Feast Your Eyes on These Ultra-Organized + Ultra-Satisfying Home Offices

New year, new desk goals.

All this week, we're sharing simple ways you can live better in 2017. We're swapping unrealistic resolutions for quick, doable solutions to all your home hang-ups, from organizing to tech to a healthier kitchen. You won't believe how easy it is to start small!

For me, the key to a productive day is my environment, and that environment is a crisp, clean and organized workspace. That's not the same for everyone, though.

A perfect example, as you may recall, is the iconically messy office of Albert Einstein. He thrived in a space that some would find heart-poundingly stressful (me!). Studies have found that there are benefits to both clean and messy spaces. But, as we all know, order is very subjective. What's clutter to one, may be essential to someone else. (Hello, marriage!)

If you're in the everything-in-its-place camp, then this post is definitely for you. And if you've been struggling with how to bring order to your office, I think these Instagram heroes can help.

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12 Things Every Organized Home Office Needs

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Short-Term File Storage

Files for active projects should be easy to access. Add a small desktop file storage area to prevent papers from piling up for each project. Get more desk organizing tips.

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Medium-Term File Storage

For files you access monthly, use a file cabinet or wall-mounted file system. This will free up space on your desk but keep your documents easily accessible. Get more home office organizing tips.

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Printer Station

Consider picking a printer stand that incorporates closed storage. This lets you create an organized printing station. You’ll want space for extra paper, new ink cartridges and old cartridges ready to be recycled. Get more home office organizing tips. Get more tips for creating a home office printer station.

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Mailing Station

Much like the printing station, designating a mailing station will save time and unneeded frustration. Gather various envelopes, stamps, return address labels and note cards in one place. Sending a thank you card will be easier than ever!

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Big Ideas Notebook

Have you ever ended up with scraps of paper containing the various thoughts and ideas that come up while you are working? Designate one notebook to write them all down. It will keep the ideas safe and your office organized. 

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Memo Board

A dry erase board is a great way to keep your weekly goals at the forefront of your mind. It’s also great for task lists and brainstorming. Make this custom message board.

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat


Paper is the biggest organizing challenge in most offices. Make sure you have one designated location for all incoming papers that need your attention. A second tray is helpful for items that no longer need action but need to be filed. Just make sure to set aside time to file each week. 

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Divided Pencil Cup

Not all pencil cups are created equal. Try a divided version to hold pens, pencils, highlighters and sticky notes all in one spot. 

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Open + Closed Storage

Look for bookcases that provide a combination of open and closed storage. The open area helps the room feel larger and provides easy access to books, while doors and drawers hide items that could make the space look cluttered. See this home office before and after.

Fire-Safe File Box

Papers you are keeping for long term storage are generally the most important, but you don’t need them at your fingertips. If you don’t have a safety deposit box, keep your most important documents in a fire-resistant box.

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Drawer Dividers

Drawers can quickly become a disorganized mess. Separate small items like paper clips and pushpins with a drawer divider. When each item has its own place, keeping things organized is easy! 

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Magazine Files

Much like papers need an inbox, magazines and catalogs need an assigned location to prevent them from cluttering up the office. Use a pretty magazine file to gather incoming unread magazines. When you need a break, you’ll know where to find the latest issue. Get more desk organizing tips.

Photo By: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

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