The French Garden

Episode HORJD-208H

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Shingirai, Erlinda and their daughter Rihighna have recently moved into their new home of Windsor Hills, California; and have a pile of garbage in their backyard left behind by the moving contractors. It is also a narrow space with elevated levels, leaving very little room for Rihighna to play in. But it is Shingirai and Erlinda that desperately need a tranquil space to spend together due to conflicting work schedules constantly keeping them apart. Jamie takes it upon himself to use a recent trip to France as inspiration for this romantically themed outdoor room. A vertical garden is installed in the back of an exquisite dining area with black and white marble tile applied to the floor beneath. A beautiful, lattice pavilion with hand carved trelliswork is used to match a pre-existing glass house; which in turn, receives a treatment of custom-made stain glass designs. And even little Rihighna is ecstatic to find a playhouse fit only for a princess in this France inspired Outdoor Room.