Sophisticated Kitsch, Sonoma Style

Episode HORJD-102H

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Lauren and Christopher are a funky rocker couple who fix up 1950s cars in their spare time. Engaged to be married, they are desperate to see their dry and dusty South Central backyard transformed into an outdoor room where they can entertain in style. Jamie finds inspiration from a trip to Sonoma, California to create a look of down-to-earth sophistication for an outdoor dining room. At the Mantanzas Creek Winery, Jamie pulls ideas for color and texture from the endless lavender fields. Orange umbrellas give rise to the dining area color palette. At the Vintners Inn, sunflowers lead to a vision of yellow pops of color throughout the garden. The ubiquitous wineries across the Northern California countryside inspire a green idea of repurposing wine barrels as flower containers. To ensure the couple is reflected in the outdoor living space, Jamie and his team decide to add checkerboard tiling and repurpose car parts as planters for delicate pink roses. A reused timber dining structure sits inside a lush productive garden to reflect a country chic sophistication.