12 Drool-Worthy Kitchen Organization Ideas We're Trying This Month

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If you’re looking to get organized in your kitchen, Instagram is chock-full of ideas. I hit up the 'gram in search of some storage and organizing ideas that are far from ordinary.

 1: Color-Code Your Glasses

Even if you don’t have glassware in quite so many colors, you can create a similar display with just a few different hues. For smaller collections, use a more petite shelf or glass-front cabinets.

 2: Label Your Containers

Use a marker or paint pen to give storage containers a quick upgrade. Write out the contents of each container in a pretty script on the front of the containers. If you’re not crazy about your handwriting, print pretty labels on clear stickers.

 3: Create Uniformity in Your Pantry

Bring uniformity to your pantry by using the same types of containers for all of your staples. To avoid spending a ton of money by replacing all of your containers at once, bring a few in over time. After a year or so of collecting, you should have everything you need for a gorgeous pantry.

 4: Organize Around Your Needs

This drawer of straws is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace the unique needs of your family and organize around them. Whether it’s setting up a drawer with tea accessories, a special cabinet for all of your smoothie blenders or creating storage for your cake-decorating supplies, you can figure out a solution for whatever your special needs are.

 5: Group Pretty Serving Pieces

If you have a big collection of servingware, consider displaying it out in the open. This simple, white shelf works perfectly for displaying vintage blue and white china. If you don’t have space in your kitchen for a shelf, you could use something like this in your dining room.

 6: Opt for Open Shelving

While open shelving is beautiful to look at, it does require a bit more attention than typical kitchen cabinets. Keeping dishes and kitchen gadgets organized on open shelving is a challenge, but when it’s done right it creates major impact. Try grouping like items together to cut down on the chaos. And if you're going to display something, keep them all in the same type of container for uniformity.

 7: Keep Your Fridge in Tip-Top Shape

When thinking of getting organized in your kitchen, the fridge often gets left behind. But it’s a great spot to tackle if you want to ensure that the inside of your fridge doesn’t turn into a packed mess. Group like items together in smaller glass or plastic containers. If you have kids, think of making a grab-and-go snack bin or keeping the juice boxes together in another container.

 8: Keep Dishes Stored Away

While dishes are typically stored in upper cabinets, a fresh approach is to keep them in drawers. If you have extra drawer space, it’s fairly easy to retrofit them for more storage. A peg system could help you easily transform your drawer storage options.

 9: Try Containers for Your Tools

For standard-depth drawers, using baskets and bins to wrangle your kitchen tools is a great way to bring some order. Before trying to find the perfect baskets, make sure to measure your drawer. You might even want to bring a few of your larger tools to the store so you can make sure they’ll fit in the containers you’re sourcing.

 10: Utilize Wall Space

If your drawers and cabinets are already bursting at the seams, take advantage of your wall space to get a bit more organized. This simple rail and hook setup allows you to hang items such as large wooden spoons, cutting boards or even fresh herbs. For smaller areas, simply do one row instead of two.

 11: Take Advantage of Every Inch

If you have a tiny kitchen with little to no available cabinet space, think about getting creative and using adjunct items to help you stay organized. Small shelves and carts are a great solution if you’re short on cabinet space. Take advantage of all the space you have by trying to figure out workable solutions for any empty floor or wall space.

 12: De-Junk Your Junk Drawer

Drawer organizer boxes will help you make your junk drawer a thing of the past. Group items together and use color coding to help you stay organized. Even if you don’t have enough junk to fill up all the boxes, buy enough to fill the entire space, and use it as a pre-emptive strike toward keeping the junk away. When you think of things to put in there, you’ll already be prepared for keeping it super organized.

15 Creative Ways to Stash Your Spices

See All Photos

Spices on Display

This magnetic spice display is functional and beautiful — ideal for cooks who like to keep their wares close at hand. Typed labels add to the modern, deconstructed appeal of this spice storage solution from IKEA. Recreate the look with Grundtal canisters and the Spontan magnetic board.

Photo By: IKEA

Hidden Spice Storage

Prefer to keep spices hidden? Take advantage of wall storage opportunities in your pantry with simple wire baskets that transform into mounted spice racks. Blogger Ashley of Domestic Imperfection came up with this clever idea so she could declutter spice storage from the back of her pantry door.

Clever Cabinet Space Saver

Speaking of hidden storage opportunities, this spice rack by SpiceStor mounts to the underside of a cabinet shelf and pulls out for easy access when cooking. Round spice canisters clip into place with no tools required for assembly. The rack is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different spice containers.

DIY Test Tube Spice Rack

Show off your inner nerd in the kitchen with a test tube spice rack. These type of racks can be expensive to purchase, but are thrifty to make as seen on Adrianne Lentine's blog Dream Book Design.

Bag It Up

Do you buy your spices in bulk? You might prefer hanging them for a whimsical display. Repurpose a small window treatment rod or use this Fintorp IKEA rail and Syrlig curtain clips to get the job done. Mount on the back of a pantry door to keep spices cool and dry.

Repurposed Trays

Two vintage trays turned on their sides create an elegant roost for spices. This DIY tutorial from Blogger Nita Stacy of Mod Vintage Life proves that nearly any vessel can become a spice rack with a little imagination and effort.

Custom Spice Shelves

When drawers and cabinets won't do, seek space inside kitchen walls with a recessed spice shelf. Blogger Mandi Tremayne's custom spice shelf features embellished molding and simple spice jars for a classic, traditional look that elevates everyday spices to festive kitchen decor. Try this tutorial from HGTV.com to get a similar look.

Spice Up Your Fridge

Got refrigerator space to spare? Make your own magnetic spice jars by repurposing baby food jars. Sure, they only hold a few tablespoons each, but the idea is to keep your spices at the ready and, dare we say it, stylishly customized to your decor. See instructions on how to make your own from Blogger Lauren Davison of One Lucky Pickle.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Lauren Davison

Vintage Chic

Spices find an unexpected new home in vintage Coca-Cola bottle boxes painted a cheery teal. Blogger Jesse Dresbach of Nine Red stores his spices lid-first so the bright colors are on display. 

Spice Drawer Organizer

Shallow kitchen drawers are perfect for spice storage – except when jars roll against one another. Solve that problem with the Variera drawer insert from IKEA. The curved grooves of this removable tray make it easy to store spices and easy to clean should those spices ever spill.

Photo By: IKEA

Store in Bulk

You'll save money on spices if you buy bulk, but where to store those cups of clove and peppermint? Find an inexpensive open shelf unit that has space for glass canisters. Blogger Vanessa Alvarado upcycled this black shelf to create an in-home apothecary filled with herbs and dried goods.

Unexpected Spice Storage

This spice storage solution from Linly Designs feels like discovering a hidden treasure. Architectural corbels in this kitchen double as a functional pull-out rack for frequently used spices. 

Free Up Counter Space

For those who prefer clean counters (and don't have enough cabinet space for spices) try this ingenious solution from blogger Vanessa Alvarado. A towel rack hung on the wall below upper cabinets creates the perfect perch for spice jars. Create your own with the Bygel rail from IKEA.

Grab 'n' Go Spices

All spice jars as not created equal. Accommodate the various shapes and sizes with slanted, plastic drawer organizers. These inserts keep spices within easy reach and may be cut to any drawer size. Find a similar product solution to the one shown here at Rev-A-Shelf.

Photo By: Caren Baginski

Spice Hunting No More

The most frustrating part of storing spices? Not finding what you need when you need it. This three-tier wire spice rack from The Container Store fits neatly inside a cabinet and pulls to eye-level when you're ready to cook. Mount it on the inside of a cabinet for effortless spice hunting.

Photo By: The Container Store

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