Coldplay or Beyonce and Bruno: Whose Super Bowl 50 Halftime Look Stole the Show?

Coldplay's dreamy display of color or Beyonce and Bruno Mars's bewitching black and gold? Dive deeper into the looks of Super Bowl 50's two halftime acts and decide which one would steal the show in your own home.

When it was announced that Coldplay would team up with Beyonce and Bruno Mars for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, I immediately wondered how the show would blend the wildly different styles of the performers – and I don't just mean their musical stylings.

Beyonce, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars Perform at the Super Bowl

Beyonce, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars Perform at the Super Bowl

Beyonce, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars perform onstage during the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show at Levi's Stadium on February 7, 2016 in Santa Clara, Calif.

Photo by: Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

About halfway through halftime it became clear that there wouldn't be any blending of the performers' visual styles. Chris Martin and Coldplay performed against a colorful display of peace, love and happiness, while the Bruno/Beyonce sing- and dance-off was decked out in an edgy wardrobe of black with gold bling.

These looks are as powerful as they are polarizing, and both can translate well to home design. So are you Team Colorful Coldplay or Team Bold Bru-Bey? Let's review:

Team Coldplay

Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

The setting of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show at Levi's Stadium on February 7, 2016 in Santa Clara, California.

Photo by: Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

Coldplay started the show on a stage with an ever-changing kaledoscope-style display. Fans in the stands held up colorful banners to create a rainboweque backdrop, and dancers on the field twirled colorful umbrella-like flowers. The look matched the band's ethereal sound and is a nod to the vibrant cover on Coldplay's new album, A Head Full of Dreams. So what does that look like when you bring it home?

Multicolored Bedroom with Green Headboard

Multicolored Bedroom with Green Headboard

Multicolored honeycomb-patterned wallpaper and green-and-white striped bedding give a geometric feel to this cheerful bedroom space. A collection of rainbow-hued accent pillows merrily adds to the mix.

From: Deborah Wecselman

Photo by: Carlos Domenech

Carlos Domenech

Design by: Deborah Wecselman

Blue Contemporary Dining Room With Blue Chairs

Blue Contemporary Dining Room With Blue Chairs

Fill a space with pieces and patterns you love, even if they seem wildly different. Keeping one or two similar colors between them will help to pull the look together.

Photo by: Emily Minton Redfield

Emily Minton Redfield

Design by: Andrea Schumacher

Colorful Girl's Bedroom With Butterfly Applique Accent Wall

Colorful Girl's Bedroom With Butterfly Applique Accent Wall

A full wall of butterflies is a beautiful, feminine accent wall that draws you into this colorful girl's room. Two red-framed twin beds are separated by a navy dresser with matching table lamps. A white and yellow striped rug covers the majority of the floor space.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

John Woodcock Photography

Design by: J&J Design Group

Eclectic Living Room With Mustard Yellow Sofa, Patterned Wall Tapestry and Mixed Decorative Throw Pillows

Eclectic Living Room With Mustard Yellow Sofa, Patterned Wall Tapestry and Mixed Decorative Throw Pillows

A gorgeous wall tapestry featuring fuchsia and burgundy flowers sets a colorful backdrop for the mix of patterns and rich hues in this eclectic living room. A mustard yellow sofa is decorated with a collection of throw pillows. A pair of chairs with deep red cushions surround a clear coffee table over the faded rug.

Photo by: Stacy Zarin-Goldberg

Stacy Zarin-Goldberg

Design by: Breeze Giannasio

See More Rooms That are Crazy for Color

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Bring On the Drama

Don't be intimidated by dramatically dark colors — like charcoal and black. Even these moody hues can feel upbeat and cheery when balanced with a dose of bright white and an eye-catching color like coral. See more of this daring home, that was featured in HGTV Magazine

Photo By: David Tsay

Keep It All in the Family

The easiest way to showcase several hues without the colors clashing is to select a range of tones that are all in the same family, as designer Sarah Richardson did in this crisp and cool living room. Blues, greens and just a bit of cool gray pair beautifully with the room's creamy backdrop and upholstery. 

Start With a Favorite Pattern

This room's kicky color palette was inspired by a favorite fabric: Schumacher's Chiang Mai pattern in aquamarine. All colors used in the space are pulled directly from the timelessly trendy fabric — from the hazy blue used on the walls (Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore) to the pops of orange and coral in the lampshades, footstool and upholstered wingbacks. See more of this colorful home that was featured in HGTV Magazine

Photo By: David A. Land (styled by Elizabeth Demos)

Create a Rhapsody in Blue

Year after year, blue tops the list of the world's favorite colors. Reminiscent of sea and sky, most people find blue to be both a calming and uplifting hue. So, it's no surprise that blue, paired with its classic sidekick white, is a can't-miss choice for your living room — whether your design style is formal or casual. See more of this colorful, family-friendly home, featured in HGTV Magazine

©Lucas Allen

Add Some Spice

Just a few dashes of red are a surefire way to visually warm up an otherwise chilly space (Can you believe this is a basement?!) while adding just the right amount of drama. Designer Sarah Richards turned this underused subterranean space into the family's favorite hangout with a warm gray color on the walls and upholstery accented by fiery splashes of red throughout. 

Pretty in Purple

Too often seen as just a color for kids, purple is definitely worth considering. Especially if your space could use a pick-me-up, adding a little of this hue is an easy way to boost the cheer factor. If a lighter shade, like lilac, feels too feminine, go with a richer tone, like plum, indigo or aubergine. HGTV Magazine shares more ways to transform your living room.

Photo By: Photography by Jim Bastardo

Cue the Complements

Colors opposite each other on the color wheel — green/red, orange/blue and purple/yellow — are known as complementary colors. When placed side by side, as the green sofa and red lacquered table are in this Asian-inspired living room, each color seems more saturated and intense by comparison. 

Work In Color With Art

If neutrals are your color of choice, then consider adding a bit more pop with colorful art. Limiting your living room's color and pattern to a framed piece both helps to draw attention to the art while also making it easy to switch out the colorful accents while keeping the bones of your room the same. 

Make a Splash With Accessories

Looking for a unique (and colorful!) alternative to traditional upholstery? Well, look no further than the rug beneath your feet. In this cozy living room, that was featured in HGTV Magazine, the eye-catching stripe covering the oversized ottoman is actually a vintage Bolivian rug. The tightly woven material is more durable than standard upholstery fabric and was designed specifically for foot traffic so the homeowners can relax and put their feet up. 

Photo By: Kim Cornelison

Be Bold (In Small Doses)

Designer Sarah Richardson deftly ensures this living room's focal point — the fireplace — remains the center of attention by cladding the overmantel in horizontally striped turquoise wallpaper. If used on all four walls, a pattern this graphic could have easily overwhelmed the space but this small statement feels just right. 

Photo By: Stacey Brandford Photography

Embrace Your Inner Prep

Like preppy clothing styles that are eternally on-trend, prep's cheery colors — green, pink and navy blue — are a fail-proof palette that will look equally as classic and buttoned-up in your home.  

Go for the Gold

Buh-bye brushed nickel and patinated bronze, glittering gold is taking center stage. From lighting fixtures to gilded furniture, this hot hue has taken the design world by storm. Even a few small touches — like swapping out your lampshades or working in a few gleaming accessories — will give your home an on-trend update.  

Rock a Globe-Trotting Look

A Suzani-covered ottoman is a colorful standin for a standard coffee table in this eclectic living room. Textural Indan prints brighten up the white slipcovered sofa while a chalkboard-style print features the names of famous English streets. See more photos from this small but colorful home, featured in HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Photography by David Tsay; styling by Dani Fisher

Get Glossy

A glossy finish is a surefire way to make any color feel more glamorous. High-gloss paint is an especially good choice for woodwork or cabinets because its much more resistant to scuff marks or stains. In this polished living room, the sheen serves another purpose: by bouncing the light around, the room feels much brighter. 

Freshen Up With Florals

Floral patterns outside the bedroom? You bet! To really incorporate a wide range of colors, work in a few floral fabrics. Here, Scottish designer Fiona Douglas relied on watercolor-style prints to create a space that's both fresh and playful. If this look feels too feminine, try limiting the floral print to a single pillow and working in more color with graphic patterns. 

©Blue Bell Gray

Tangerine Dream

Nothing says color quite like a playful splash of tangerine against crisp white surroundings. To make these orange accents really stand out, designer Tobi Fairley paired them with a trendy houndstooth fabric pattern and sunburst mirrors to create one daring living room design. 

Poppy on Repeat

Wallpaper is back, and we love all the fun colors and designs you can add to a room with its repetitive patterns. Designer Stacy Garcia created this chic poppy design as the perfect backdrop for any contemporary living space. The bold teal pattern allows the furnishings to remain modest while color takes center stage. If permanent wallpaper is too much of a commitment; try one of the many removable brands to keep your living room in step with your ever-changing tastes. Image courtesy of Stacy Garcia.

Show Your Stripes

Don't forget the floors — it's the easiest way to add a temporary and playful punch of color to any room. In this sophisticated and preppy living area, a red, white and blue striped rug instantly spices up the entire color palette. An area rug is an interchangeable decor piece that's perfect for those of us that desire change every once in a while. Photography by Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine

Chic and Green

Designer Tobi Fairley's sophisticated yet playful use of Kelly green stands out through her integration of a simple, neutral backdrop with glints of gold. And if you're looking for tips on mixing patterns with style, Tobi's the one to call. Look how she incorporates stripes, graphics and botanicals with ease in this elegant living space.

Treat Your Windows

Looking to spice up a warm palette with some vibrancy? Look no further than your window treatments. Designer Ana Donohue added colorful Ikat draperies to this eclectic living room to pull in the furniture's gold and chocolate tones. Patterned window treatments are an instant and eye-catching way to add color to any living space.

Breaking Up Gray

Totally on-trend, gray continues to be one of the hottest hues this year, and bonus: it pairs perfectly with almost every color. To add contrast to this neutral, gray living room, designer Brian Patrick Flynn integrated a sleek white coffee table and playful pink accents into the design. Together, the two hues deliver just the right amount of vibrancy to this sophisticated sitting area.

Give Nods to Nature

When choosing the color palette for this sitting room, designer Linda Woodrum drew her inspiration from its coastal Florida surroundings. She chose a soothing green hue for the walls, along with lime-green accents and alligator prints, to seamlessly tie the entire look together.

Hint of Sunshine

We all know that black and white are a timeless design duo, so why not add a little sunshine to that dichromatic color scheme? To brighten this contemporary space and enhance the Carrara marble fireplace, designer Joseph A. Berkowitz topped the mantel with a collection of sunny yellow vases. Hints of yellow from the artwork are heightened, and the room instantly feels more energetic. 

Team Bru-Bey

Photo by: Matt Cowan, Getty Images and Andy Lyons, Getty Images

Matt Cowan, Getty Images and Andy Lyons, Getty Images

Beyonce, Bruno Mars and their collective posse showed up midway through in smart leather gear studded with gold details to match their sharp dance moves. Flames surrounding the stage ignited, spotlights flashed and Beyonce carried a bedazzled gold microphone as she belted out her new song, "Formation." Check out these rooms that are fit for a Queen Bey:

Eclectic Masculine Dining Room With Pool Table

Eclectic Masculine Dining Room With Pool Table

Wallpaper featuring a swirl and circular design adds drama to the intriguing style of this unique space. A black felt pool table is surrounded with chairs allowing it to second as a dining or sitting space. Upholstery from the side chairs adds a pop of green color to the neutral and black design, while large black wingback chairs are statement pieces capping off the table. An animal print rug anchors the eclectic space.

Photo by: Amy Bartlam

Amy Bartlam

Design by: Kelly Sutton Design

Contemporary Black Kitchen With Chevron Backsplash

Contemporary Black Kitchen With Chevron Backsplash

Geometric glass tiles add extra drama to the black, enameled cabinets in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2014 butler's pantry, designed by Steven Miller. The space features integrated storage and display to please the home chef.

Photo by: Jason Kisner ©2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Jason Kisner, 2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Design by: Steven Miller

Photo by: Casey Dunn

Casey Dunn

Design by: Heather Scott

Black-and-White Contemporary Basement Kitchenette

Black-and-White Contemporary Basement Kitchenette

The basement kitchenette uses a black-and-white color palette combined with stainless steel to create a chic, contemporary design. A trio of pendant lights hangs above a sleek bar-height table and black barstools, while a stainless steel backsplash provides a chic setting for the sink and cabinet area.

Photo by: Shelley Metcalf

Shelley Metcalf

Design by: Bill Bocken

See More Rooms That Embrace Black

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Animal Magnetism

Black-and-white animal print pillows and a matching bed skirt add movement to the otherwise tailored look of designer Dayka Robinson's own bedroom. Bamboo shades and a hammered brass lamp lend warmth and textural interest. Design by Dayka Robinson Designs

Winning Combination

Black and white is a great choice when you want to add a splash of personality to any space, from the bedroom to the foyer. "Here, I infused drama by embracing a very large-scale pattern on the walls and using a chest with bold, contrasting paint," says designer Tobi Fairley of Tobi Fairley Interior Design.

Pattern Play

Decorating with strong pattern can be tricky because it's easy for the design to overwhelm the space. Sticking with a very simple black-and-white palette tones down the wallpaper's impact for an effect that's engaging and fun, but not too distracting. "I chose this wallpaper for a guest room in a beach house," says designer Tara Seawright of Tara Seawright, Inc. "It's the perfect place to make a dramatic statement without worrying about pattern fatigue."

Not-So-Basic Black

"We all know there are thousands of different whites, but most people don't realize that black comes in different shades as well," says designer Erin Benedict of Benedict August Interiors and Design. "The black used in this project is actually chalkboard paint, which has its own magical quality. Chalkboard paint has a dead flat sheen and the chalk residue gives it a slightly mottled look (kind of like a barely perceptible faux finish). The combination gives it a lovely soft, velvety texture that we played up in this room by using it as a backdrop for the apple green high-gloss lacquered chest. The contrast is dramatic and fun. Also, the 'white' trim in this room is actually cream but it reads as a warm white because it contrasts against the black."

Child's Play

Black and white even works well in a kids' room — creating the perfect backdrop for bright toys, books and accessories. Here, designer Holly Bender of Holly Bender Interiors chose a black-and-white zebra rug to create movement in a room that boasts rich, gray walls. "I love deep shades of gray like Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray. It provides a warm, yet modern, feel and really pops against white trim," says Bender.

Perfect Accent

Black paint can be just right in a bedroom — even one that's light, bright and airy — if you use it judiciously. "Accent walls haven't gone out of style, especially when done in chic colors," says designer Dayka Robinson of Dayka Robinson Designs. "Don't be afraid of a black focal wall. When combined with a bright accent color, graphic prints and eclectic accessories, the resulting look is bold, clean and modern."

Fresh Look

A coat of glossy white or black paint can take an otherwise dull piece of furniture to sassy new heights. For example, designer Emily Johnston Larkin of EJ Interiors treated an uber-traditional dining chair to a new finish, making it the perfect complement to the black and white lattice-print window treatments and zig-zag-printed bolster pillows.

Defining Details

The graphic combination of black and white works as an accent and an overriding design theme, as demonstrated by this open and airy bedroom designed by Michelle Miller of Michelle Miller Interiors. "We wanted the overall feeling of this bedroom to be very soothing," says Miller. "But we also wanted to add a bit of whimsy. So, we had a custom headboard fabricated in a bold black-and-white stripe, with nailheads to add a bit of texture. An oversized white lamp with a black shade completes the look without overpowering the room."

Standout Design

To create a look that's both clean and dramatic, allow graphic elements — like a high-impact headboard or a sculptural lamp — to stand out against a neutral background, says designer Emily Johnston Larkin of EJ Interiors. "In this bedroom, we went with really edgy patterns and fabric but used them in small doses as not to overwhelm the room. We thought that a neutral and white background (white bedding and tan walls) would make these fabrics really stand out and provide a clean backdrop to the graphic patterns."

Space Expander

"One of the greatest design myths is that black will make a space look smaller," says designer Michael Habachy of Habachy Designs, who used black walls to dramatic effect in this master bedroom. "On the contrary: black walls can make the space feel larger, because it blurs the visual edges of the room. Just think of the night sky, which has a sense of infinite space," says Habachy.

Focal Point

Bold black-and-white wallpaper turns a space with quirky architectural elements into an arresting focal point — no headboard required. Designer Alexandra Assaf of Design by AA carried the flocked pattern of the wallpaper onto the accent pillows and chose a warm white — Sherwin-Williams' Casa Blanca — for the adjacent walls. "The overall look is crisp, clean and inviting," says Assaf.

Multifunctional Appeal

To create a space that's as welcoming for guests as it is useful, designer Lisa Sherry of Lisa Sherry Interieurs created a custom queen-size bed that works as a bed when guests come to stay or as a sofa when the room is functioning as a home office. "Bold, mod stripes and a vintage portrait infuse this room with energy and subtle color," says Sherry.

Contemporary Cottage Style

A mix of bold, graphic patterns in a simple black-and-white palette infuse a traditional space with updated edge — without veering from the room's architectural style. "High contrast equals high impact in this simple cottage bedroom, while vintage headboards and old-fashioned roller shades provide nostalgic charm," says designer Tom Stringer of Tom Stringer Design Partners.

Stripe It Rich

Simple, but so sophisticated, black-and-white striped drapes create an instant focal point of an oversized window — and don't have to cost a fortune, says designer Sarah Macklem of The Yellow Cape Cod, who made the window treatments herself. "I used iron-on fabric bonding tape to attach black fabric stripes to ready-made twill drapes, finishing the raw edge with grosgrain ribbon. This was a simple and inexpensive DIY project that had huge impact in the space. These drapes are a great example of black-and-white decor that is anything but boring."

Study in Contrasts

In a richly colored room, the cooling influence of black and white can be just what the doctor ordered. "Since the violet walls in this bedroom are very bold, the furniture and bedding needed to tone the look down," says designer Brian Patrick Flynn, who chose art and bedding with a chic black, white and gray color scheme, for balance.

Photo By: Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

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