Is Your Bedroom Too Small for a Nightstand? Try These 9 Genius Alternatives

Spoiler alert: None of them are actually bedside tables.

There are small bedrooms, and then there are tiny bedrooms. Our bedroom is so tiny, that we have almost no space next to our giant bed for standard bedside tables. As a small-space ninja; however, I’m used to handling these sorts of challenges. 

If you, too, have a tiny bedroom, gather 'round, because I’m going to offer up some bedside table alternatives that may just blow your mind.

Photo by: Land of Nod

Land of Nod

Wall Shelf

An easy substitute for a bedside table is to simply use a wall-mounted shelf. I love this solution because you can almost always find a shelf that’s the exact dimensions you have to work with. For example, if you truly only have a few inches available next to your bed, a cube shelf could be a great solution. Even with a tiny shelf, you can keep essentials like lip balm, a small book, a pen and your cell phone.

Our Product Pick: Acrylic Cube Shelf, Land of Nod

Photo by: CB2


Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Clocking in at only 10 inches wide, this kitchen storage cabinet is a killer solution for a tight space. What makes it even better is that it offers up a ton of hidden storage on three inner shelves. 

This is also a great example of why you should always look outside of traditional furniture categories if you need a creative solution. Searching for "bedside tables" doesn't yield any 10-inch-wide solutions. But the second I started looking at other types of furniture, a whole new world opened up.

Our Product Pick: Cache Storage Cabinet, CB2

Photo by: World Market

World Market


A stool is another awesome table substitute. Depending on the height of the stool you choose, this might be better suited for a low-profile or platform bed. Again, there's not much room on a stool, but you could still keep the essentials nearby.

Our Product Pick: Silk Chindi Rug Nia Stool, World Market

Photo by: West Elm

West Elm

Side Table

Side tables are another go-to solution for tiny bedroom bedside tables. The height of a side table also works well for most beds, and you can almost always find a ton of choices in terms of color and style. You can also feel a bit more comfortable about the strength of a side table in case you need to put anything a bit more hefty on it.

Our Product Pick: Martini Side Table, West Elm

Photo by:

Plant Stand

Plant stands work well in tighter or more narrow bedroom spaces. While you won’t be able to fit much on one of these, it will still provide you with a bit of room as well as a flat surface. If you have enough room on both sides of your bed, you could even get two stands and create a matching bedside table look.

Our Product Pick: Mission Plant Stand,

Photo by: Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids

Coat Rack

This is an unusual solution that I use in my own bedroom. If you truly have no room at all for anything next to your bed, consider hanging a coat rack. Using a rack with a shelf provides a bit of space for your bare essentials, and hooks can be used for different things such as headphones or phone chargers. You could even hang a few containers or buckets from the hooks for pens, lip balm or other items.

Our Product Pick: Wall-Mounted Coat Rack, Pottery Barn Kids

Photo by: Target


Garden Statue

A garden statue could also work well as a bedside table. Again, I like the sturdy aspect of these so you could place heavier items on top and know they’re not going anywhere. In order to create some additional height, you could stack up some coffee table books, creating an easily accessible “tabletop.”

Our Product Pick: Elephant Garden Stool, Target

Photo by:

Tray Table

A table inspired by the old TV trays is a great option. The tray allows you to store a bit more, making everything easily accessible. These are also readily available in a variety of widths and heights, allowing you to choose the perfect setup for your own tiny bedroom.

Our Product Pick: Black Tray Table,

Photo by: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Magazine Holder

While a magazine rack might not provide you with a flat surface, for particularly tight spots this could still be a good solution. You could store lip balm or eye drops in a pretty make-up bag, keep some extra socks nearby for cold nights or some magazines and books. If a typical magazine rack is too wide, consider turning it the other way and placing it vertically next to your bed.

20 Space-Saving Solutions for Small Bedrooms

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Storage Meets Style

For the teensiest of rooms, it can become more about function than style. But for this small apartment bedroom, white shelves and drawers flanking the bed add tons of mess-free storage with style to boot. Wall hooks add another smart layer of storage in this tight space.

Photo By: Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

Hanging Around

For tiny bedrooms, floor space is at a premium. Free it up with an innovative and totally adorable hanging nightstand, like this one from monsterscircus.

Now You See Me...

Tried and true for a reason, the Murphy bed is a space saver that gets more stylish every year. Whether you're making the most of a studio apartment or hoping to create more room to play in a child's tiny bedroom, a Murphy bed, like this one from Cousins Undercover, may be just the ticket to opening up your space.

The Door Is Always Open

If the walls seem to be closing in on you, a less common option for instant visual space is to consider an exposed wardrobe. Even if it means simply removing the bi-fold doors from your existing closet, it's amazing how much larger it can make a tiny room feel. Warning: This tip calls for a clutter-free closet!

Think Outside the Bedroom

Does your itty-bitty bedroom have a porch or balcony? Incorporate any outside space with your small bedroom to create the illusion of one larger room.

Clever Color Choice

The use of cool, light colors in a small bedroom has the potential to make your tiny bedroom feel larger. If an all-white bedroom isn't for you, consider using a cool white shade of paint on the walls to add some visual space.

Seating and Storage in One

Though a gorgeous armchair makes a beautiful statement in a bedroom, a storage ottoman or bench are more practical choices when you're tight on space. This bench provides stylish seating as well as concealed storage.

A Personal Touch

Are you crazy for color? A great way to add interest while still maintaining an airy, open look is to paint three walls a light hue and choose a fun wallpaper for a single accent wall.

Beneath the Bed

To make the most of a tiny space, the area under the bed can store everything from shoes to books. Courtney from Always Rooney decided to take matters into her own hands when she built this gorgeous bed that houses adorable metal baskets for smart, attractive storage.

Trick the Eye

Utilizing stripes in a small bedroom can emphasize the space in the room, making it seem bigger than it really is. If patterned walls aren't your thing, a full-size striped area rug can also work wonders.

Table-Space Solution

Small bedrooms call for smaller furnishings. To make more room on a petite nightstand, skip the lamp and try mounting a light to the wall beside the bed.

Double-Duty Furniture

In a tiny bedroom, even if you can fit in a bed, nightstand, dresser and desk, the end result will likely feel cramped. Instead, consider opting for furniture that serves double duty, like this desk that also works as an innovative side table.

Grown-Up Loft

Did you think loft beds were just for kids? Think again. With a sophisticated color palette and mature decor, a loft bed may be just the thing to visually double the space in your teensy sleeping quarters.

Draw the Eye Up

You may not have much room to walk around, but if you're bedroom has height, you still have the ability to make your space feel larger. Take advantage of height by hanging a chandelier or incorporating a four-post bed.

Let the Light In

If you're living in a small bedroom, natural light has the power to lift your spirits and make your space feel larger. By making your window a focal point, you'll instantly feel like you have more space.

Seeing Double

One of the easiest solutions for a small bedroom is to decorate with mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and have the power to visually enlarge any space. The bigger the mirror, the better.

Space Within a Space

Even in a tiny boudoir, it's possible to create various spaces. Instead of adding an expensive wall or cumbersome room divider, try hanging light, ethereal curtains to delineate the room, creating a tranquil slumber space within your petite bedroom.

Photo By: Jarret Yoshida

Such Great Heights

One way to trick the eye and make a small space feel larger is by hanging window treatments above the actual window. By raising the drapes all the way to the ceiling, you will draw attention to the height of the room, making the entire space feel larger.

Photo By: Stacey Brandford

Going Splitsies

If you haven't had luck in your search for more appropriately-sized furnishings for your tiny space, consider making your own. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn makes it easy to take a basic table and turn it into two eye-catching nightstands. Get the instructions here.

Me, My Shelf and I

If you're a bibliophile living in a small space, fear not. Instead of hiding your books under the bed or stacked in corners, put them on display by making the most of the under-utilized area above the bed. And with a display this nice, you won't even need a headboard!

Our Product Pick: Magazine Holder, Urban Outfitters

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