam balls, the advent banner is not only a fun family activity but an original piece of holiday decor, too.

No-Sew Peppermint-Stripe Pillow

Peppermint Stripe Pillow

Peppermint Stripe Pillow

Add another layer of cheer to your holiday decor with this fun, no-sew peppermint stripe throw pillow!

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

Add holiday flair to your foyer bench or chair with these candy-striped Christmas pillows. No needle and thread required!

Keep It Simple

Holiday Lights on Animal Skull

Holiday Lights on Animal Skull

Horns and skulls may not seem like holiday decor, but with the addition of vintage colored lights, these staples of masculine decor can take on a playful, urban vibe. Consider hanging the fixtures near an entrance, wrapping them with a single strands of lights, then using a cloth-wrapped extension cord to add vintage charm.

Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

If you're short on time or don't want to go through the hassle of a decorating overhaul, simply add string lights or holiday garland to your existing entryway decor. It only takes a few minutes but makes a big impact!

Decorating With String Lights

See All Photos

Masculine Touch

Horns and skulls may not seem like holiday decor, but with the addition of vintage colored lights, these staples of masculine decor can take on a playful, urban vibe. Consider hanging the fixtures near an entrance, wrapping them with a single strands of lights, then using a cloth-wrapped extension cord to add vintage charm.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Illuminated Frames

Reinvent empty frames as illuminated sculptures with the addition of colored lights. For indoor use, standard vintage-style lights can be used to wrap wall-hung frames, placed near outlets. To help disguise extension cords, consider grouping several frames vertically, tucking the cord behind each frame, then into outlets near the bottom of the wall. For outdoor use, such as a repurposed wreath alternative placed on a front door, it's best to use battery-operated lights.

Bold Centerpiece

Put a natural yet unexpected twist on your holiday centerpiece with a birch log bundle wrapped with colored lights. When used on a formal dining table, it's best to use battery-operated versions; however, when placed on a sideboard or console table, plug-in lights work well since the cord can easily be tucked and hidden from view.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Bright Finds

Bring rustic appeal to your yard or interior by wrapping weathered architectural relics with lights. The contrast between the dulled, organic surfaces and the boldness of colored lights results in a conversation piece which truly pops.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Vintage Display

Put a vintage bicycle on display inside or outside the home by wrapping the wheels, frame, handlebars and seat with lights. To keep necessary wires from interfering with the look, stick with black extension cords which can wrap around black tires, minimizing their presence.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Whimsical Twist

Put a whimsical spin on everyday lanterns with colored lights in place of candles. Used singularly, the lanterns can work as centerpieces by filling them with battery-operated string lights. Outdoor luminaries for steps or walkways can be made with groupings of lanterns placed along the perimeter of an area, with strands of lights running from one lantern to another.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Interior Ambiance

If your living room is too cramped to fit a true Christmas tree, consider wrapping end tables with lights, instantly adding holiday ambiance to your seating area without sacrificing valuable space.

  1. string lights

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Landscape Addition

Just a few garden sculptures wrapped with colored lights can instantly bring a holiday touch with minimal fuss. At night the graphic shapes of the garden sculptures are easy to read from inside the house, and the bold color casts a vibrant glow on the otherwise dark and dim area.

Holiday Rock

Add a touch of rock and roll to your home this holiday season by wrapping guitars with colored lights. Place the guitar directly in front of an outlet to help keep the cords hidden from view.

Mobile Merriment

Little red wagons are a great way to bring a playful, farmhouse touch to your holiday decor. Consider wrapping classic wooden wagons with lights as a decorative accessory, or use the light-wrapped wagons to contain and display gifts.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Enchanted Garden

Put hefty benches and stools on display as focal points by wrapping them with lights. In addition to being decorative, this is also an excellent way to bring safety to dimly lit areas of the yard.

Tree Alternative

Bring an industrial touch to your home by wrapping wooden ladders with colored lights. This can also work as an alternative to a Christmas tree for use inside industrial spaces. For a tree alternative, consider 8-foot to 10-foot ladders, then use the space below the ladder to pile gifts.

Small Space Solution

Faux Holiday Mantle

Faux Holiday Mantle

If you don't have a fireplace or mantel to hang stockings, use your entryway's coat rack as a creative alternative. Not only does it solve the problem of where to hang your stockings, but also adds festive color to your foyer. Decorate the top of your new "mantel" with greenery and ornaments for extra holiday flair.

Make This: Faux Holiday Mantel

12 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer in a Small Space

See All Photos

Collection on Display

No room to display your holiday collection? No problem! Group and showcase similar seasonal objects together in a decorative tray. When multiple items are arranged within a tray, they'll appear more uniform.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Wintry Cabin Texture

Bring holiday flair to your bedroom through texture. This dark and dreamy bedroom was transformed into a cabin-inspired retreat with a mix of rich nubby evergreens, rough burlap and warm star-shaped garland made from twigs.

Photo By: Flynnside Out

Elevated Serving

To keep this kitchen island functional during the holidays, a vintage sled is placed in the center for displaying snacks, while the rest of the countertop area is kept free for preparing meals and cocktails.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Mini Cutting Tree

Put tiny tabletop surfaces to use by snipping greenery from backyard trees and arranging the stems in a vase. Use the space below the cutting tree to arrange gifts as a tiny alternative to a traditional Christmas tree.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Snow Globe Scene

Add instant space for holiday decor by transforming a glass cake stand into a festive snow globe. Arrange various holiday figures with moss or faux snow to create the look of a winter scene.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Fun With Fabric

When space is at a premium, keep things simple with fabric-wrapped embroidery hoops. Choose a variety of fabrics cut to size, then stretch them around the embroidery hoops. Arrange the fabric hoops along your wall of choice to add a pop of holiday cheer.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Flat-Pack Elements

For holiday-loving homeowners short on storage space, flat-pack tabletop elements can be life changing. Look for tree, star, snowman and reindeer structures that fold into themselves and pack flat for easy storage and even easier setup.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn, FlynnsideOut

Decorate the Unexpected

Use the front of your built-ins and bookcases to display holiday decor like wreaths, garland or tree cuttings. Here, a built-in display case with clear glass fronts creates the perfect backdrop to place a fresh magnolia wreath front and center.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Rope Lighting

Cozy up a tiny holiday tree with a crocheted tree skirt that looks amazing day or night.

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Impromptu Stocking Spots

Take advantage of vertical space for stockings by simply draping them from door knobs of interior doors.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Wrapping Paper Tree

Put leftover wrapping paper to good use by cutting different patterns or colors to size forming a large triangle. Use double-sided tape to fasten the wrapping paper to the wall, then cut and add decorative ribbon around the edges for a clean, graphic look.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Ornament Sculpture

Put an upcycled spin on your holiday decor with a Christmas tree sculpture made from a reclaimed frame, twine and ornaments. Wrap twine around the edges of the frame, then stretch it across and secure with a knot. Create a web-like pattern to attach ornaments.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Chandelier Spruce Up

Chandelier With Coastal Christmas Decor

Chandelier With Coastal Christmas Decor

A classic chandelier gets decked out with coastal Christmas decor.

Add decorative interest above as well as below. Weave lengths of fresh garland and burlap through the arms of your foyer's chandelier and secure with twine or florist wire. Hang metallic globe ornaments in varying sizes throughout for a touch of holiday sparkle.

Holiday Boot Tray

Holiday Plaid Boot Tray

Holiday Plaid Boot Tray

To dress up your boot tray this winter, cut a piece of indoor/outdoor fabric featuring a holiday palette or pattern to size, and attach to the bottom of your boot tray with spray adhesive. It's an easy way to add a wintry feeling to even a boot tray this holiday season.

Give your boot tray a festive makeover with fun holiday fabric. Trace the bottom of the tray onto your fabric of choice, cut out and attach with double-sided tape. If you don't have a boot tray, an old cookie sheet works as well!

DIY River Rock Boot Tray 01:27

Marianne repurposes an old cookie sheet into a metallic boot tray.

Non-Traditional "Garland"

New Use for Old Books

New Use for Old Books

Greet your guests with upcycled decor made from old books and sisal rope. You'll need: vintage books with similar heights and widths; spool of 1-inch-thick sisal rope; utility knife; decorative ribbon; large letter stencils; pen; drill; 1/4-inch drill bit; scissors.

Skip traditional fresh garland and line entry stairs with a fun and modern holiday banner like this DIY vintage book version instead. 

DIY Mail Holder Art

Personalized Holiday Mail Holders

Personalized Holiday Mail Holders

To create these festive holiday mail holders paint blank canvases with holiday silhouettes, and write each family member's name on it. A variety of holiday silhouettes can be used.

Give every member of your family a special place for outgoing and incoming mail this holiday season by creating individual mail stations. Paint holiday silhouettes onto blank canvases and personalize with each person's name. The canvases can be repainted and used again throughout the year.

Get More Festive Holiday Entryway Ideas

See All Photos

Charming Entryway

Thanks to a predominantly black, white, red and green color scheme, the entry of this traditional-style home greets guests with unexpected holiday charm.

Felt Poinsettia Garland

Dress up your banister's garland with handmade fabric poinsettias. To add an extra layer of visual interest, trace leaves directly onto fabric using a marker or chalk. Next, cut along the traced leaf silhouette with scissors. Once cut, layer several pieces of fabric together, and fasten with a needle and thread. Finish with a button to add instant graphic pattern and classic holiday charm with minimum expense.

Cork Advent Calendar

Make it a priority to count down the days to Christmas with a DIY advent calendar hung front and center in your home's entry. To do this, you need a frame, a basic cork board, holiday note cards and ribbon. Add five rows consisting of five cards in each row to the cork board with push pins. Mark the inside of each card with the numbered days. Tip: Year to year, you can change up the look of your advent calendar's style by changing out the cards.

Calendar Numbers

To ensure the 25 days of Christmas note cards of your cork board advent calendar are easy to read from different vantage points, be sure and use an extra-thick marker when assigning days to each card.

Cake Plate Ornaments

Add some holiday flair to your entry console with a cake plate and ornament sculpture. Pile glass ball ornaments on top of one another in a pyramid shape atop a cake stand and hold them together using double-sided tape.

Cranberry Topiary

Topiaries don't necessarily have to be made of live greenery. Create one-of-a-kind topiaries for your entry console from candlesticks, foam floral spheres and faux cranberries. The graphic shape of the sphere, juxtaposed with the texture of the cranberries and sheen of the metallic candlesticks, strikes a perfect design balance. Tip: A similar look can be achieved by attaching gummy raspberry candies to floral spheres with toothpicks.

Mobile Christmas Tree

While Christmas trees in living rooms or dining rooms are the norm, why not greet friends and family at various entrances of your home with a mobile Christmas tree? Outfit a galvanized metal wash tub with wheels, and firmly place an artificial tree inside and weigh it down with sandbags or bricks. The mobility of the tree allows you to roll it to whichever entrance is being used for your next Yuletide gathering.

Houndstooth Garland

Create your own unique garland from strips of fabric and twinkle lights. To make this, choose several different fabrics in coordinating patterns or colors, and cut them into thin strips. Next, tie the strips to the twinkle lights until the cord is completely covered. Once finished, the garland can be used to dress up your mobile Christmas tree, staircase banister or even over your front door.

Plaid Boot Tray

Even the most practical of entryway accessories can use a holiday update. To dress up your boot tray this winter, cut a piece of indoor/outdoor fabric featuring a holiday palette or pattern to size, and attach to the bottom of your boot tray with spray adhesive.

Reclaimed Wood Tree

Add a youthful, rustic touch to your entryway with a reclaimed wood tree. To create one, pick up reclaimed barn siding in various shades of faded paint, and cut to size and attach to a 2 x 2 post with an X-base made from wooden fence planks.

Spindle Snowman Hooks

Give your everyday items holiday flair with spindle snowman wall hooks. Pick up three basic wooden spindles from the home improvement store, and spray-paint them in the color of your choice. Add accents, such as hats, buttons and facial features to create the look of a DIY snowman. Screw basic coat hooks to the bottom of the spindle and you've got a festive spot to hang your coats, bags, scarves and keys.

Pinecone Wreath

Creating a custom wreath is as easy as shopping for materials in your front yard. Bring organic texture to your entry with a pinecone wreath. To create one, simply gather about 35 pinecones, and attach them one at a time to a wreath form using hot glue.

Wood-Block Snowman

Give the kids something fun to come home to during the holidays with a wood-block snowman. Screw three wooden boxes or wooden blocks together through the back, and spray-paint all pieces white. Add buttons to the front and get creative with repurposed objects as facial features. Finish it with a winter hat, and place atop your entry console.

Festive Window Display

Don't fall behind on your holiday shopping and holiday cards. Give yourself a stylish reminder with a reclaimed window and house numbers with the date of your big holiday, whether it's Christmas or Hanukkah.

Mail-Holder Art

Get the kids excited about writing their own holiday cards. Paint blank canvases with holiday silhouettes, and write each family member's name on it.

Square Wreath

Instead of the basic round wreath, try a square version this holiday season. Add organic texture and bold green flair to the wreath form by covering it with moss. Punch up the contrast with faux cranberries or small glass ornaments.

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