12 Cute Ways to Store + Display Baby Things in Your Nursery

Who says a onesie can't be wall art?

Lately, I’ve noticed a totally wonderful, super-helpful trend developing in nursery design. Instead of cramming every last baby item in closets and dressers, designers and design-savvy parents alike are displaying their beloved baby things for all to see. I absolutely love the idea behind this. Baby items — clothes, shoes, blankets, toys, books, etc. — are typically so adorable. They’re tiny and playful, whimsical even. And, well, you probably picked most of them out, which means you like them. So, why not display them throughout your nursery? You simultaneously free up closet space and decorate the room. Win, win! Check out 12 of my favorite ways to get in on the trend.

1: Accordion Peg Rack

My obsession with these racks runs deep. After ogling several pricey, vintage versions on Etsy, I found one at a garage sale for $1! Mine, of course, hangs my own things currently, but I adore baby versions even more.

2: Hooks + Triangles

Mix a little pretty with a little practical. Here, hooks hold baby slings, while triangular shelves hold decorative plants and a tiny pair of shoes. The shelves’ shape and the slings’ colors keep the display interesting.

3: Minimalist Shelves

White Contemporary Nursery With Balloon Mobile

White Contemporary Nursery With Balloon Mobile

The spare, simple backdrop of this nursery's white walls and wood floors is energized with colorful toys and playful details like the hot air balloon mobile. Paint: Benjamin Moore Simply White; Crib: Stokke; Rocking Chair: Giggle

Photo by: Alyssa Kirsten

Alyssa Kirsten

Going for a minimalist look? Opt for sleek, white floating shelves adorned with a curated selection of your favorite toys and books. An excavator has never looked so chic.

4: Au Natural

Grab a tree branch from your yard and call it a wardrobe. Hey, you can’t argue with this degree of rustic cuteness.

5: Incorporate Greenery

While you’re at it, grab some greenery from the backyard, too. I love the organic feel of this clothes rack.

6: Simple Basket

Contemporary Boy's Nursery With Art Wall

Contemporary Boy's Nursery With Art Wall

A gallery wall of transportation prints makes a colorful, fun backdrop to the sleek gray crib in this boy's nursery. Visual texture and tactile appeal is brought in through a mix of patterns from the graphic curtains to the blue-and-white gingham rocking chair and faux fur area rug.

Photo by: Jacob Snavely

Jacob Snavely

Okay, so maybe Fido isn’t necessarily a “baby thing,” but I’m sure baby loves the company. And whenever pup goes back to his own digs, this plain basket is a perfect place for often-used items. Consider storing everyday eyesores (ahem, booty paste) in a basket like this, since its contents won’t necessarily be on full display.

7: Picture Ledge Library

Don’t have space for an actual bookshelf? Opt for a few picture ledges, instead.

8: All the Pretty Pink Things

Unsure what to display and what to stow away? Try using a color palette to guide your selection. Here, a collection of all things pink and frilly creates a lovely, feminine display — while simultaneously freeing up precious closet space.

9: Clothes Rack

Keep it ultra-functional, and buy a basic wood clothes rack. Hang the clothes your little one wears most often for easy access.

10: Cutesy Hooks

Single hooks are a great way to display a few, select items — think sentimental gifts or maybe just onesies that match your nursery’s color scheme.

11: Shelf + Hook Combo

Simple but super-cute, the shelf and hook combo can hold just about anything. Be sure to buy one that fits not only the size of your wall but also the amount of items you’d like to display.

12: Shoe-shelves

While a bookshelf lined with adult shoes would be quite lackluster, a bookshelf lined with baby shoes is absurdly adorable.

16 Adorable Ways to Decorate Above a Baby Crib

See All Photos

Dress your nursery like a creative pro with these adorable, designer-inspired ideas.

Botanical Prints

A nursery design should calm baby and parents alike, and a soft, neutral color palette accented with botanical artwork does just that. Hang framed prints symmetrically above the crib for a look that feels both clean and organic. This is also a great idea for the perpetual houseplant killer — you get the color of nature without the upkeep.

Framed Name

Though there are countless ways to display your baby’s name, this one works best to make those precious letters pop. Choose a frame that speaks to your nursery’s design style — while a beveled gold frame looks lovely in this space, your nursery might call for rustic wood or modern simplicity. Here, the name is captured in string art, but handwritten letters and typography work well, too.

Photo By: John Woodcock Photography

Moonlit Forest

Let your little one sleep under the stars and the moon. Pair tree-and-star-patterned wallpaper with a moon marquee light for a look that’s both natural and modern. Choose a dark-hued wallpaper to evoke a nighttime feel and a light-hued crib to keep the color scheme balanced. 

From: Studio V

Photo By: Alexander Abed Photography

Macramé Mobile

Do bohemian babies dream of macramé mobiles? We'd like to think so. If you’re going for a casual, global vibe, a macramé mobile is a must-have. A neutral-hued variety, like this one crafted by The Forest Fern, can be kept and used in future nurseries, no matter the baby’s gender.

Pom-Pom Initial

This budget-friendly idea is easy enough for even a first-time DIYer. Buy or make a hollowed initial, and glue colorful pom-poms inside. Choose pom-pom colors based on your nursery’s color scheme — or go all in with a rainbow-hued initial.

Photo By: Tessa Neustadt

Dreamy DIY

For a sweet, simple look, craft a DIY mobile from long tassels, bows and simple driftwood.


Plush Art

Three-dimensional wall art goes a long way if you’re working with lots of blank space, and the plush variety is so fitting for a nursery. To achieve a more playful feel, mount a stuffed animal head above your crib. Thanks to the internet, you can find just about any animal you’d want — from a deer to a flamingo to a unicorn. For a more modern look, mount a plush geometric shape, like the edgy, black-and-white rain cloud here. Or, do both, like designer and stylist Live Loud Girl. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to fun, pillowy wall art.

A Touch of Nostalgia

Designer Jamie Keskin created a nursery that was eclectic and trendy with a touch of nostalgia. She selected pieces such as this cool Hawaii travel print and heirloom pieces like the mother's vintage rocking horse to pull off a laid back, antique vibe.

Photo By: Joyelle West Photography

Industrial Letters

If you thought a monogram was out of the option for a boy’s nursery, these wire letters are here to prove you wrong. The cool, masculine letters pair beautifully with rustic reclaimed wood. If you want more contrast, consider installing white shiplap as the backdrop for your name or monogram. 

Photo By: Ricky Stern Photography

Mounted Antlers

Southwestern style is having a major moment right now, and with it we’re seeing fresh ways to use classic pieces. Here, mounted antlers are used to hold a dream catcher and printed banner, but you can use antlers to display a variety of things. When searching for pieces to display, use the desert as inspiration. Think cacti and warm, sun-baked tones like terra cotta.

Romantic Canopy

A sheer canopy works with a variety of nursery styles, adding a soft, airy quality to any space. The best part? The canopy can transition with your little one as they grow, eventually crowning a bed rather than a crib.

Photo By: Regan Wood

Transportation Prints

Tractors, trucks and wagons, oh my! Framed transportation prints make for an adorable gallery wall that’s playful yet sophisticated. White mats and frames of the same size ensure symmetry and balance, while bold-colored vehicles keep the space feeling youthful.

Florals + Gold

Talk about glamor from the get-go! Pair berry-hued floral wallpaper with a gold statement piece to achieve this look. Instead of wallpapering the entire wall, frame wallpapered panels, like J&J Design Group did here. Many retailers even offer removable wallpapers for a less permanent option.

Minimalist’s Mobile

Master a modern nursery design with crisp white walls and a small-scale geometric mobile. If you’re aiming for a minimalist look, a mobile is a great way to add a touch of bright color without overdoing it. Before purchasing (or making) a mobile, consider the feel certain shapes and figures will bring to your space. Here, hot air balloons add energy and whimsy to the design.

Adventure-Themed Gallery Wall

Prepare your newest addition for all the places they’ll go — or welcome them into all the places you’ve been. Frame travel-themed prints and photos of beautiful destinations. Mix in other shapes, like arrows or triangles, to create interest. Let your gallery wall guide your color choices for the rest of the space.

Mountain Mural

Let your favorite mountain range inspire your design. Here, blue ombre mountains mimic the Alaskan tundra, creating a space that feels calm and serene yet rugged and adventurous. Complete your nature-inspired room with playful animals and woodland-themed accessories.

Pendant Lighting

If your crib is situated in a dark portion of your nursery, a pendant light may be a great option. For safety, hang the pendant on the far end of the crib and high enough that’s it’s out of baby’s reach. Woven, basket-like pendants made of materials like wicker or rattan are totally on-trend, and their natural color can blend with just about any color palette.

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