Chinatown Theater and More

Episode HWTH-304H

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Take a look at three of the most unusual houses in the country. First, in Chinatown in Los Angeles, a furniture importer transforms a dilapidated Chinese theater into an ultramodern showroom/house. Customers can walk around his house and buy his furniture. Next, in Angola, Ind., we meet Harry Martin, who paints vans and RVs for a living. He also painted his aluminum-siding house to look exactly like a log cabin. It's so realistic, you have to go up and touch it to believe it. Finally, in Tijuana, Mexico, architect Jorge Gracia built a very unique, very modern and very controversial house made up of two rectangles — one covered in dark cedar siding and the other covered in translucent white polycarbonate panels that glow in the night. Then he connected them with glass bridges.