Dress Up Your Desktop + Phone With These Summer-Inspired Backgrounds

Take a mental vacay with our brand-new desktop and phone designs.

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Keeping those summer vibes going while you're stuck in the office is rough. But hey, someone's got to earn the cash to pay for Saturday's poolside mojitos, right? Inspired by your dedication, I've created new (free!) desktop wallpapers to keep you on the sunny side this summer. 

To change your desktop background, download one of the five images below by clicking the "download" link, then right-click and select "Save Image."

Soak Up the Sun

You may be typing away under the fluorescents come Monday, but just look at that fab tan you're still rocking from the weekend!

You Got This

This is for those days when the to-do list is growing and the deadlines are looming. Take three deep breaths and...

Channel Your Inner Diva

Who doesn't get a little testy in the summer heat? But don't worry, honey, you got this.

Keep Your Cool

Turn on your favorite summertime groove (DJ Jazzy Jeff? Sly and the Family Stone?) and kick back for a few. That email can wait three minutes.

Find Some Good Vibes

When in doubt, cut out early on a Friday and head to the ocean. Or maybe just turn on The Beach Boys and stare at this desktop for a few. There's nothing quite like a little Vitamin Sea.

Summer's Finally Here:
10 Booze-Filled Ice Cream Floats to Slurp

See All Photos

Oranges and Cream Float

You won’t find this creamsicle on any ice cream truck. The classic flavors of the creamy favorite are given a boozy boost. 

Make This: Oranges and Cream Float 

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Strawberry Shortcake Float

Strawberry shortcake never had it so good. Strawberries, cream and a little boozy boost make this the perfect summer sip.

Make This: Strawberry Shortcake Float 

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Margarita Float

A margarita that doubles as dessert? Yes, please! Sip your way to happiness with this smooth take on a summer classic.

Make This: Margarita Float 

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Cape Codder Float

Think of this a a grown-up version of the punch bowl classic your grandmother loves to serve. Cranberry juice and lime sherbet get a kick from healthy dose of vodka. 

Make This: Cape Codder Float 

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Black Russian Float

Meet the black Russian: This decadent dessert float brings together all that is good about coffee, cocktails and ice cream.

Make This: Black Russian Boozy Float

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Sparkling Lemonade Float

The Amalfi Coast is calling. Drink in summer with this creamy, fizzy, lemon concoction.

Make This: Sparkling Lemonade Float 

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Pina Colada Float

You can almost feel the island breezes with this summer staple. Make it a sweet deal with the addition of ice cream and a little sparkle. 

Make This: Pina Colada Float 

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Peach Cobbler Float

Nothing says summer like a peach cobbler. Serve yours up in liquid form with a little kick.

Make This: Peach Cobbler Float 

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Cherry Rum and Cola Float

What's better than a cola float? A cherry-flavored boozy float with rum, of course! This soda-fountain treat is all grown up. 

Make This: Cherry Rum and Cola Float

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Key Lime Pie Float

Key lime pie is good. Key lime pie with rum and ice cream that you can sip on the patio? Now, that’s a completely different, delicious story.

Make This: Key Lime Pie Float 

Photo By: Sam Henderson

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