8 Dorm Room Bedding Combos We're Loving for the New School Year

Create the ultimate bed away from home with these trendy ideas.

With the start of the new school year on the horizon, we’ve got dorm room decor on our brains, especially bedding for that twin-size bed. Your college bed can quickly become the center of your universe. In addition to sleeping there, your bed is often used for studying, relaxing and hanging out with friends. So, it’s definitely worth putting some thought and effort into making sure your college bed is a reflection of the design vibe you’d like to create in your space.

Check out some of our favorite color and texture combos to create a dream-worthy bed.

1: Fun + Boho

For a feminine, boho vibe in your dorm room, this combo works great. The tassels of the duvet cover create texture, and the elephant pillow is a fun, quirky addition that will add some extra interest on your bed.

Photo by: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Magical Thinking Net Tassel Duvet Cover / Urban Outfitters / $119

Ellsworth Palms Sheets / Urban Outfitters / $29-$49

Safari Elephant Pillow / Urban Outfitters / $39

2: Graphic + Cool

If something more simple and graphic better fits your style, this combo is for you. The neutral color scheme will work great with almost any decor style or color palette, and it will also allow you to easily amp things up with additional color via art or more pillows.

Photo by: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Wonky Grid Duvet Cover / Urban Outfitters / $89-$129

Mabel Square Sheets / Urban Outfitters / $39-$49

Black and White Ombre Shag Pillow / Urban Outfitters / $149

3: Minty Fresh

If you’re a mint-green lover, a zesty mint duvet would look perfect on your dorm bed. You can pair mint with a surprising number of colors, but we love it with moody blues. This embroidered pillow picks up both the colors of the duvet and the sheets, and it would really tie everything together beautifully.

Photo by: Target


Blue Geo Sheet Set / Target / $35

4: Stripes + Letters

For a more traditional look, stripes is a great choice. T-shirt sheets are super soft and wear well in the laundry, and the letter pillow is a fun way to either spell out a word or pay homage to your initials.

Photo by: PBteen


Organic Striped Duvet Cover / PBteen / $23-$99

Needlepoint Letter Pillow / PBteen / $13-17

6: Tie-Dye + Elephants

This tie-dyed look has a hippie-chic vibe to it. Microfiber sheets are a great option if you like a super soft feel, and the reading pillow is a studying staple for many college students.

Photo by: Overstock.com


Tie-Dyed Duvet Cover / Overstock.com / $93

Soft Microfiber Sheets / Overstock.com / $18

Elephant Reading Pillow / Overstock.com / $54

6: Flowers + Hearts

If color is your thing, this paintball duvet cover might fit the bill for you. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns (like these wild hearts sheets) with the colorful pattern of the duvet. The cheeky hashtag pillow is a great way to bring some humor to your space, and it picks up the pink in the duvet cover nicely.

Photo by: Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond

Kate Spade Paintball Duvet Cover / Bed Bath & Beyond / $109

Betsey Johnson Wild Hearts Sheets / Bed Bath & Beyond / $30

Hashtag OMG Pillow / Bed Bath & Beyond / $54

7: Black + White

There is no color combo more classic than black and white. Simple contrast, with some muted colors brought in, make for a great bedding combo. This is another one that works great with almost any decor style or surrounding color scheme.

Photo by: Kohl's


Aztec Bed Set / Kohl's / $59

Tribal Body Pillow Cover / Kohl's / $25

8: Tassels + Denim

Denim is having a moment right now, and this duvet cover could almost work as an updated neutral in your space. Embrace the patriotic vibe with some red sheets, then top everything off with a bright, colorful tassel pillow.

Photo by: Macy's


Tommy Hilfiger Denim Duvet / Macy's / $149

Lacoste Percale Sheets / Macy's / $25

Tassel Pillow / Macy's / $70

Make Your Dorm Room Bed Pinterest Perfect

See All Photos

Make Your Twin XL Look Super Luxe

You don't have to buy out the entire bedding department to make your dorm room bed feel nice and cozy. A few plush pillows, a soft, knit throw and a colorful duvet will create a custom bed your roomie will envy. First, we suggest putting your bed against the wall to create a daybed look that's ideal for both lounging during the day and catching zzz's at night. Get even more dorm room bedding tips from Marianne Canada >>

Photo By: Jennie Andrews Photography

Choose a Colorful Duvet That's Chic and on Budget

The average dorm room is 228 square feet, meaning your bed is going to be front and center (#iwokeuplikethis). Choose bedding that is stylish and personality driven. If you like to switch up your decor often, choose a colorful duvet with inexpensive down inserts. Then, when you want to swap things out, it's less of an investment.

Photo By: Jennie Andrews Photography

Use a Plain Duvet Comforter Insert

Goose down? Duck feather AND down? Microfiber? Polyester? What?! There are lots of options you can choose when it comes to buying duvet fillings. Duvet fillings fall into two major categories: natural or synthetic. From there, decide what works best for your comfort and budget.

Photo By: Jennie Andrews Photography

Mix Patterns Like a Pro

Add dimension to a small space by mixing patterns within the same palette. Take the small polka-dot pattern on the sheets, the medium stripes on the throw and the large cat pattern on the duvet to create the perfect balance. As a rule of thumb, vary the pattern scale from small to large, and start out with a minimum of three.

Photo By: Jennie Andrews Photography

Toss in Some Throw Pillows

It's ok to go a little throw-pillow crazy. Choose a mix of comfy bed pillows (that you actually sleep on) and pretty throw pillows that you can use as floor pillows, too. Keep our pattern-mixing rules in mind when choosing pillows, and let texture play a role in your picks. (We particularly adore the shag pillow.)

Photo By: Jennie Andrews Photography

Add Prints That Speak to Your Favorite Things

Do you love cats, unicorns, geometrics or Japanese food? Let the world know (or your friends, at least) with a statement-making throw pillow.

Photo By: Jennie Andrews Photography

Personalize a Plain Pillowcase

Give a basic pillowcase a DIY makeover using fabric markers and alphabet stencils. Create a parent-friendly version ("Study All Day") and weekend, roommate version ("Dance All Night").

Photo By: Jennie Andrews Photography

Add a Colorful (and Functional!) Backdrop

Finish off your brand-new bed with a colorful backdrop. Here, Marianne created an art installation that doubles as an Instagram pinboard and jewelry storage. Learn how to make this cheap, easy DIY dorm room wall art >>

Photo By: Jennie Andrews Photography

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