10 Neutral Bedrooms That Are Far From Boring

Create the getaway you deserve.

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It’s always a challenge to come up with color palettes for any room in your home, but since we spend so much time in our bedrooms, those color picks are often even more difficult to nail down.

Lately, I’ve been loving the idea of keeping the bedroom neutral and serene. Neutral bedrooms can feel like a sanctuary in your own home. It’s also a great direction to go in if you just can’t quite make a decision on color. You can set up a neutral color scheme, then add in some color later on.

Here are 12 tips for rocking out a neutral bedroom and keeping it far from boring:

1. Add a Statement Piece Above the Bed



A four-poster canopy bed that appears pure white on its own, took on a yellow-white appearance once introduced into the room and surrounded by blue-white walls, as well as ultra-white elements including lamp shades, bedding and night stands with glossy drawer fronts.

This approach really works in any bedroom; however, it adds a bit of pop in a neutral space. Whether you choose a mirror, artwork or even a tapestry, make sure your statement piece is properly anchored to the wall so you can avoid any middle-of-the-night mishaps.

2. Let In the Light

White Bedroom With Mirrored Accent Wall

White Bedroom With Mirrored Accent Wall

White walls and a mirrored accent wall work to expand the visual space in this soft, minimalist bedroom.

Photo by: Laura Bohn

Laura Bohn

Choose items such as mirrored furniture or use other large-scale mirrors to reflect the light in your space. You’ll add another layer of interest by pairing the mirrors with the lighter colors in your space.

3. Go Neutral in a Small Space

Vintage Meets Modern Bedroom

Vintage Meets Modern Bedroom

Although this bedroom space looks small, every bit of it is used. A large vintage wardrobe is perfect for storage space. Burgundy throw pillows adorn a white poster bed.

Photo by: Regan Wood

Regan Wood

A neutral palette works especially well for a tiny bedroom like this one. The white walls and bedding help to make the little bedroom feel a bit more open and airy. The pattern and colors of the curtains and throw pillows serve as the perfect accent pieces for the neutral backdrop.

4. Create a Serene Guest Bedroom

Mid-Century Modern Wooden Headboard With Framed Prints

Mid-Century Modern Wooden Headboard With Framed Prints

Warm, muted hues create a dramatic, cozy atmosphere in this guest bedroom. A black task floor lamp adds an industrial element to the eclectic space. Framed black and white prints sit atop the mid-century modern headboard for a casual, unstudied look.

Photo by: Scott Hargis Photo

Scott Hargis Photo

If you want to give the neutral bedroom a try, consider using a this soft color palette in your guest bedroom. This chic bedroom uses a beige color scheme to create a space that feels like a chic boutique hotel. The tonal approach pulls everything together and makes the bedroom feel super luxe.

5. Add a Splash of Color

Modern Loft Bedroom

Modern Loft Bedroom

Designer Diego A. Rincon used a platform bed and bold colors to offset this mostly white bedroom.

Photo by: Photography by ELK Studios

Photography by ELK Studios

Choosing a neutral palette doesn't mean that you need to give up color altogether. Neutral schemes actually pair quite well with bright hints of color, such as the artwork and blanket in this light, bright space. The bright teal railing finishes off the room with a nice color surprise.

6. Play With Your Palette

Girl's Bedroom Fit for a Princess

Girl's Bedroom Fit for a Princess

A little princess will love the hot pink and lilac color scheme in this kids bedroom. The room features wallpaper with subtle polka dots and a lucite nightstand that stores her favorite books and toys.

Photo by: Bruce Damonte

Bruce Damonte

A kid's room is also a great spot to experiment with a neutral bedroom color palette. This gray-and-white girl’s room provides the perfect backdrop for fun and colorful decor. The lavender headboard works perfectly and serves as its own neutral in the space.

7. Add Color With Bedding

Modern Bedroom Is Chic and Comfortable

Modern Bedroom Is Chic and Comfortable

In this New York City bedroom, clean lines and a cool color create a sophisticated atmosphere. Midcentury modern nightstands and metallic sconces flank the bed, while the framed print is an interesting focal point above the bed.

Adding colorful bedding is one of the easiest ways to bring in color to a neutral space. The great thing about this approach is that it also gives you some flexibility to change things up. For example, you could use a rich purple for your bedroom in the fall/winter, then switch it to a bright yellow for the spring/summer months.

8. Complement With Wood Accents

Modern Bedroom Is One With the Outdoors

Modern Bedroom Is One With the Outdoors

Walls of sliding glass doors open to give this modern bedroom full access to the outdoors. Even with the doors closed, the beautiful bedroom maintains a harmonious connection to the landscape.

Photo by: Joe Fletcher

Joe Fletcher

If you want to add an additional layer of interest, wood elements pair really well with neutral schemes. The wood wall in this space pulls the space together and echoes the outdoor vibe that’s visible just beyond the glass walls.

9. Let the Sea Do the Talkin'

Oceanfront Bedroom is Light and Airy

Oceanfront Bedroom is Light and Airy

This tropical bedrooms opens up to a balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A pair of lounge chairs make for the perfect spot to relax, while glass railing allows for an unobstructed view.

Photo by: Willis Allen Real Estate, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Willis Allen Real Estate, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Neutral schemes also work well if you have a beach-inspired home. In this example, the gorgeous view takes center stage, while the simple, neutral palette of the bedroom takes a back seat.

10. Try On Some Wallpaper

Gray Contemporary Bedroom With Wallpaper

Gray Contemporary Bedroom With Wallpaper

The cool wallpaper in this master bedroom has an almost translucent look, creating a dynamic backdrop which subdued furnishings help to show off.

Photo by: Tony Soluri Photography

Tony Soluri Photography

Neutral wallpapers work just as well as paint when trying to pull together a neutral bedroom. This graphic, ombre print creates the perfect accent wall in the space, allowing the bedding and decor to play off the pattern.

A Room That Redefines Neutrals

See All Photos

Soothing Multipurpose Bedroom + Office

Ultra-white, black-brown and sand tones transform a multipurpose room into a tranquil space that doubles as an at-home office and a cozy spot for guests to sleep. Accented by a muted tonal mix, the room's organic textures add visual depth.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography

Woven Rattan Chairs

When decorating rooms with neutrals, a wide mix of textures keeps the space feeling layered and tactile. In addition to adding a sculptural element, this pair of hanging chairs introduces rough, woven rattan to contrast against the bright, white walls.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography

Ebony-Stained Millwork

Interior designers often choose black-brown wood tones for floors, ceilings and custom cabinetry. The darkness evokes a sense of glamor and high-end appeal and also adds high contrast when paired with sand tones or white. Ebony is a super-dark shade of brown that appears black, but if you look at it closely, it’s actually a few shades lighter.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography

Mix of Light + Dark Tones

Overall, this neutral space is a play on contrast. The walls and ceiling are covered in bright white paint to keep the room feeling open and airy, and the built-in storage wall introduces contrast with modern cabinetry finished in an ebony tone.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography

Contrasting Black-Brown + White Pattern

If you're looking for a neutral-toned pattern that's graphic and packed with contrast, stick with white and black-brown prints. Chocolate brown, which has a touch of red in its coloring, can become washed out when paired with a light color; however, the "almost black" character of black-brown maintains its contrast regardless of available natural light.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

White-Painted Brick Walls

Indoor brick walls add industrial, historic and rustic charm; however, the brownish red tone of the brick drastically limits the possible color palettes a homeowner can use. To keep the brick pattern and the rich texture, paint the brick bright white in a flat finish. The white brick will make a room seem much brighter and allow virtually any color scheme to work well.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography

Sculptural Wood

Natural wood accents introduce rich texture and organic shape to a space. Keep driftwood or burl in its natural state by adding a clear sealant. This will allow the walnut tones of the wood to read naturally and also keep the material authentic.

  1. driftwood
  2. organic

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography

Charcoal + Taupe

The most commonly used neutral is beige; however, this color can be considered boring, cold and even contractor-grade. Two excellent alternatives are charcoal and taupe. Taupe has slightly more white undertones that keep it from reading yellow as beige tends to do. Charcoal is a great alternative for homeowners who are interested in dark colors but afraid to use black.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Wall-to-Wall Sisal

Wall-to-wall carpet often gets a bad rep from design enthusiasts who associate it with the cut pile carpet popularly used in the 70s and 80s. Seagrass and sisal are both excellent options for homeowners interested in introducing pattern and texture in a way that feels organic. Available in a wide range of colors and weaves, sisal can make a room feel more relaxed or tailored, depending on how it's applied. Because this is a high-traffic room, a sand-tone sisal was used to help mask spills and general wear and tear.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Upholstered Closet Doors

To add a touch of high design, ready-made bifold closet doors were given an update with fabric and batting. For a not-too-overwhelming pattern, a transitional geometric with shades of charcoal, greige and brown was used.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography

Black Iron Detail

Nail-head detail is commonly used by designers and decorators to add layers of interest to furniture. While nickel, chrome and brass are the most popular metallics, iron and bronze are less expected and can add a more masculine vibe.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Receding Details

Dark neutrals such as black, brown and charcoal can be a design trick for making things recede. Here, the closet was given more depth thanks to the black-brown millwork used for its interior.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography

Aged Brown Leather

The trick to using leather correctly is to stick with tones that don't read overly rich, sexy or gaudy. Here, the room's main door was given an update with leather upholstery in an aged brown tone that's slightly faded and worn, resulting in more of a vintage look. In addition to a mix of tones, the room was outfitted with organic textures that add visual depth.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography

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