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Minnesota Garden

Minnesota Garden

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Pickle and Preserve It! Fresh From the Garden Recipes 6 Videos

Anxious to get the most out of your garden produce? Try these step-by-step recipes for garden to table preserves, pickles, cocktails and more.

How to Make Pickles 01:36

This basic step-by-step tutorial shows how to make tasty pickles at home.

Outdoor Entertaining Hacks 5 Videos

Take the fun outside with these clever outdoor entertaining hacks.

Ice Cream Party Hacks 00:56

Serving ice cream at a party just got easier with these 3 easy hacks.

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Designer Margie Grace created this stunning garden area after a garage renovation consumed the home's front yard, leaving a less-than-desirable mark on the entrance.

Garden From HGTV Green Home 2009

Saving space, increasing yields and conserving water were at the top of the list when planning the backyard gardening space.

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Use these tips to plant a garden founded on awakening the senses.

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These six unusual plants can add an international flair to your garden.

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Garden designer Amber Freda of Home & Garden Design didn't let rigid landscape rules deter her from creating an outdoor space that suggests a faraway oasis.

Party Garden

Favorite plants and old standbys are seen in this Georgia garden.

A Storybook-Themed Garden

Recycled objects and a whimsical theme fill this special garden.

The Joys of a Kitchen Garden

Good for the soul -- and the stomach -- kitchen gardens are more than just a source of fresh produce. They're a return to simpler times.

How to Start a Community Garden

Expert Bill Dawson offers tips on starting a shared community garden in your neighborhood.

Napa Country Garden

Carole and Keni Kent's Napa Valley garden is filled with thriving plants.