7 Ways to Spice Up Your Home With Tile

All you need is a little color.

Decorating a home can get a little repetitive. Though the process is creative, it's easy to fall into old habits and stop innovating with your design choices. Neutrals become the name of the game as unique color schemes and unexpected twists fall to the wayside in favor of the familiar. Be wary, though, it's easy to take a style you love a little too far.

One day you’re loving subtle lace accents and the next day … doilies everywhere. Yikes. Maybe you prefer black in generous amounts, so you accidentally turn your home into a dark abyss. Your go-to design choices can easily cross the line from a fun proclivity into too much, so it's essential to seek out materials that let you break up the monotony, like fun, unexpected tiles.

Though their name may bring repetition to mind, tiles can actually provide a creative way to breathe life into an average room, setting your space apart. Especially if you think beyond tiles' usual spot on the bathroom floor. Strive for out-of-the-ordinary color schemes or one-of-a-kind patterns to find a look that's versatile and easy to work with.

Old habits die hard, but today, break the cycle. Here’s how to shake it up and get out of your design funk with just a few tiles.

1: Bold Graphics

Washable Tile

Washable Tile

The laundry room has floor-to-ceiling wall tiles with a graphic pattern that recalls antique ironwork and on first glance looks like wallpaper, but offers the benefit of a completely washable surface for this task space. A locally sourced basket offers a stylish way to transport clothes to and from the laundry room.

Photo by: Robert Peterson/Rustic White Photography

Robert Peterson/Rustic White Photography

Not every room has to be a solid, neutral color. Brighten things up with the help of an artsy pattern. These graphic walls from HGTV Urban Oasis 2016 give the laundry room a more bohemian vibe, which adds a fun surprise to a typically mundane utility space. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

2: Mismatched, Managed

Mismatched Bathroom Floor Tile

Mismatched Bathroom Floor Tile

Mismatched, patterned floor tiles work together instead of clashing thanks to their complimentary tones and similar shapes. Mixing printed tiles adds interest to a neutral bathroom.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

John Woodcock Photography

Take a chance and break a few design rules while getting rebellious with mismatched tile floors. The key is to keep them complimentary, with each base belonging to the same color family. That said, don’t shy away from crazy colors or weird patterns, just make sure they have a unifying detail. There are way too many choices for you to settle for just one. Design by J&J Design Group

3: Texture Play

Add Texture With Tile

Add Texture With Tile

Pops of red stand out against the black penny-round tile wall in this contemporary kitchen. To add architectural interest to any kitchen, carry the same tile used on the backsplash up onto the rest of the walls.

Your backsplash doesn’t have to play it safe. Set it free and make a splash with the help of an unexpected shape, like these penny round tiles. They're much more interesting than your typical smooth, porcelain square. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

4: Splash of Color

Handcrafted Tile Kitchen

Handcrafted Tile Kitchen

An accent wall in deep rose picks up a shade running through the backsplash and offers beautiful contrast to the deep turquoise countertop tiles in this kitchen by Vicki Morrow.

Photo by: Photography by Vicki Morrow

Photography by Vicki Morrow

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full room of tiles, adding tile to one area is another way of keeping things interesting. Centralizing your tile (especially if it's this colorful) in one single corner keeps the pattern from feeling too busy and enhances the boldness of your color choice. Tile design by Vicki Morrow

5: Loose Change

Copper Penny Tile Backsplash

Copper Penny Tile Backsplash

Real pennies are used on this bar backsplash and floor. The eccentric detail adds a sense of interest for anyone joining the party.

Photo by: SuzAnn Kletzien

SuzAnn Kletzien

Just in case you weren’t quite sure what to do with all of those pennies jangling around in your pocket, cluttering the car or hiding under the couch cushions, this is one way to put them to good use. These copper penny tiles each tell a story, so adding them to your home will instantly add to its visual appeal. Design by SuzAnn Kletzien

6: Think Pink

Teen Bathroom With Pink Mosaic Tile

Teen Bathroom With Pink Mosaic Tile

Pink, pink, pink, everywhere in this teen's bathroom. Bizazza iridescent glass mosaic tiles on the walls and floors layer of irridescent sparkle with the matte walls. A white antique clawfoot tub adds the final feminine flourish.

Photo by: Photo Credit: Edward Addeo © Gibbs Smith, Barry Dixon Interiors, Brian D Coleman, Edward Addeo (photographer)

Photo Credit: Edward Addeo, Gibbs Smith, Barry Dixon Interiors, Brian D Coleman, Edward Addeo (photographer)

Pick your favorite color … now keep going … and going. This Barbie Dream House recreation isn’t for the faint of heart, but its varied textures and diverse shades keep it as grown up as a Malibu beach house. If pink isn't quite your speed, this style will work swimmingly with just about any hue you fancy. Design by Barry Dixon

7: Artistic Inventions

Colorful Tray Made From Mexican Tiles

Colorful Tray Made From Mexican Tiles

Reinforce the design and style of your deck with carefully curated details like these trays, which feature unique Mexican tiles and pair perfectly with our DIY tile coasters.

Photo by: Bethany Nauert; Styled By: Paige Geffen

Bethany Nauert; Styled By: Paige Geffen

Go off the wall and put your tile to use in innovative places, like this tray. Tiles are also easy to make into coasters or accent pieces, so excess product never needs to go to waste. Take the opportunity to create something special and unleash your inner artist. Design by Erica Reitman

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