The Nile River

Episode HORJD-203H

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Alex and Gloria love hosting parties and cooking outdoors, but are too busy with their hectic work schedules to even think about working on their tiny backyard. They want a space where they can cook and invite people over, without their backyard feeling too cramped. Jamie has recently taken a trip to Egypt, which has inspired him to create a tropical oasis for Alex and Gloria's backyard. A water feature runs through the middle of their new backyard, replicating the water channels that run through the city of Cairo. Earthy toned fabric adorns a trellis, to replicate the neutral color palate of the desert. Egyptian papyrus and palm trees surround the yard give the yard with shade, while the back wall of concrete blocks creates the sense of repetition seen in Egypt. A dining area and barbeque complete the look of their newly designed Outdoor Room.