5 Killer Ocean Views That Will Get You Ready for Vacation

Dreaming of vacation but stuck at home? Check out these five rooms with stunning ocean views that will relax you in an instant.

The weather is getting colder, and I’ve been dreaming about warm getaways for the past few days. Unfortunately (dear bosses: that was a typo), I've got no time off on the horizon, so the vacationing will have to stay in my head a bit longer. In the mean time, I’ve been trying to tide myself over with pictures of homes with yummy ocean views. Why don’t you join me?

Contemporary Oceanfront Dining Room

Contemporary Oceanfront Dining Room

Rich coral tones in the upholstery mimic the soft hue of the horizon at sunset in this contemporary dining room, which features a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Warm hardwood flooring is balanced by the striking finish on the tray ceiling, and a contemporary pendant bathes the table in a soft glow.

From: Studio 6 Architects

Photo by: Studio 6 Architects

Studio 6 Architects

With a view like the one in this dining room by Studio 6 Architects, I would dine in every day and night of the week. The wall-to-wall windows allow the ocean view to serve as ever-changing decor. But while the ocean is the star of this space, I like how the statement light fixture keeps drawing your attention back to the dining area.

Contemporary Living Room Boasts Breathtaking Ocean View

Contemporary Living Room Boasts Breathtaking Ocean View

If the ocean view is the star of this contemporary living space, the room's elegant furnishings and palette are breathtaking in their supporting role. Subtle sheen on fabrics and accessories pick up the light reflecting off the water, while a floating coffee table adds whimsicality and functionality.

Photo by: Clay Bowman

Clay Bowman

The key to true indoor-outdoor living is creating flow between the indoors and outdoors, which this living area designed by Addison Bruley does to a T. Comfortable, luxurious furniture offers a perfect spot to relax and take in the sea breeze. Thanks to the retractable wall and the clear-glass balcony surround, your view of the water from the sofa is never obstructed.

Modern Bedroom With Ocean View

Modern Bedroom With Ocean View

The natural wood platform combined with frameless windows makes this bedroom feel like it is floating above the Pacific Ocean.

Photo by: Arianna Noppenberger

Arianna Noppenberger

Ok, this photo is either going to thrill you or scare the daylights out of you. Personally, I think this bedroom designed by Aria Design feels like the deck of a yacht, minus the seasickness. If the idea of being enveloped by an ocean view while in your bed makes you a little seasick, then take comfort in knowing that floor-to-ceiling window shades are tucked away in a ceiling pocket, ready to be lowered for complete privacy.

Oceanfront Modern Bathroom With Double Vanity

Oceanfront Modern Bathroom With Double Vanity

This modern open concept room features a double vanity and mirrors on one side and a floating countertop on the other. The long rectangular space visually leads the eye to the breathtaking ocean view just steps away.

From: Brittney Fischbeck

Photo by: Brittney Fischbeck

Brittney Fischbeck

Nothing says spa bathroom like having an ocean outside the window! Like the other designs, this bathroom by Brittney Fischbeck keeps the look minimal to keep from detracting from the stunning view. This bathroom is located in a certified LEED Platinum home; The vanity countertops are made from recycled materials, and the sinks are sustainably made.

Blue Hall With Multicolor Ocean Mural

Blue Hall With Multicolor Ocean Mural

This hallway brings the ocean view indoors with a bright and colorful wall mural of the ocean at sunset.

Photo by: Jackson Design and Remodeling

Jackson Design and Remodeling

This one is a bonus photo. For those of who are doomed to be far away from the ocean right now, here’s a way to bring the ocean to us. Jackson Design and Remodeling turned a boring hallway into a stunning oceanfront thanks to digitally printed wallpaper in a colorful California home. Pair this with a lounge chair, a fruity adult beverage, a recording of ocean sounds and an assistant to lightly mist you with salt water, and the Spring Break dream becomes a little more of a reality. Sort of.

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