Stop Hitting Snooze With These Top Sleep + Alarm Apps

One extra hour of sleep is coming your way this weekend. *Hallelujah Emoji*

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Odenton, USA - April 5, 2016: An Apple iPhone 6s displaying the alarm clock application. The Apple iPhone 6s is a product of Apple Inc.

Photo by: Jlende | Graphic By: Erica Reitman

Jlende | Graphic By: Erica Reitman

With Daylight Saving Time coming to an end this weekend (set your clock back one hour November 6 at 2 a.m.), we've all got 60 extra minutes on our hands. This seems like the perfect time to round up my favorite sleep-related smartphone apps. There's nothing we can do about the shorter days and longer nights, but with all of of these great apps, you definitely won’t be missing your morning workout or your kids' school drop-off time.

1: Uhp

Photo by: Uhp


If you really need to get serious about giving up on your snooze button, maybe it's time to crowdsource your alarm with your friends and family. After hooking up this app to your social media accounts, it will actually alert your followers if you don’t get up when you say you will.

2: Rise

Photo by: Rise


If you appreciate minimalism, simplicity and great design, then Rise might be the alarm app for you. It offers unique sounds for your alarm, such as "Camping Trip," which helps you feel like you're waking up in the woods. It also offers a "SleepTunes" option, which helps you fall asleep with a custom playlist and shut-off timer.

3: Alarmy

Photo by: Alarmy


Another app that's great for those of you who need to take some drastic measures with your alarm is Alarmy. This app has a "Photo Mode" which actually makes you take a picture of something you pre-determine on your phone, such as your bathroom or breakfast table, to provide proof that you’re up. Because you’re forced to take a picture, you’ll have no choice but to get out of your cozy, comfy bed.


Photo by: CARROT


The CARROT alarm might be the silliest entry on our list, but it’s a great pick if you want to inject a little humor into your morning routine. Your wake-up with the app might include a morning serenade or some berating insults if you dare to hit your snooze button. And the alarm volume will get louder and louder until you actually shut it off.

5: I Can't Wake Up!

Photo by: I Can't Wake Up!

I Can't Wake Up!

This alarm app fully embraces a game-centered approach to your morning. There are eight different wake-up tasks that you need to complete in order to shut off the alarm, which ensures that you (and your brain!) will be fully awake by the time you get through them.

I Can't Wake Up!, Android

6: Pandora

Photo by: Pandora


If you're already obsessed with your Pandora radio app, you should consider using it as your morning alarm. Without having to add another app to your phone, you can set up Pandora to function as your daily alarm. You can choose your alarm time, repeat function, snooze length and even volume. Best of all, you’ll get to choose the Pandora station you’d like to play for yourself every morning the alarm goes off.

Pandora, IOS; Pandora, Android

7: Sleep Cycle

Photo by: Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

If you have a bit more flexibility in your daily schedule and your main goal is to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, Sleep Cycle is a great choice for you. This app monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you up the following morning while you're in your lightest sleep phase. It uses the microphone in your phone to measure your rate of tossing and turning so you're never woken from a deep sleep. It also creates a graph you can look at of your sleeping patterns each day so that you can adjust your bedtime if needed.

Sleep Cycle, IOS; Sleep Cycle, Android

8: The Rock Clock

Photo by: The Rock Clock

The Rock Clock

Wrestling superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wakes up every day at 4 a.m., and he credits tha tearly wake-up time with helping to skyrocket his career. He developed this motivational alarm app to help you wake up early and on time every morning, too. The Rock never hits the snooze button, so his app doesn’t include one. It also includes a goal-setting component where you set a goal and a time period and The Rock will encourage you each and every morning to reach it. He even sends inspirational video messages to keep you focused and motivated.

The Rock Clock, IOS; The Rock Clock, Android

9: Wakie

Photo by: Wakie


This alarm app has a unique social component: getting woken up each day by a stranger. Here’s how it works: you set your alarm, then the following morning when your alarm goes off, you’ll actually receive a call from someone in the Wakie community (i.e. a total and complete stranger). Nothing is pre-recorded, so these are actually real calls from real people. Sure the possibility of an awkward conversation is there, but it also might be a great way to meet people from all over the world.

Wakie, IOS; Wakie, Android

10: Morning Routine

Photo by: Morning Routine

Morning Routine

This is another smartphone alarm app that just won’t take no for an answer when it goes off every day. In order to shut off the alarm, you must use your phone to scan the barcode of various items around your house. So basically you have to grab your phone, walk to the kitchen and scan the barcode on your box of cereal, for example. Then, and only then, will your alarm shut off. You can choose which barcodes the app will recognize, so you can use things you already have on hand. But there is no hitting the snooze button with this one.

Morning Routine, Android

9 Gadgets to Help You Live Healthier at Home

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Withings Aura

This sleep tracker system not only communicates with an app to chart your sleep stages, but actually helps you fall asleep in the first place. The under-the-mattress sensor and bedside device combo include music and colored lights to help you drift off.

Photo By: Withings


Could that sluggish feeling be caused by unseen toxins in your air or meals? These thumb drive-style sensors can measure atmospheric EMF, humidity, radiation … and whether your produce contains pesticides (just poke a Lapka into your food). 

Photo By: Lapka

Lumo Lift

Other fitness trackers count steps and calories. But this one adds a piece that can make you look ten pounds slimmer in an instant: posture. The wearable button vibrates when you slouch, reminding you to straighten up.

Photo By: Lumo


No matter how healthy your body is, if you’re wracked with anxiety or overwhelmed by life, you won’t feel very good. This free app offers meditation training to help align your mind with your fit form.


Why numb your gray matter by playing hours of ordinary games, when you could be honing that cerebellum by playing games developed by a neuroscientist? Train your brain with more than 40 games, and you may improve your memory, processing speed, creativity and more.


In the interest of simplifying fitness, the Human app encourages you to aim for just 30 minutes of activity per day — no 10,000 steps or calorie counting. It employs your phone’s internal sensors to record your movement, and recognizes whether you’re walking, running or biking.

Photo By: ©


Simple as it seems, breathing well is an art. When we get anxious, we breathe quickly and shallowly, leading to poor focus and a state of overwhelm. This tracker specializes in following your breathing patterns, and sends you in-app reminders to take a deep breath before you realize you need it.

Photo By: Spire

Aria Smart Scale

Created by fitness tracker company Fitbit, this Wi-Fi-enabled scale can help you track your gains and losses via app. Just log on to see your progress, and win digital badges when you meet your goals. Of course, Aria also communicates with the Fitbit band.

Photo By: Fitbit

Scanadu Scout

So you’ve been out of sorts all day, but can’t find a minute to call a doctor, let alone spend the afternoon in a waiting room. Place this (soon-to-come) scanner on your forehead, and it will be able to give you a read on your vitals at any given moment. It can also reveal why that mega cheeseburger really isn’t good for you.

Photo By: Scanadu

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