8 Brand-New Design Books to Dive Into This Fall

Cozy up with these hot, new design books set to release this fall. Winter hibernations starts ... now!

Along with the change in season, falling leaves and preponderance of pumpkin-scented candles, we've got a whole slew of exciting new design books to look forward to over the next few months. Check out some of the titles we're most looking forward to putting on our coffee table this season.

SAGE LIVING: Decorate for the Life You Want

Photo by: Sage Living, copyright 2015. Published by Chronicle Books.

Sage Living, copyright 2015. Published by Chronicle Books.

Blogger Anne Sage put together a book that is not only bursting with gorgeous photography but is also filled with inspiring stories from those who have managed to decorate their homes with their dreams in mind. There's also lots of great advice about how to easily make some of the same goal-oriented design decisions in your own home (and the importance of doing so).

Release Date: September 15, 2015

Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves

Photo by: Styled, copyright 2015. Published by Potter Style.

Styled, copyright 2015. Published by Potter Style.

This book by design superstar Emily Henderson attacks design from the styling perspective. Emily shares her top 10 tips for styling any space, showing you how to save loads of cash by avoiding re-decorating and simply restyling. She shares 75 jaw-dropping spaces and more than 1000 styling ideas.

Release Date: October 13, 2015

The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living

Photo by: The Kinfolk Home, copyright 2015. Published by Artisan.

The Kinfolk Home, copyright 2015. Published by Artisan.

From the creators of Kinfolk Magazine comes a follow-up to their popular first book, The Kinfolk Table. This time around, founder Nathan Williams takes us with him around the world to 35 different spaces that have been put together purposefully, slowly and with great intention. The book beautifully illustrates the Kinfolk philosophy, which is all about slowing down, simplifying your life and creating community.

Release Date: October 20, 2015

Apartment Therapy Complete and Happy Home

Photo by: Apartment Therapy Complete and Happy Home, copyright 2015. Published by Potter Style.

Apartment Therapy Complete and Happy Home, copyright 2015. Published by Potter Style.

With the latest addition to the Apartment Therapy book library, founder Maxwell Ryan has created AT's most comprehensive design book to date. More than 75 different rooms are featured, and this time around, all the design details are included such as floor plans, paint colors, resources and specific design details.

Release Date: September 15, 2015

Lovable Livable Home: How to Add Beauty, Get Organized, and Make Your House Work for You

Photo by: Lovable Livable Home, copyright 2015. Published by Artisan.

Lovable Livable Home, copyright 2015. Published by Artisan.

Many of us know and love Sherry and John Petersik from the incredibly popular site, Young House Love. In their second book, they tackle design challenges that parents and pet owners, like themselves, are often faced with. Plus, they include some fun DIY projects, as well as never-before-seen makeovers from their own home.

Release Date: September 22, 2015

Absolutely Beautiful Things: Decorating Inspiration for a Bright and Colourful Life

Photo by: Absolutely Beautiful Things, copyright 2015. Published by Conran.

Absolutely Beautiful Things, copyright 2015. Published by Conran.

Blogger, shop owner and designer Anna Spiro grabs you immediately with the beautiful, patterned cover on her new book. Anna believes that when it comes to design, it's "about the mix and not the match." She shares her room-by-room tips on how to mix patterns, fabrics and colors to create a home that's just right for you.

Release Date: October 6, 2015

Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating

Photo by: Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating, copyright 2015. Published by Harry N. Abrams.

Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating, copyright 2015. Published by Harry N. Abrams.

Pure Style Home is the popular design blog of author and interior and textile designer, Lauren Liess. In her first book, Lauren shares her love of the outdoors by sharing her approach to design using natural elements such as wood, stone and plants. Her love of vintage and unique, quirky design elements, as well as her gorgeous textiles, can also be found throughout.

Release Date: October 13, 2015

Modern Mix: Curating Personal Style With Chic & Accessible Style

Photo by: Modern Mix, copyright 2015. Published by Gibbs Smith.

Modern Mix, copyright 2015. Published by Gibbs Smith.

If you're an old-school reality TV addict like me, you probably remember Eddie Ross from the short-lived Bravo design competition, "Top Design." Eddie has kept busy since the show and is currently the East Coast editor of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. In his latest book, he shares loads of tips and tricks for finding vintage decor treasures at flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales, as well as all of his insider secrets on setting a gorgeous table and being the ultimate host at any event.

Release Date: September 1, 2015

21 Beautiful Ways to Store Your Favorite Books

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Bunk Bed Staircase Bookcase

Tamara Hubinsky’s mission for this design was to create a hideout for the 9-year-old boy that would still accommodate him as he matured. The bookshelf stairs were custom designed to provide storage and utilize precious bedroom space. The stairs also add structure to the loft bed, which is important for kids’ rooms that are subject to lots of movement and heavy use. Small stair carpet treads (in a stone, riverbed pattern) add comfort and safety.

Photo By: Matthew Williams, Courtesy of Tamara H Design

Library Chair

It’s an easy chair, it’s a bookcase – it’s two, two, two things in one! Believe it or not, there's 27 feet of book storage space in Alexander Love’s elegant design. That’s enough to hold 350-400 books, and there’s even a secret compartment under the seat which can be accessed from the front book shelf. It’s made of 1/2-inch Baltic plywood, a nine-layer material that’s incredibly strong, according to Love. You can have the seat in the fabric of your choice, because the Library Chair is made to order. Available for $2,950 on Etsy.

Photo By: Alexander Love

Secret Door Bookcase

This hidden door bookcase leads from an office to the guest quarters in a private home in Alameda, Calif. Designed by Mark Dutka of InHouse Design Studio, it’s made of rift oak with a natural finish, and is just one part of a highly complex design which covers every inch of the room’s walls. It was quite the challenge, but Dutka's specialty is the design of custom cabinetry solutions for specialized residential environments. Our question is, what’s the secret password?

Bubba Bookcase

Dutch designer Dille Thomas calls this bookcase “Bubba,” explaining that it’s “a well-rounded multipurpose bookcase which can also double as a playful room divider.” He uses top-grade western red cedar slats flowing into an organic shape, held in place with two spray-painted MDF panels that come in either black or white. It’s designed and manufactured in Somerville, Mass., and can be purchased for $2,850.

Photo By: Dille Thomas

Celebrity Bathtub Bookcase

The A-List celebrity who had these bathroom bookcases designed exclusively for her Hollywood-area home loves reading so much she wants books within reach at all times. Something tells us, however, that her invaluable first editions are stored elsewhere, as a steamy tub could ruin pages, spines and glue. But who reads priceless books in the bathtub anyway? The reading material here is purely for pleasure and relaxation.

Photo By: Interior Pixels, Courtesy of Gaskill+Peterson

Ladder Bookcase

Don’t throw out that old wooden ladder that’s been gathering cobwebs in your garage for years — it can be re-used as an arresting book storage solution. Whether you leave it as-is as these folks did, put a sealcoat on it or paint it to match or contrast with the rest of your decor, it makes an intriguing design statement. If you decide to angle your ladder/bookcase against the wall, you might consider attaching fishing line or a wooden slat across the back above each step so the books don’t fall through.

Photo By: unknown

Love Bookcase

Designer Ryan Webb was inspired to create this bookcase by his wife, who wanted a piece of furniture where they could display wedding photos, albums and keepsakes – but it would work just as well in a bedroom or nursery. It’s five feet tall, two feet wide and four inches deep, and made of solid birch hardwood. He planes and sands every piece by hand for a smooth finish, and sells these masterpieces on Etsy for a very reasonable $75. 

  1. white photos

Photo By: Ryan Webb

Hallway Bookshelf

Why waste space with plain hallways when you can add attractive, custom-built bookcases like this one, designed by Stacy Jacobi. Her design style has been described as “New England Coastal went to Hollywood,” and we think this bookcase demonstrates that perfectly. Jacobi had the bookcase handmade by Mark Blaire, who used simple unfinished pine with glass panes, then painted it with Benjamin Moore high-gloss White Dove paint.

Photo By: Stacy Jacobi, Stacy Jacobi Interiors

Wooden Spool Bookcase

This clever little bookcase, made from a recycled industrial cable spool, can also serve as an end table, or in this case, a reading/coloring table for the little ones. Depending on how you finish it, it can look equally nice in a bedroom, den or nursery. Painting or refinishing these spools can be a fun family project — consider letting the kids add colorful hand prints. And best of all? You can often find them for a very low cost at home improvement stores.

Book Collectors’ Paradise

This may look like an elegant library in a private club or grand Newport mansion, but it’s actually an addition to a one-story, Mediterranean-style home in a small California town, added on where other people might have built a garage or game room. Patterned after a library in an Austrian monastery, the room was built to hold the homeowner’s thousands of volumes, as well as emphasize family commitment to literature and education, creating a reading respite and escape from a high-tech, digital world.

Photo By: Aaron Hepler

Book Towers

Metal book racks like this one are ideal book storage solutions for small spaces because the case itself doesn’t take up any room, and it’s super easy to fold up or disassemble and move. Modern book “towers” like these usually consist of a flat, narrow aluminum spine, mounted on a stand, with “shelves” that extend out for book stacking. The height of the shelves can often be readjusted. You can easily find these devices at most casual furniture and storage stores.

Chancellor’s Bookcase

This stately bookcase is befitting the award-winning residence of the chancellor of North Carolina State University. Designed by Design Lines, Ltd. and built by Rufty Homes, it was constructed as four boxes that were then set flush in-wall. We especially like the faceplate overlay with the black lacquer finish that serves to frame the bookcase. Note how it was also used on the baseboard where the cabinets are set, anchoring it to the room.

Photo By: Dustin Peck Photography. Used with permission from NC State University and Rufty Homes.

Staircase Bookcase

A step up in book storage, these Japanese-inspired “Tansu Stairs” were designed by Steven Ehrlich, FAIA - Ehrlich Architects and hand crafted by David Albert. They’re set in a sustainable residence just one kilometer from the Pacific Ocean, and are built to reflect the bohemian spirit of Venice, Calif. A staircase bookcase is a great space saver in a home like this one, built on a narrow lot.

Photo By: Grey Crawford

Question Mark Bookcase + Reading Light

Designer Tembolat Gugkaev created this fascinating bookcase/reading light combo with help of his wife Ashlee Webb and Ryan Webb. He calls it the Wha Cabinet, referencing its question mark shape. Made mostly of MDF, the shelves are color backlit. Position it next to your sofa or favorite reading chair, and voila! It holds books and illuminates them all at the same time.

Photo By: Tessa Isett

Bookcase Room Divider

Look closely at these bookcases and note that they’re built on industrial disc casters, designed to be beautiful and practical office/room dividers. They’re literally colorful, moveable walls. Hanson Hsu of Delta H Design Inc. designed them with both form and function in mind. The shorter, higher shelves hold smaller books, which are lighter. The middle three shelves hold standard-sized binders and/or medium-sized books, while the very tall lower shelves are for large-format art, architecture and photography books, which can be heavy and cumbersome, therefore easier to handle down low. These bookshelves are constructed of walnut and have a frosted Plexiglas backing so the books don’t fall through.

Photo By: DHDI

Fireplace Bookcase

Got a fireplace that you never use? Why not clean it out, paint it, and stack your books within. Or, if it’s a large fireplace, you could build a wooden frame to fit the space, fit it with shelves, and it will appear as a built-in bookcase. This can make the interesting statement that nothing warms the heart and soul like good reading material.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

A-Frame Bookcase Chair

This clever reading chair and bookcase combo was designed and produced by Tembolat Gugkaev, with help from his wife Ashlee Webb and Ryan Webb. Gugkaev lives mostly in the Caucasus Mountains in Ossetia-Alania, but will ship his design, which he calls “Tatik,” anywhere. Made mostly of MDF, its pyramid shape allows you to store your books on three sides, so you won’t have to get up to switch reading material.

Photo By: Tessa Isett

Gallery Wall Bookshelves

You may have a great collection of art and photography books, but you can only stack so many at one time on your coffee table. Why not display those magnificently designed covers where everyone can see them: gallery style on narrow shelves? For drama, use books with all black and white covers against a bright, solid colored wall. For fun, use books with covers in a variety of colors and shapes.

Children's Room Bookcases

Children’s book covers are such works of art, why not display them as such, rather than tossing them in a pile or placing them so that only the spine shows? Narrow shelves that allow you to display books with the cover out add pops of bright color and interest, helping children make that all-important decision about what story to read before they go to sleep.

Book Display by Color

Sometimes it’s not about the bookcase, or even the book itself. Note how, in this instance, books are stored and arranged by color. You’ll see designers using this motif quite often these days, with the right-colored books replacing vases or other knick-knacks on display shelves. For the most colorful impact, paint the bookcase either deep black or stark white.

Wall-Mounted Spine Shelves

Whether they’re made of wood or metal, wall-mounted spine shelves allow stacks of your favorite books and magazines to become colorful design elements in a room. They also conserve space, and, because the books are visible from several angles, these shelves encourage organization and discourage clutter and messiness. Since they will bear a considerable amount of weight, you’ll want to be careful to mount them to beams, rather than plain drywall.

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