Jetsons House and More

Episode HWTH-213H

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Take a look at three of the most unusual houses in the country. First up is a space-age house in Delray Beach, Fla., that looks like something out of The Jetsons. The South Beach art-deco style is multiplied times 10 and is so unique that the owner bought it sight unseen, from a photograph. The pastel paint job is by local artist Richard Beau Lieu, who also created many of the brightly colored sculptures in the yard. Next, we head to Calistoga, Calif., to see a place dubbed Villa Catoga. The grand Italian villa built by Venetian-born muralist and sculptor Carlo Marchiori is decorated with sculptures and ornate floor to ceiling murals in every room. There are even ancient ruins in the back of the property. We wrap this episode with a look at host George Gray's own house in the Hollywood Hills. Rare classic cars surround the bright yellow house that overlooks Universal Studio's back lot. At the entrance to the house is a red tiled '50s kitchen, and down one level is an entire floor devoted to a bar with an adjoining room for his band to play in. At the bottom of the steeply sloped property is a luxurious pool with its own waterfall and a remote-controlled hot tub for 10.