See How This Phoenix Home Keeps Cool in the Desert Heat

This home doesn't sweat the sun.

The first day of summer is right around the corner, and temperatures are starting to heat up around the country. Unfortunately for many of us that means cranking the AC to stay cool and crying when our utility bills arrive in the mail.

Modern Open Concept Living Room With Exposed Beam Ceilings

Modern Open Concept Living Room With Exposed Beam Ceilings

Wall-to-wall windows illuminate this open concept living room with exposed beam ceilings and a Southwestern vibe. A brown leather armchair is positioned next to the wooden coffee table, while the nearby dining room boasts a wooden table and white metal chairs.

Photo by: Jason Roehner

Jason Roehner

In Phoenix, where the summer temps reach triple digits, Cavin and Claire Costello of the architecture firm The Ranch Mine, are designing homes that make keeping cool a bit more of a breeze — without completely shutting out the sun. 

Case in point: the Sol house, a new-construction project by The Ranch Mine located in the Willo Historic District in midtown Phoenix. 

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The Sol House in Phoenix is designed for cool living in the desert heat.

Here are some of this super-cool home's secrets.

Maximized Airflow

Soft Yellow Open Plan Kitchen With Nearby Dining Area

Soft Yellow Open Plan Kitchen With Nearby Dining Area

This kitchen features a yellow accent wall and brown wooden cabinets. Blue pendant lights hang above the kitchen island, while the nearby dining area boasts a wooden table. Exposed beam ceilings throughout and countertop succulent plants add a Southwestern feel.

Photo by: Jason Roehner

Jason Roehner

Air movement makes a space feel cooler, even when temperatures remain the same. It's the basic science behind a ceiling fan that's pushing air toward the floor. The effect is even greater when you have a large opening on one end of the flow and a smaller opening on the opposite end.

In the Sol home, the smaller windows, when open, pull air coming in through the sliding doors across the main living space to create a sort of cross breeze. The windows are located on the west side of the home, so keeping them on the smaller side minimizes the amount of afternoon sun entering the home. 

Added Humidity

Modern Pool Area With Exposed Beam Overhang

Modern Pool Area With Exposed Beam Overhang

This stunning pool area features a concrete patio and white stucco overhang with exposed beams. Modern white chairs and a round metal table provide a small outdoor dining area.

Photo by: Jason Roehner

Jason Roehner

If you live in one of the muggier corners of the country, the last thing you want to do is make the summer air more moist. But in the southwest, a little humidity can go a long way to making a living space more comfortable.

The pool in the Sol house courtyard is a great place to jump in for a quick cooldown. But even when it's not in use, the air draws moisture from it just before it's pulled into the home through the open sliding doors. 

Extra Shade

Modern Poolside Dining Area With Tropical City View

Modern Poolside Dining Area With Tropical City View

This picturesque pool area features an intimate dining space with a rectangular stone table and modern white chairs. The exposed beam overhang provides a bit of shade on sunny days, while the city skyline offers the perfect view.

Photo by: Jason Roehner

Jason Roehner

It's no secret that the heat is more tolerable in the shade. Tall trees and porches are traditional ways to create cover from the sun but can often block views of a home's surroundings.

This home is located in the heart of midtown Phoenix and enjoys some sweet city views that the Costellos didn't want to lose with a flat overhang. To offer some shade in the courtyard, they designed a cantilevered roof with an upward tilt that blocks the afternoon sun without ruining the city skyline to the east. 

Cooler Lights

Light and Bright Open Living Area With Poolside View

Light and Bright Open Living Area With Poolside View

Wall-to-wall sliding doors illuminate this open concept living space and perfectly showcase the sprawling outdoor pool area. Exposed beams throughout provide a Southwestern touch, while a rectangular table and bench seat provide a spot for casual dining.

Photo by: Jason Roehner

Jason Roehner

Put your hand next to an incandescent light bulb or even a compact fluorescent and notice how warm the air is around it. Now multiply that by all of the lighting fixtures in your home. Not only is that warmth going into your home's air, its wasted energy that you're paying for in your utility bill.

The living space of the Sol house is lit by LEDs, which emit a fraction of the amount of heat that non-LED lights do and require less energy to operate.  

Ahhhh, I feel more comfortable already. Thanks for the hot look into this cool house, Cavin and Claire!

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Modern Home With Southwestern Touches

This beautiful home exterior earns a modern spin with its pairing of classic white stucco with red brick. Concrete slabs lead the way to the front porch, while neutral gravel provides ground cover. Yellow metal chairs provide a pop of color and a place to rest. 

Stucco and Brick Exterior

Neutral gravel and concrete slabs lead the way to a brown gate, which separates the front yard from the back. Meanwhile, succulent plants line the walkway and give the home an earthy touch.

Open Living Room With Exposed Beams

Wall-to-wall windows illuminate this open concept living room, filling the space with beautiful natural light. Where the exposed beams offer a rich contrast to the neutral walls, the leather armchairs and plush sofa provide seats for watching the sunset outside.

Wall-to-Wall Glass Panels

A length of sliding glass doors allow for access to the outdoor pool and patio areas. The exposed beam ceiling adds a Southwestern touch to the space, while natural hardwood floors balance the home's more modern features.

Open Concept Kitchen

This open concept kitchen pairs a yellow accent wall with wooden cabinets for a striking visual contrast. Blue pendant lights hang above the island to keep the space well-lit for meal-prep, while a built-in bar and dining area allow for entertaining many guests at once. 

Kitchen Features Spacious Island

With a flowing floor plan, the kitchen easily connects to the living and dining areas. A white stone island provides space for preparing dinner and chatting with guests, while cabinets and appliances below offer room for storage. 

Living Area With Poolside View

Wall-to-wall sliding doors perfectly showcase the sprawling outdoor pool area and skyline beyond. Exposed beams throughout bring beautiful symmetry to the space, as well as create visual interest.

Indoor-Outdoor Metal Frame Glass Doors

These metal framed glass doors both complement the modern interior and create an easy transition between the living room and patio. An adjacent rust orange accent wall provides a pop of color.

Photo By: Jason Roehner

Hallway Includes Built-In Bookshelves

With rows of built-in bookshelves, this modern hallway gives the owners space to showcase their favorite books and decorative items. Hardwood floors and an exposed red brick wall flow from the living areas to the bedroom. 

Photo By: Jason Roehner

Modern Master Bathroom

Turquoise glass tiles cover the shower and backsplash in this modern master bathroom, providing an unexpected pop of color. A simple white countertop contrasts with the wooden vanity below, while a window in the shower adds a slash of natural light.

Photo By: Jason Roehner

Curved Exterior Wall

A curved wall wraps around the backyard, providing seclusion from the neighboring lots. Neutral gravel and stone slabs line the way from the front of the house to the back.

Patio With Exposed Beam Overhang

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels line the walls of this modern home, creating a seamless transition into the backyard. Here, a private pool and small dining further the feeling of a streamlined oasis.

Modern Patio Meets Natural Elements

Though defined by stone slabs and sleek lines around the pool, the patio still boasts plenty of natural accents, from wood beams overhead to potted plants. Set against a tropical cityscape, the bright colors burst on the horizon. 

Indoor-Outdoor Shower With Courtyard

Recessed lighting illuminates this indoor-outdoor shower, which features all-over neutral tile and chrome shower fixtures. Neutral gravel covers the nearby courtyard, while stone pavers lead into the backyard. 

Pool Area With Intimate Dining Space

The pool area is easily the star of the home, boasting a concrete tile patio and dining area with modern white chairs. The stucco and exposed beam overhang provides comfortable shade during the day, while sliding glass doors make indoor and outdoor entertaining a breeze. 

Outdoor Entertaining Space

With a fire pit nearby, this outdoor space becomes a dreamy spot to recline and relax. Guests can take a lap in the pool or curl up on the lounge chair with a good book. 

Exposed Beam Overhang

This picturesque pool area features a relaxed dining space, complete with a rectangular table and modern chairs where guests can gather after a swim. The exposed beam overhang keeps the space well-lit at night. 

Stylish Outdoor Sitting Area With City View

A white stucco wall lines the outdoor sitting area, creating privacy from the neighbors' houses. Two neutral sofas and black circular chairs ensure comfortable seating against the city skyline. 

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