All Your Designer Dreams Are Coming True

Now anyone can be an expert interior designer with the brand-new Design Home app.

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If you’re an HGTV fan, there’s a very good chance you have a passion for design and a love of all things home. You're counting down the days until you finally get your Fixer Upper fix once again; you know the difference between chevron and herringbone; and you throw around words like "flokati" and "kilim" in your everyday vocabulary.

But have you ever wished you could be the designer behind the big reveals? This week, a few of my fellow editors and I got to do just that with a fun, new app called Design Home that allows you to virtually design tons of unique spaces using real-life furniture you can actually purchase.

One of the best parts about the app is that you get to go up against other design enthusiasts and compete for the best design. Each space has specific requirements that encourage you to think outside of the box and maybe even choose certain pieces you never would have thought about before. By the time you finish your first design, you’ll want to frame it and stare at it all day (not to mention redo every room in your house). The thrill is addicting!

Scroll down to check out our designs and find out how each of our creations came together. Then download the app here, and start working on your own masterpiece.

Ryan's Design: Romantic Southern Cottage

Ryan: I’ve always enjoyed designing rooms virtually, and having that ability on my phone is fantastic. The Design Home app challenged me to work within a budget and to use color and style choices that I may not have considered previously.

As a former South Carolina resident, the design challenge that spoke to me the most was the Romantic Southern Cottage. The contemporary living room in this Myrtle Beach retreat came with a few design requirements, such as using items that were gold and yellow, but overall, I tried to select items that would fit the laid-back feel of the space. I started with a rug that continued the blue-and-white theme from the walls and opted for white sofas and a gorgeous yellow-tufted accent chair. The hand-painted floral lamps are my favorite addition to the space, and they look great sitting on the brown bachelor’s chest. The most unique addition has to be the jute ottomans. They round out the sitting area and add some much-needed texture.

Camille's Design: Luxe Bedroom Retreat

Camille: If you’ve ever found yourself acting as an armchair designer while watching our HGTV shows, this is the game for you. With just a few clicks, you can fill virtual rooms with trendy furnishings from top manufacturers. Embrace a new hue, play with pattern or try a style you’d never before considered — all from your mobile device. Daily challenges allow you to test your skills against other design enthusiasts to create signature spaces and even win prizes.

Chelsea's Design: Modern-Traditional Dining Room

Chelsea: For all of you wannabe designers like me, playing around in the Design Home app is a great way to stretch your decorating chops while learning to stick to an all-too-realistic budget. I accepted the challenge of decorating the sunny dining room of a stately, 18th-century English home. As much as I love watching British period shows, filling a room fit for nobility is much more difficult than it looks.

I made the mistake early on of spending too much money on a patterned rug that, although very pretty, left me with very little budget to furnish the rest of the room. After making some tough creative decisions, I curated a modern-traditional dining room I think any statesman would love to take morning eggs and coffee in. Can we please talk about those white lattice-back chairs? Swoon.

Keri's Design: Cozy, Modern Living Room

Keri: I stepped into a few different spaces (virtually speaking, of course) before finding a room I loved. But once I spotted that wood-burning fireplace, I knew I was in the right spot. From there I worked to create a tasteful space that abided by the rules of the challenge, was within my budget and appealed to my taste. It wasn't easy, and I must have looked at a hundred different sofas before deciding. But in the end, I'm so happy with my design, and it's given me a few ideas for sprucing up my own home, as well.

Ready to dive in and play? Download Design Home for your mobile device here.

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